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JULY 2020

Iraqi Forces Captured Syrian Settlement Near al-Bukamal. Is It True?


Iraqi Forces Captured Syrian Settlement Near al-Bukamal. Is It True?

On November 4, Syrian pro-government sources claimed that the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) captured al-Hiri village east of al-Bukamal city inside Syria territory.

However, Ahmad al-Assadi spokesperson for the PMU denied that the PMU is fighting in al-Bukamal city inside Syria now according to the PMU media wing.

“The PMU is an Iraqi armed forces that don’t fight in any position out of the Iraqi border … The PMU has no fighters in Syria, nor in al-Bukamal or anywhere else” Al-Assadi told the PMU media wing.

Syrian local sources also denied that the PMU entered al-Hiri village. However, the sources said that al-Hiri village was shelled with mortars by the PMU several times in the last few days. The sources added that Iraqi attack helicopters destroyed several 23mm guns of ISIS in Suwayyah village west of al-Hiri village on November 4.

The Iraqi Army and the PMU are likely planning to open a corridor for the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah through the Iraqi territory to attack ISIS last stronghold in Syria, al-Bukamal city. It’s already confirmed that the SAA deployed some of its units with the PMU in al-Qa’im city inside the Iraqi territory.



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  • LR captain

    so how long will it take for the US to drop support for the kurds once the SAA take control of this small city. cause there will be no use for them if Iran has their land route. plus the kurds are land locked bordered by Syria, Iraq and turkey no way to get goods in and exports out.

    But what the heck im also sure that the isis garrison might defect to the kurds. So in that worst case scenario. They could always build a road from the T2 pumping station and connect it to an Iraqi highway.

    • LR captain

      here is another thing remember that old tale that stated how israel will be destroyed.

      Well even though these events would never happen. Assad gives the kurds their and states they are no longer part of his country. Israel becom75s allies of this new state and sends it weapons arms and trainers. while using all of it political support protect it in the UN.

      the kurd give weapons and troops to the PKK and attack turkey.

      Turkey enacts article 5 of the nato treaty.

      (if NATO accepts it and does not kick turkey out) Iran, iraq and Syria seize the chance and Russia/china joins the fray

      so we have all the NATO countries plus Syria, Iraq,Iran, Russia, china, Yemen, Qatar vs Israel, Kurds Saudis

      the question would now what does Israel do.

      • Axis of Resistance

        I would think an excuse would be found to kick Turkey out of NATO before the Zionists can use Israel 2.0 (K*rdistan) to partition Turkey and Iran.

        • LR captain

          well then now turkey is on the other side and allies with Russia. The Kurds are still landlocked so how big of the player is the US dumping and how good is the player that they are getting.

          we have to understand that those maps that show protected future of the region. They are based on current trends and can be influenced. That is the whole purpose to them (what is going to happen and how can we benefit from it)

          • You can call me Al

            The maps are what the NWO want now – it isn’t going to happen.

      • Blucross

        Fire the script write and hire a new one.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Yes, roads are easy and fast to build.

      • John Romerro

        Good Sarcasm :D

        • Stephanie

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    • You can call me Al

      Do you understand the different factions of the Kurds ?… to be honest I don’t. But from what I can understand, these Kurds are bad Kurds, linked somehow to the likes of the PKK – but yet again the Yanks have sold their soul and continue funding them. They all need eliminating.

      As for small city – you miss the point, honestly you do ….this is the last major border crossing open to them, nothing to do with the size of the town / city.

      • LR captain

        i always new that but do you realize that it actual size places it at being small city. SAA and Iraqi army are already in control of the border in some areas

        Not to even mention the Iraqi forces have taken their side and already working on driving a wedge between the iraqi kurds and syrian kurds.

        plus as i stated before they can build another road.

        Now as for good bad kurds the kurds started out neutral but then the US gave them weapons and supplies and started using them as pawn. now the only reason why the US supports the kurds is the hope that they can keep the SAA from iraqi from meeting up.

        • You can call me Al

          Ok then, thanks for the info.

      • Blucross

        I do not understand the differences either, BUT, I do know Americans, even the dull ones , like the Kurds and want them to have their own homeland.

        • You can call me Al

          So if I said that over 50% of the Kurds did not want a “Kurdistan” – what would you say. Because that is the truth I mentioned.

          I am a Christian, but I am a Protestant …. now take me back 300 years or so and I would be fighting the Catholics …… similar sort of thing.

          Another example – Muslims – we all know the Shi’ite and Sunni, but both of these groups are divided in themselves.

          Same thing with the Kurds. FACT.

          PS The Yanks have an allegiance with a certain part only.

    • Luigi

      Dont forget that US has been pushing for the creation of Kurdistan with an access to the sea. In order to do that, the US is doing everthing to unite the kurds with the Sunni Syrians in Idlib province. Unfortunately, a new big war will start after the compleat defeat of ISIS because the “balkanization” of ME is the main objective of US/Israel and, as long as the people of Middle East dont stop hating each other, they will be used as pawns for their own self-destruction.

      • Blucross


      • LR captain

        that was taken into account see other comments.

  • Joe Doe

    SAA and PMU should advance on both sides of the river, if advancing from IRAQ

  • χρηστος

    i can see the demand for sdf uniforms to reach the sky in the following days….the good thing about that is that there is now tolerance between arabs (isis) and kurds…..they may be thankful to US for helping them escape death but joining the Kurds….thats a lot to ask….it wont be long …we will see major clashes between ‘sdf fighters’

  • gustavo

    I hope so, and good cooperation between Syria-Iraq (PMU) is expected.