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Iraqi Forces Capture Important Anah Town On Deir Ezzor-Baghdad Highway

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Iraqi Forces Capture Important Anah Town On Deir Ezzor-Baghdad Highway

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On Thursday, the Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilizations Units (PMU) captured Anah town in a rapid attack that lasted for few hours only, according to Iraqi sources. Anah town is located 85km west of al-Qa’im city on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed that at least 2 VBIEDs of ISIS targeted Iraqi forces on the road to and at the entrance of Anah town. According to Amaq, several vehicles were destroyed and many soldiers were killed in the VBIEDs attacks.

Amaq also claimed that ISIS fighters destroyed two Humvee vehicles of Iraqi forces with ATGMs around Anah.

On Wednesday, Iraqi sources reported that ISIS fighters in Anah town started withdrawing and evacuating their families to Rawa town west of Anah on the eastern side of the Euphrates river.

Rawa town will likely be the next target of the Iraqi advance. The army and the PMU already captured Jazira area on the eastern side of the Euphrates river cutting off the ISIS supply line to it on Thursday.

If Iraqi forces maintain its current attack speed, they will likely reach al-Qa’im on the Syrian-Iraqi border in less than a month.

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Hopefully a lot quicker than that.

Moussa Saab

It is a friendly race between SAA and Iraqi army to the bukamal and al qaim

DJ Double D

It has to be quicker than one month. A lot is at stake now more than ever.

Cheryl Brandon

Yep, I agree Iraqi forces must reach that border a bit faster so, they can join hands with the SAA/Russians; They 24 forces can all worker better and faster! SDF are enemy combatants who are liberating territory for themselves and, not for non KURDS.I cannot find any vidoes shwoing how happy people are to “liberated” by KURDS but, I hear people who are Kurds are trying to get to SAA areas and, are being stopped!


yes one month is a little too long, i hope much quicker, and much luck and good fortune to PMU!!!

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