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Iraqi Forces Capture Al-Ayadiya Town Near Recently Liberated Tal Afar


Iraqi Forces Capture Al-Ayadiya Town Near Recently Liberated Tal Afar

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On August 30, the Iraqi army and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) imposed their full control over the strategic al-Ayadia town north of Tal Afar town, according to the PMU media wing. The Iraqi Air Force reportedly played a key role in the attack on al-Ayadia.

Al-Ayadia town was the last stronghold of ISIS in the Tal Afar area. Now, ISIS only control the Kasik military base and the villages of al-Salehiyah and Qubq east of Al-Ayadia town. The Iraqi forces already surrender these areas from the south, and the Peshmerga surrender them from the north.

Some sources even claim that these areas were already liberated. However, these still have to be confirmed.

On August 29, Peshmerga forces announced that it killed over 130 ISIS fighters while they were trying to escape to Syria throw the northern part of Tal Afar area.

Furthermore, dozens of ISIS fighters surrendered to the Peshmerga in the last few days as ISIS was witnessing a full collapse in Tal Afar.

The Iraqi police announced that it evacuated dozens of families from the ISIS-held areas in Tal Afar. The battle in Tal Afar is expected to be over within days as most of ISIS units there have been destroyed in the Tal Afar town.



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