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JULY 2020

Iraqi Forces Besieged ISIS Members In Center Of Tal Afar Town


Iraqi Forces Besieged ISIS Members In Center Of Tal Afar Town

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On Friday, the Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) captured al-Sa’ad and Second al-Wihdah districts in Tal Afar town in northern Iraq. With this move, government forces besieged dozens of ISIS fighters in Baghlar, al-Nida’a and Karki districts in the center of Tal Afar town.

Furthermore, the Iraqi forces captured al-Mushirfah, Murishah, al-Akabat and Tal Alan al-Kabir villages near al-Muhilibiah town east of Tal Afar. The Iraqi forces also captured the following areas:

  • Silo Tal Afar area in southwest of Tal Afar area;
  • Al-Talia’a area in the center of Tal Afar area;
  • Al-Qhabat area southeast of Tal Afar area.

During its advance government forces killed 81 ISIS fighters and captured a large ISIS VBIED workshop in the center of Tal Afar area. The army and the PMU also captured a media center of ISIS and an ISIS depot and workshop for drones.

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed that ISIS fighters killed 13 PMU fighters during clashes on the Hasnkoy street near al-Nour district in the eastern part of Tal Afar town.

According to Iraqi sources ISIS begin relying mainly on VBIEDs and IEDs attacks and snipers to stop the Iraqi forces advance in Tal Afar town.



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