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Iraqi F-16s Hammer ISIS Caves In Hamrin Mountains (Videos)

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The Iraqi Air Force (IQAF) has carried out a series of airstrikes on ISIS cells in Hamrin Mountains in the country’s northern region.

In a statement released on September 4, Maj. Gen. Yehia Rasool, a spokesman for the Iraqi Commander-in-Chief, said IQAF F-16s had destroyed a number of caves in Hamrin, which were being used by the terrorists as hideouts.

Maj. Gen. Rasool shared videos of two of the airstrikes on Hamrin Mountains. Precision guided munitions were clearly used by the IQAF.

Hamrin Mountains, which lays between the province of Diyala and the Tigris river, are known to be infested with ISIS terrorists. From there, the terrorists launch attacks against government forces on a regular basis.

In the last few months, the IQAF became more involved in anti-ISIS operations in western and northern Iraq. Dozens of airstrikes targeted terrorists in both regions.

The cooperation between ground troops and the IQAF is allowing Iraqi forces to operate against ISIS regardless from the U.S.-led coalition, which is planning to leave Iraq in the next three years.


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Porc Halal

And the very next day these indoctrinated bastards are just fine ..can anyone explain this nonsense???…


Yes, airstrikes are effective to destroy munitions and bases and also to kill many in a crowded situation but these rats hide in the mountains in small groups which makes it hard to find them. You would need a massive clearing operation involving 90% of the Iraqi army and all of their drones, helicopters and aircrafts to truly kill off ISIS. Syria is doing the same mistake. Launched a limited operation in the desert, let’s Russia launch a couple dozen airstrikes and then ISIS regroups, recruits and launches new waves of attacks.

Although Syria can’t really divert all of their resources for an operation this big to clear out the entire Deir Ezzor desert of ISIS rats, they could ask help of Iraqi militias who said they were glad to help. In 2018-2019, Hashd Al-shaabi (PMF) launched a border operation in Iraq on the cross border section of Syria to clear it away from ISIS. Syria also followed suit and launched its own operation simultaneously. This had incredible effect and ISIS were either killed or surrendered as they no longer operate in the Iraqi Syrian border.

ISIS will continue to exist in Syria, at least until Idlib is dealt with. After that, they can regroup and launch a massive operation to clear out ISIS from the desert.


Then the only solution to exterminate the vermin is gas? Rightly so.

Jens Holm

Nice hopes, but a lot of other things can happen.

A pretend fx could be Erdogan, Assad or Putin was not there.


No prob for ISIS, the global Ziocorporate terrorists have been breeding Salafi rats for about 100 yrs since the British-fabricated Saudi regime was installed, and US/ISISrael have made sure petrodollars are used to spread the infection all over the Muslim world. To truly get rid of them, Iraq needs to kick US Zioterrorists out and remove the Kurdistan terrorist Ziowahhabi filth that serves as their machinations’ headquarters.

Liberal guy

And more wahhabi scums will die like this for babylon

Lone Ranger

Good job.

Liberal guy

Must be at least 10 plus coward bastards died from the Iraqi raid

Fog of War

” the U.S.-led coalition, which is planning to leave Iraq in the next three years. ”

I laughed.


Good Kills

Assad must stay

great job iraq, i was playing skyrim at the same time, killing bandits in caves and forts, maybe it was some effect? haha

Jens Holm

Its very good if Iraq can handle more and more by itself.

Some months ago it was told the Iraqi airforce was complete and doing well and only in need ´for a few good helicopters.

The videos are nice. I certainly hope those caves are destroyed. People from ISIS are good diggers and often able not to be, where we expect and hope for.

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