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JUNE 2023

Iraqi F-16 Fighter Jets Hit ISIS Hideouts In Kirkuk (Video)

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Iraqi F-16 Fighter Jets Hit ISIS Hideouts In Kirkuk (Video)

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On March 29, the Iraqi Air Force (IQAF) launched a series of airstrikes against hideouts of ISIS in the northern Iraqi province of Kirkuk.

In a statement, the Iraqi Security Media Cell said that the IQAF launched the airstrikes in coordination with the Directorate of Military Intelligence. The cell released footage of the pinpoint airstrikes which were carried out by F-16IQ fighter jets. Several terrorists of ISIS were reportedly killed as a result of the airstrikes.

This was the third wave of airstrikes to target ISIS in Iraq in the last two weeks. On March 14, IQAF fighter jets targeted a hideout of the terrorist group located to the east of the town of Amerli in the central province of Saladin. Later on March 24, a series of airstrikes hit hideouts of the group in the area of Narin in the eastern province of Diyala.

Iraqi government forces have stepped up their operations against ISIS in the last few months, especially in the country’s western, northern and eastern regions where the terrorist group’s influence remains strong.

The IQAF has been playing a key role in the fight against ISIS, who started an insurgency after its self-proclaimed caliphate in Iraq and neighboring Syria collapsed in 2017.


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Chris Gr

This region is full of radical Syrian and Iraqi factions and the Kurdish and Iranian radical factions come in also and play their agenda. Turkmen factions have agenda but they are not that radical. The only solution is Syria (Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine also) and Iraq should unite into a unitarian Aramo-Assyrian government.

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