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Iraqi Court Sentences Infamous ISIS ‘Mufti’ To Death


Nineveh Criminal Court has sentenced Abu Abd al-Bari, a Sharia official and a former Mufti of ISIS in the city of Mosul to death, Iraqi sources reported on June 21.

Abu Abd al-Bari, whose real name is Shifa’ Ali Basir, was arrested by Nineveh Police Command’s SWAT in the Mansour neighborhood of Mosul earlier this year.

Iraqi Court Sentences Infamous ISIS ‘Mufti’ To Death

Shifa’ Ali Basir, aka Abu Abd al-Bari

During his work with ISIS, Abu Abd al-Bari preached in many mosques in al-Mosul against Iraqi government forces. He was also responsible for a fatwa [an Islamic rule] that led to the execution of a number of Mosul’s moderate scholars and clerics.

Abu Abd al-Bari, who was born on 1961, was also behind a fatwa that encouraged the bombing of the Prophet Yunus mosque in July 2014.

In a recent interview with Iraqi authorities, Abu Abd al-Bari acknowledged that he was responsible for the enslavement of many Yazidi girls as well as for the execution of members of the Shia sect and security forces personnel.

The Iraqi court rule against Abu Abd al-Bari will bring justice to the victims of the terrorist, who wreaked havoc in Mosul for years.




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