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Iraqi Authorities Launch Investigation Into Soleimani Assassination


Iraqi Authorities Launch Investigation Into Soleimani Assassination

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Iraqi authorities have launched an investigation into the recent assassination of Iran’s Quds Force commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani, a spokesman for the Iraqi Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief told Sputnik on January 4.

According to the spokesman, Abdul Karim Khalaf, Iraqi authorities are now questioning the crew of the civilian plane which carried Soleimani on his last voyage from the Syrian capital, Damascus, to Baghdad.

“The investigative committees have started work, and we will investigate all those we believe were aware of some facts and information inside the airport,” Sputnik quoted the spokesman as saying.

Soleimani along with other Iranian and Iraqi commanders were killed on January 3. Several U.S. airstrikes destroyed two vehicles, which were carrying the commanders, near the Baghdad international airport.

The Iranian commander arrived in the Iraqi capital aboard a commercial flight of the Sham Wings, a Syrian private carrier, according to several sources.

As for now, it remains unclear how the U.S. was able to track Soleimani. The Iraqi investigation could uncover many details on Washington’s plan to assassinate the Iranian commander.

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