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Iraqi Army Seized US-made FGM-148 Javelin Missile Launcher From ISIS Near Tal Afar (Video)

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Iraqi Army Seized US-made FGM-148 Javelin Missile Launcher From ISIS Near Tal Afar (Video)


The 16th Brigade of the Iraqi Army has seized a US-made FGM-148 Javelin Missile Launcher from ISIS terrorists near the ISIS-held city of Tal Afar in northern Iraq.

The FGM-148 Javelin is a sophisticated US man-portable fire-and-forget anti-tank missile. The Javelin uses an automatic infrared guidance allowing the user to seek cover immediately after launch. The Javelin missile has a tandem warhead of the HEAT type.

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Don’t think that USA is helping ISIS. They foundnd the javelin in the local store. Luckily, it was sold with 1000 missiles. XD.


Lol the title should be more appropriately name ”Iraqis RECAPTURE US made Javelin launcher”


You should rename yourself as “USIS supporter” ou “USIS troll”. XD.

Red Tick Alert

I think you should learn sarcasm and satire.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This system was only given to Qatar and Saudi Arabia not so many countries in the middle east have it, Iraqi army was never equipped , but the Kurds are known to sell to Daesh.


Javelin was never supplied to iraqi army (to Qatar or Saudi Arabia yes!), so they don’t have it in the stores.

That Guy

This piece should be sent to Iran, for reverse engineering.
Once reverse engineering is done, Iran should mass produce and send to Syria and Yemen.

Jan Tjarks

Actually, the Kornet is the better choice.

John Whitehot

It’s a different weapon system – tactically the Kornet is more traditional and it’s more versatile. Javelin needs Lock-On before launch to engage targets with IR signatures. This negates its advantages against fixed targets like bunkers or buildings windows.

Nonetheless, the Javelin is a very quick “reaction” weapon; this makes it efficient against sudden threats like VBIEDs.

Jan Tjarks

Well, I should write Kornet-EM in this case, which too has the fire & forget functionality. But Javelin probably is a bit easier to handle.

John Whitehot

The russian ATGM with true fire and forget capability is the 9M123 Krizhantema, a dual guidance system, one of which is mmw radar.

The Kornet-EM has an automatic tracking device, which isn’t technically “fire and forget”, it just keeps the operator out of the loop in the tracking phase.

The missile in itself is a beam-rider; the automatic tracking feature gives more flexibility than fire and forget when it comes to acquisition (it makes possible to engage all sorts of targets, when fire and forget weapons need some predetermined target parameters to allow acquisition).

All the Russian combat helicopters for example have automatic tracking for their beam-riders.

On the downside, a fire and forget weapon allows the attacker to break Line of Sight completely and get to cover or safety, while the auto-tracking still needs the attacker to have its sensors pointed at the target while the missile reaches it. Of course, with supersonic missiles, this time is very short.

Brad Isherwood

In 2002, a single Javelin command launch unit cost $126,000, and each missile cost around $78,000.

Be interesting to learn of production cycle dates for the Javelins now turning up in a
War near you : )
Syrian conflict has been a use up older stock war.
Saudi stuffed 1000s of TOW into Syria.
Iran showed up with their TOW knock off copy.
Syria’s home built SARAB 1,2 & 3 ATGM jammers is impressive,
However…numeric fielded vs ATGMs = cost and production.

I still think Syria needed 60 more Attack Helicopters with thermal/night targeting.
And Missile jammers aswell….
Could live without that …..just have the night attack ability.

With Takfiri being flushed out of their former strong points ,
With them forced to redeploy….
Air mobile interdiction is most cost effective vs months of build up and wade into
ATGM pre set kill zones.


But the Kornet is not fire and forget!

John Whitehot

the Javelin it’s hardly a secret, there’s no reason to reverse-engineer it.

that’s one of the reasons it’s been pushed into Syria.


Javelin is garbage… target needs to be still, it has to be on flat surface, it cant be in the valley, next to a tree, or building because it confuses the missile…. again its good when the tank is standing still, on a flat surface where there is no obastacles, and on a good day…. it will probably hit it….

Cheryl Brandon

The Iraqis are learning fast that, USA are arming the Kurds and the terrorists! They need to join forces with Iran and Syria maybe as a joint army with 3 nations!


Kurds are Terrorists

Nigel Maund

Excellent suggestion!

John Whitehot

apart from the usual chattering, it can just be that ISIS captured some units from the Kurds it fought against – that seem the most likely explanation.

Even bringing the “US helps ISIS” rhetoric to hilarious levels could represent some sort of anti-Syrian propaganda, especially from certain countries that see themselves as having been “abandoned” by their US ally (and by certain countries I mean Israel and perhaps Saudia).

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