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Iraqi Army Operation To Liberate Al-Qa’im City From ISIS – Overview


Iraqi Army Operation To Liberate Al-Qa’im City From ISIS - Overview

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On November 3, the Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) liberated al-Qa’im city, which had been the last stronghold of ISIS in Iraq. Within 24 hours Iraqi government forces advanced towards al-Qa’im and captured the following areas:

  • Al-Qa’im city;
  • Husibah border crossing west of al-Qa’im city on the Syrian-Iraqi border;
  • Al-Qa’im hills and al-Aghuat hill around al-Qa’im city;
  • Al-Jabriyah and al-Batikha valleys;
  • Al-Sikak and al-Rumana bridges east of Euphrates river.

During its advance, government forces killed 47 ISIS fighters and destroyed 8 vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs), according to the PMU media wing. Dozens of ISIS positions inside al-Qa’im city and around it were also destroyed by government forces.

Back on October 26, the Iraqi Army officially announced a start of the military operation to liberate al-Qa’im city and Rawa town east of it.

On the same day, the Iraqi Army and PMU advanced rapidly and captured the entire desert area south and southeast of al-Qa’im city including the al-Qa’im–Akashat highway. Government forces even reached the outskirts of the city and captured the State Company for Phosphate and the Agricultural Research Service 10km southwest of it.

On October 27, the Iraqi Army and PMU secured 43 km of the Akashat-al-Qa’im road and an area of ​​301km2 south of al-Qa’im city. However, the government forces advance slowed down due to a dust storm that hit the operation area.

On October 31, Iraqi Army and PMU resumed its advance and captured Ubaydi town 15km east of al-Qa’im city. Later the military operation was halt again due to the bad weather.

On November 3, government forces finally liberated al-Qaim.

The next target of the Iraqi Army is the last town under ISIS control in Iraq – Rawa. The town is located on the northern bank of the Euphrates River. Like al-Qa’im city, Rawa will likely be liberated by the Iraqi Army in few days only.

The PMU intelligence said on November 3 that the ISIS leadership in Iraq collapsed after losing al-Qa’im. ISIS fighters and commanders in Iraq even lost the connection with the ISIS leadership inside Syria, according to the media outlet.

Iraqi Army Operation To Liberate Al-Qa’im City From ISIS - Overview

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Iraqi Army Operation To Liberate Al-Qa’im City From ISIS - Overview

Click to see the full-size image

Iraqi Army Operation To Liberate Al-Qa’im City From ISIS - Overview

Click to see the full-size image

Iraqi Army Operation To Liberate Al-Qa’im City From ISIS - Overview

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  • Expo Marker

    The extremists claimed God was on their side when the crippled Iraqi and Syrian armies were defeated, but God has shown justice and national soverignity will prevail over these lands.

    God bless Iraq.
    God bless Syria.
    God bless Lebanon.
    God bless Iran.
    God bless Russia.

    Without these nations, who knows where the world would be today!

    • Generalissimo R M Chair

      And God bless each and every single participant in working to decisively defeat the islamic state. That includes individual Americans, Europeans, Brits, Australians, and everyone here in the West who knew the extent of the evils of our satanic deep state government and successfully defied it. Humanity owes them a debt of gratitude it can never repay, and has God Himself alone to thank of such living blessings amongst us.

  • Barba_Papa

    I would be very much interested in an article about the Iraqi army. In particular about its rebirth after the catastrophic defeat during the ISIS invasion of 2014. They seem to have greatly improved in ability and skill. I’d like to know how this happened and who was involved.

    • SyrianFighter

      How that happened and who was involved lol mate are you dreaming or, it was Iran Shiite and some US advisers and coalition bombings and that’s it more or less now involving some tribes that’s it… Shia domination is in Iraq government although Daesh was Sunni and there was too much anger in both sides, sectarian wars in Iraq are way old from 2003 Invasion to Iraq from the US…

    • as

      About the ability and skills they have it maybe from PMU or straight out of experience. ISF under US training is just a police force and weren’t taught the kind of irregular warfare and guerilla type of combat to counter IS tactics effectively. They also suffered from poor chain of command and organizational structure.

      You can find out how exactly they are used by US in battle of Fallujah and Mosul. Simply move in a sweep to spot enemy and call in air force. That turned out very poorly for them since they weren’t very effective in guerilla and irregular warfare IS used by planting concealed booby traps, mine, and IED as well sleeper cells.

    • goingbrokes

      US never wanted a strong Iraqi army, so they have done everything to stop that from happening. After Daesh came in 2014 morale was at rock-bottom. Daesh (US/Israel) agents were everywhere, there was no answer to suicide bombing attacks for a while and that caused a lot of panic, a lot of young men got killed. Iranians helped to start PMU because it was important to have a fighting force that was not under US command/guidance/observation. PMU could not be backstabbed the way the regular army got done constantly. Over the years they have taught many tricks to the regular army too and finally, despite constant undermining from US operatives, Iraq has a credible fighting force. Daesh could not be informed accurately about PMU operations or intentions, and that’s how they were so successful. Once it was obvious to all that it was US who was stabbing them in the back all the time (making them look foolish and pathetic), the Iraqis built a system, morale and methods that can deal with that. It’s really remarkable.

    • Garga

      Iraqi general responsible of the fall of Mosul, General Mahdi Al-Gharawi (despite having 10,000 forces who he ordered to retreat) is sentenced to death.by court martial.
      We’ll know more in the coming hours.

  • Greywolf

    Anyone else having problems with reaching Al masdar news site? Constantly getting 503 error.

    • goingbrokes


    • Solomon Krupacek

      weekly 5-6 times. in some hours will be OK.

    • Garga

      It’s constantly under attack. I received 503 a few hours ago but it opens now.

      Error 503 means “service unavailable”, usually by two reasons:
      1- Maintenance.
      2- Server overload due to either it’s very low capacity or many request (DDoS attacks).