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JULY 2022

Iraqi Army Officially Announces Start Of Al-Qaim Operation

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Iraqi Army Officially Announces Start Of Al-Qaim Operation

FILE IMAGE: https://twitter.com/ArmY_Iq

On October 26, the Iraqi Army officially announced a start of Al-Qaim operation aimed at liberating this border city from ISIS.

Al-Qaim is located near the Iraqi border with Syria, on the highway between the Iraqi capital of Baghdad and the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor. The ISIS-held city is one of the few remaining ISIS-held settlements in Iraq.

According to Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi, government forces are going to advance along the Baghdad-Highway and to liberate Qaim, Rawa and al-Qasabat.

On October 25, aircraft dropped a high number of leaflets informing locals about the upcoming operation and calling on them to stay away from ISIS military facilities.

The al-Qaim operation will involve units of the Iraqi Army, the Federal Police, the Counter-Terrorism Service and the Popular Mobilization Units. The Iraqi Air Force and the US-led coalition will provide an air support to the ground forces.

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Good speed. Looking forward to hear the good news.


End is coming Isis rats !


that photo is epic!


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Fernando Silva

Congratulation iraq army end coalition. Death to isis!!

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