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Iraqi Army Liberates Al-Makkawi District In Mosul, Expects To Declare Full Liberation Of City Within 48 Hours

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Iraqi Army Liberates Al-Makkawi District In Mosul, Expects To Declare Full Liberation Of City Within 48 Hours

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On Sunday, the Iraqi Army liberated Al-Makkawi district in the eastern part of the Old Mosul area in the Iraqi city of Mosul. Thus, the Iraqi army got control over 70% percent of the Old Mosul area and deployed in less than 200 meters from the Tigris River.

During its advance, Iraqi forces discovered a cellar where elderly people were held by ISIS with little water and food for over 75 days.

So far, Iraqi forces have managed to capture dozens of ISIS fighters and commanders in Old Mosul.

From its side, ISIS claimed that 22 Iraqi soldiers were killed during clashes in Old Mosul. Pro-terrorist sources also claimed that a SWAT officer was killed during in Al-Makkawi district of Old Mosul.

The Iraqi police chief said operations in Mosul are expected to be completed, and its liberation should be announced by the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in the next 48 hours. ISIS now have only 100 fighters or less in Old Mosul.

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Probably 1 to 4 thousand militants that are the hard core best trained survivors. Attackers loose 3 t one with best experienced defenders . Rather than loose 3 to 12 thousand men they will simply claim to defeat them.Like Afghanistan they will declare victory while resistance remains. Unless they negotiate surrender of the remaining area or occupy the entire city, it is a hollow victory with many thousands of dead Iraqis. .

Justin Ryan

Dude, u sound very pessimistic!
Of course defenders have an advantage! They have built up defences for a long time! Probably have the high ground and many obstacles to protect them against a freely moving unprotected attacker!
But hey….. after this the job is done and Victory is here!
So whats ur problem?
Ure sad that it wasn’t easy?
ISIS was made up of former Iraqi republican Guard (Sunni) and the PMU and SWAT are mainly Shiite!
So now, Iraq is lead and controlled by mainly Shiite population, are friends and allied with Iran, Syria soon to follow and Lebanon also allied!

Yet Israel is allied with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

This is a fucking huge Victory against the Jewish lead Assault on the Middle East!

You should be rejoicing this is all coming to an end rather than being sad about the news of a liberated city not being completely liberated!
Its a ridiculous comment u just made!

Any isis guy that pops their head up and kills people will be killed himself! Or, will kill himself in the process!
But slowly and surely, they are gone!
Iraq will be 99% united.

Fuckin cheer up!

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