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Iraqi Army Launches Rawa Operation, Captures Key Town North Of Al-Qa’im

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Iraqi Army Launches Rawa Operation, Captures Key Town North Of Al-Qa’im

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On November 11, the Iraqi Army Joint Operations Commanded launched a military operation to liberate Rawa, al-Rummanah towns and to secure the Iraqi-Syrian border north of the Euphrates River.

Major General Abdul Amir Yar Allah, commander of the military campaign for the liberation of Nineveh Province, announced that the Iraqi Army successfully crossed the Euphrates River north of al-Qa’im city and liberated al-Rummanah town, hours only after the operation was launched.

Maj. Gen. Yar Aallah also announced that the Iraqi Army captured al-Buabid, al-Bufaraj, al-Bushaban, al-Bagoz, al-Rabt, al-Buhrdan, al-Ash, Khteila and Dgaima villages on the northern bank of the Euphrates river, north of al-Qa’im city.

Meanwhile, Iraqi sources reported that the Iraqi Army is shelling Rawa town 80km east of al-Qa’im. However, the Iraqi Army didn’t advance yet towards it.

The main aim of the new military operation of the Iraqi Army is to secure the Syrian-Iraqi border and to besiege the remaining ISIS fighters in the empty Nineveh desert southwest of Mosul city. The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) will likely joint the military operation in the upcoming hours.

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You can call me Al

Right, everybody understand that from the map; because I am one lost puppy.


My zoom seems to be broken also. :)

You can call me Al

I tried that and ended up with a glass of wine !!.


I’m curious to know why SAA and allies didn’t secure the Euphrates western bank between Mayadeen and BuKamal, yet.

They didn’t send many troops for this operation, the liberation of BuKamal. Perhaps they know something which we don’t.

Serious Dude

Maybe they are few and have few supporters in these regions? Just saying…

J. Laoshe

The SAA rely in his offensives heavily on russian air power as the Kurds rely on the NATO air power. So both sides on the ground have to coordinate respectively with the air support. And it seems to me that Russia Is following a time table for the war in Syria and setting their own agenda for the Syrian army to follow. It also seems to me that the pressure the saudis and ally are applying on Lebanon Is in part to reduce the presence of hisbullah in Syria by moving back units to Lebanon . Syria is at the moment relying more and more on the local tribesmen, Iranian, Afghan and Iraqi units to help clear the IS enclaves in and around Deirazor! According to the Russian schedule and the Russian/Turkish/American entante , the time is ripe for Idlib offensive hence more than 100 Russian air strikes in the last 48 hours in that province . Of course, I could be wrong !

Serious Dude

Shia militants are very few and they are not dangerous. Both Russia and US have objectives in the ME. Idlib will be soon cleared from jihadis.

Jasminko Grdic

They wait that all IS fighters go out of the pocket from Suknah, T3, T2 up to Der Ezoir and that they transfer to SDF who wll call US transport for a other place of a new a War


Perhaps it’s a place where troops wither on the vine….?


THAT, (they know something we don’t) is for sure!


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John Brown

The SAA will probably cross the Euphrates river with the Iraqi Army on the Iraqi side of teh border then advance to Syrian territory on the east side of the Euphrates. Much easier this way using an Iraqi bridge for the initial crossing.


They can’t cross the euphrate (yet), the US has armed the SDF to the teeth and made it clear it will attack by air if the SAA does go beyond the Euphrate. Turkey might be the decisive factor here. They have access to the north and can go down on the SDF and will probably rout them. The US is being outmanoeuvred everywhere in the world right now. Very interesting times


WTF !!!! https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/isis-retakes-albukamal-syrian-army-fails-secure-city/

Valery Grigoryev

…as usual, without Tigers no chance, unfortunately…:(


Too bad …everybody celebrating of liberation of the town and now suddenly they lost it …un fucking believable !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valery Grigoryev

This is VERY strange and unexpected.


WTF !!! ISIS retakes Albukamal after Syrian Army fails to secure city ???!!!?????



Hallo southfront do you have some confirmation about Albukamal??


Relax. They’ll get it back. I think I even said a few days ago that ISIS may have backed off in an attempt to lure the SAA into a kill zone. It’s probably the last time they will be able to exploit an urban environment for that purpose. Give it a week, and what’s left of that shit town will be completely cleared-out.

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