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JUNE 2023

Iraqi Army Launches Final Operation To Liberate Old Mosul From ISIS (Videos)

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On Sunday, the Iraqi Army liberated Al-Shifa district north of the Old Mosul area. By this ISIS fighters are completely besieged in Old Mosul.

Iraqi forces discovered tons of newly produced medicines inside the medical compound in Al-Shifa district. This means that ISIS fighters receive supplies even after the liberation of the eastern part of Mosul.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Army announced the launch of the operation to liberate Old Mosul, ISIS’s last stronghold in Mosul city.

Last night, Iraqi forces gave ISIS militants the last chance to surrender, and demanded the remaining civilians to exit through safe corridors.

Iraqi anti-terrorist units started advancing in the western part of the Old Mosul area in the morning on Sunday. Iraqi federal police forces advanced from the southern front.

Iraqi Army Launches Final Operation To Liberate Old Mosul From ISIS (Videos)

From its side, ISIS fighters launched an attack on Iraqi forces positions in the Aleppo Street, Al-Dawasah district and the Bab Al-Toob area.

ISIS claimed that its militants managed to destroy 12 Iraqi Army points and killed and injured a number of Iraqi soldiers. However, Iraqi sources said that the attack was repelled by Iraqi forces.

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