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JUNE 2023

Iraqi Army Controls Al-Walid Border Crossing On The Syrian-Iraqi Border

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Iraqi Army Controls Al-Walid Border Crossing On The Syrian-Iraqi Border

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On Satuday, the Iraqi Army liberated the Al-Walid crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border linking up the government-held area north of At Tanf with the area controlled by the Iraqi military.

The Iraqi Army announced that it carried out a rapid operation supported by fighters of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU). By controlling the al-Walid border crossing, Iraqi forces have liberated the entire Syrian-Jordanian-Iraqi border triangle.

Iraqi Army Controls Al-Walid Border Crossing On The Syrian-Iraqi Border

Click to see the full-size map

From its side, the PMU announced that it managed to repel an ISIS attack on its positions at the Tal Safouk crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border. The PMU also said it repelled another ISIS attack in Tal Zalat west of Mosul, killing 30 ISIS fighters.

According to local sources, local residents in Al-Qariah town south of Mosul attacked relatives of ISIS fighters and ISIS sympathizers and expelled them outside the town yesterday.

Al-Qariah town was liberated from ISIS almost a year ago and ISIS had committed many crimes against the town’s inhabitants.

It’s not yet conformed that the Iraqi and Syrian armies met on the Syrian-Iraqi border. The Iraqi Army and PMU are expected to advance soon south of Tal Safouk and north of Al-Walid to liberate Al-Qaim, the last official crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border, which is still under the control of ISIS.

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Miguel Redondo

With a PMU-T72 there at the border , the HIMARS has a shotgun pointing straight to its head. Just in case that Uncle Sam tries to make some fireworks….

every time the Syrian Army was approaching Al-Tanf from the north there was an US-Airstrike to that spearhead , and now this ………….


Old news. And the SAA/Iraqi armies “linked up” almost immediately after the SAA reached the border. Also, the al-tanf thing is pointless, they should just go home, the whole thing is already over….


” MeMadMax: the al-tanf thing is pointless”

from the us perspective perhaps on the surface of fake MSM news, however remember al-tanf and more so daraa are near the occupied syrian golan heights….

also the so called FSA are in fact majority Tahrir al-Sham controlled and is an active Salafist jihadist militant group involved in the Syrian War are in all these locations west of al tanf triangle.

The Tahrir al-Sham group was formed (PR rebadged) on 28 January 2017 as a merger between Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (former al-Nusra Front), the Ansar al-Din Front, Jaysh al-Sunna, Liwa al-Haqq, and the Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement.


“not yet confirmed” , but we will hope so .

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