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Iraqi Army Captures More Districts In Western Mosul

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Iraqi Army Captures More Districts In Western Mosul

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The Iraqi Army recaptured the Al-Ma’amil district and the second Al-Hamrat district from ISIS terrorists in the western part of the Iraqi city of Mosul. Iraqi forces also began an advance in the strategic Al-Islah al-Zira’y district.

Furthermore, the Iraqi Army liberated more than 50% of Hawi al-Kanisah area in the northeastern part of western Mosul.

Separately, Iraqi forces killed Abu Ayyub al-Shami, an ISIS military commander, along with three of his bodyguards.

From its side, ISIS claimed that its militants managed to regain some points in the Hawi al-Kanisah area from the Iraqi Army.

Iraqi Army Captures More Districts In Western Mosul

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq published very little news from Mosul in the last two days, indicating a lack of “good news” for ISIS mmilitants operating in Mosul.

Meanwhile, the 9th Division of the Iraqi Army completed its mission in the city of Mosul. It’s now heading to join the Iraqi Division 15 around Tal Afar in order to launch a joint operation with the Iraqi popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in order to liberate Tal Afar in the northwestern counryside of Mosul.

On May 10, the PMU evacuated 61 families from the ISIS-held town of Tal Afar in cooperation with the Iraqi Army.

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Free man

A great day for them . Soon ISIS will be declared an “extinct species” (-;

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