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Iraqi Army Begins Storming Bab Sinjar District In Mosul

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Iraqi Army Begins Storming Bab Sinjar District In Mosul

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The Iraqi Army began storming Bab Sinjar district north of the Old Mosul area in western Mosul after it had fully captured Zinjili district. Less than 25% of Al-Shifa and Bab Sinjar districts, as well as 90% of the Old Mosul area remain under ISIS control.

The Iraqi Army discovered an ISIS rocket factory in Zinjili district. Meanwhile, armed drones of the Iraqi Federal Police continue to target ISIS militants in the Old Mosul area.

In Mosul, ISIS reportedly managed to down a drone of the Iraqi Army over Bab Al-Toub district in the Old Mosul area, as well as kill 7 Iraqi soldiers in Zinjili district.

Separately, ISIS claimed that its members destroyed 5 positions of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) and killed 7 PMU fighters near the Tal Safouk border crossing at the Syrian-Iraqi border

Deputy Chairman of the PMU, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, said that “The Iraqis demonstrated their ability to fight and liberate without resorting to foreigners.” He added that “all the clashes fought by the PMU troops were without the help of foreigners”. He also said “the PMU is currently preparing for a post-ISIS phase.” He empasized that the PMU “don’t want to expel the criminal ISIS organization, but rather destroy it and prevent it from becoming another organization, just as Al-Qaeda turned into ISIS”.

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Colin Oskapy

Another setback for Jew NATO.


It took an army of 200.000 to fight for this city for almost 1-year. Against 5000 forces. Talk about real life Sparta

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