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Iraqi Army Arrested Several German Girls In Mosul City


The Public Prosecution in the German city of Dresden announced that the Iraqi authorities arrested several German girls in Mosul city after its liberation, including a underage girl.

According to the available information, the minor girl is Linda Wenzel, 16-years-old. According to Iraqi sources, Wenzel is an ISIS member and is married to a Chechen ISIS fighter and she has admitted to killing Iraqi soldiers.

Iraqi Army Arrested Several German Girls In Mosul City

Linda was arrested inside a tunnel in Mosul City after its liberation, one of the Iraqi soldiers who arrested her said:

“We found her with a gun in her hand next to her Chechen husband, who was then killed by Iraqi forces in a firefight. She said she had killed a number of our men in the battle”. According to the soldier “she was a Daesh sniper, but maybe her husband pressured her into it. She looked scared.”

The official statement of the prosecutor’s office in Dresden confirmed that the girl was actually Linda Wenzel.

“Linda, -16 years-old was identified in Iraq,” the statement reads adding that Linda is currently receiving help from the German Embassy in Iraq.

According to the German Newspaper Der Spiegel, the Iraqi authorities have handed over to the German government a list of the names of at least four German girls arrested in Mosul, including a girl of Chechen origin and a girl of Moroccan origin. It’s stil unknown if the girls face prosecution in Iraq.



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