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Iraqi Army Advances On Kurdistan Region’s Border Crossing With Turkey (Map)

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The Iraqi Army, the Federal Police and the Counter-Terrorism Service are advancing towards the village of Faysh Khabur and the Ibrahim Khalil border crossing between Iraq and Turkey controlled by the separatist Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

If government forces establish a full control over these areas, they will cut off one of the key logistical lines linking Turkey and the KRG capital of Ebril.

Meanwhile, government forces have conducted oepration in the contested villages of Fayida, al-Quush and  Shekhan in an area north of Mosul.

Summing up the recent developments, the KRG and its military force are rapidly loosing the contested areas that they captured during the war on ISIS.

Iraqi Army Advances On Kurdistan Region's Border Crossing With Turkey (Map)

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Border crossings are Iraq’s federal government’s responsibility. Good job.

While Barzani mafia of KRG repeatedly and falsely accuses Iran of invasion of Kurdistan, the irony is that they imported separatist/terrorist group of PAK (Kurdistan freedom party) from IRAN to fight with Iraqi government forces. The Kurdish forces that pathetically “resisted” the liberation of Kirkuk were members of PAK, while Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga of PUK retreated without clash and KDP’s plainly fled.

PAK claims their only goal is to free Iran’s Kurdistan, but apparently the temptation of arms and money from the US was too much to resist, and they joined them to fight ISIS but ended up fighting the Iraqi government. So, yeah. Mercenaries from Iran were actually in the fight, just not on the side which Kak Masoud and co told us.

Ryan Law

your aware that iran is busy burying multiple republican guards that died in iraq in last few days fighting kurds right? they have published their martyr photos


Who’s republican guards?


Who has published ? Did you see the photos of thousands killed in Burma by Buddhist monks , turns out the photos were food victims in China , with Chinese monks preparing burial .


Who’s controlling the blue pockets though?


There’s no blue pocket in Iraq, just lakes. One is in Syria, near DeZ close to the eastern bank of Euphrates, controlled by Russian forces.

You can call me Al

I think he was using satire !.


Then it went over my head, being an illiterate. Sorry.




Damn it just gets more and more complicated with all these groups popping up

Jens Holm

The feminist groups is called Mrs Wet T-shirt. Their affiliates could be Eufrat & Tigris united mainly Svam Arabs in war canoes.


Not “damn,” but DAMS are causing those complications ;-)


H2O = Water = Lakes

Wahid Algiers

Both the cut off to the syrian border and the advances on northern region’s border crossing with Turkey are important. The iraqi kurds have to be protected from the threats of the syrian kurds and turks :-).

Jens Holm

Rubbish Syrians kurds has to attack something in Iraq.


Hi Hi, Syrian kurds attacking Iraqi kurds.

Iraqi kurds must be protected from Lunarians too.

Tiresia Branding

bad bad times for SDF projects in Syria…

Solomon Krupacek

and again not russia, not saa, but iraq is the king.

Tiresia Branding

dear, Russia and Iran are the brides of the iraqi king…

Jens Holm

They can only rule Northern Iraq as Saddam did. What Kings …


With the madness of Kak Masoud and his mafia, one would wonder if Saddam was actually right in his brutality or not.

I’d say he was wrong, but then can’t help but wonder if I’m right or not.

Jens Holm

Killing so many can never be right. He did the same with Shiits in south as well as making war to Iran as well as Kuwait.

Jens Holm

I dont see that. They have finally taken Raqqa handling the many 1000 refugees as well as it goes helping UN, and has just made the triber semi ISIS`s to give up.

The borders for supply to them by americans is open too.

So ???

Tiresia Branding

yes, you dont see that NOW… but wait for what will happen in the next months. This is a little vision on the future

Jens Holm

I hope many refugees will come home and get a job by rebuilding.

YOurs ssemes to be more killing and more demolision.

Jonathan Cohen

ABORTION RIGHTS IN Faysh Khabur and Ibrahim Khalil!!!!!!!


Iraq so adamant that KRG holds to the constitution.

That same constitution forbids the Iraqi army to enter the KRG as the only forces allowed in the KRG are the pesh merga.

Is the Iraqi government following its own constitution or will they disregard the relevant articles as they ignore all articles that they do not like?


Lesson: KRG shouldn’t have tried a land grab they couldn’t finish.

Ryan Law

no leason, america isnt a good ally you can do everything they ask and they will still throw you to the dogs, kurdistan used to be the most peaceful part of the middle east, now people have one less safe space. all those smaller country’s that go along with what america wants need to take note of what happened to the kurds


A big factor not mentioned in the article – they’re in the process of completely cutting off the Syrian border such that there’ll be no border between Iraqi Kurdistan and the Kurdish occupied regions of Syria. This further isolates the “SDF” forces, who were already sandwiched between the SAA and the Turks.

Ryan Law

Kurdistan like Catalonia is just evidence that democracy is a illusion to keep people quite and that if you make a decision the elite dont want they will exterminate you till you comply. DEMOCRACY IS A LIE the only freedom in the free world is death

Ryan Law

just wait by the time the deadline for brexit comes that wont happen either :P i cant wait till china finishes taking over the world at least if i cant be free i can be free of gambling and religion

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