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Iraqi Armed Group Vows To Shot Down US Warplanes In Response To Recent Strikes

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Iraqi Armed Group Vows To Shot Down US Warplanes In Response To Recent Strikes

Official logo of Saraya Awli’a al-Dam.

An Iraqi armed group calling itself Saraya Awli’a al-Dam [the Custodian of Blood Regiments] has reportedly vowed to shot down US warplanes in response to the June 27 strikes which targeted positions of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Four fighters of the PMU were killed as a result of the US strikes. Unidentified fighters shelled a base of the US military in northeastern Syria in response. The base was badly damaged.

On April 30, social media accounts affiliated with Saraya Awil’a al-Dam revealed that the group is determined to shot down a US warplane.

The Sabereen News channel on Telegram also shared an illustration poster showing a fighter of Saraya Awil’a al-Dam shooting down a US military helicopter with a man-portable air-defense system (MANPAD).

Iraqi Armed Group Vows To Shot Down US Warplanes In Response To Recent Strikes

Click to see full-size image.

Saraya Awil’a al-Dam is one of several pro-Iranian groups which were established following the assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of the Popular Mobilization Units, and Iran’s Quds Force Commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani on January 3 of 2020. The group’s cells attacked several US supply convoys in different parts of Iraq in the last few months.

Pro-Iranian groups in Iraq targeted US warplanes in the past. The main aim of these attacks is to force US troops out from the country.


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"Israel" is a terrorist European settler colony

The PMU is part of the Iraqi military, which the USA vowed to protect from ISIS.

It’s a brain-dead move to attack the people you are supposed to protect. Iraq should hurry up and officially kick the US Army out.


The US and western propaganda always to try to frame them as shia militias but forget to mention that the majority of Iraqis are shia.

Fire for Fire

Being a majority does not give you the right to form lawless terror outfits disguised as security forces. Are the shia majority in Lebanon too? Destabilization is your culture. The more of you America and Israel kills the better for the region. One day this proxy war will escalate into an all-out one and then we’ll see what you can do. I’m watching this current cold war between the Shia and Saudi/U.S/Israel axis. I’d love to see how it ends. Another Trump or Bush may become president one day and all hell will break lose for you guys. It’ll be good new to hear that American bombs are dropping all over your terror outfits from Lebanon all the way to Iraq. This is what will happen should someone like Trump come to power. You don’t know how lucky you have been that Trump did not continue in 2021. Pray that he never comes back.


So you don’t think the majority should make the rules??

You do realize democracy, whether full or representative, is majority/mob rules.

Arch Bungle

“Being a majority does not give you the right to form lawless terror outfits disguised as security forces.”

Actually, it does.

It’s called Democracy.

It’s how the USA was created.

Also how the colonial Apartheid ‘state’ of israel was created.

Last edited 27 days ago by Arch Bungle

Let me guess you’re at the Israeli end of that Axis?

Fire for Fire

PMU is a terror outfit and will be destroyed no matte how hard you try to whitewash them. They are clearly not answerable to the Iraqi government. They have locations in Iraq that Kadhimi or any other Iraqi official cannot visit. They challenge the state authority whenever Iraqi counter-terror forces arrest one of their members. Twice they send heavily armed convoys to Kadhimi’s residence demanding the release of terrorists arrested by the Iraqi forces. And you call these bunch of pigs a part of Iraq’s military? Their blood should have been spilled long ago and Iraqi streets cleared of these human pests. Just wait and see what the next republican president will do to them – that’s if Biden does not destroy them before a republican does. They are dreaming for a Hezbollah-style domination of Iraq but that era is long gone. This jockeying between them and the U.S will lead to further consequences for Iran worse than Soleimani (who was also killed because of this struggle for control of Iraq).

Last edited 27 days ago by Fire for Fire
Arch Bungle

You screed is false from the first statement to the last.

Are you Jewish?

Icarus Tanović

He ain’t. He’s just rabid Zionist.


hahaha sure mossad agents just blew up a few days back in erbil and sooner or later haifa and tel aviv will be leveled to the ground and america will burn to the ground year after year it will become more desolate and in fact america does take its last steps ever china has already spun enough silk around america to fool it into defeat and america grabbed for it greedy and ruinous in its nature as it is and now its not even a decade left for america to exist as it does

Last edited 26 days ago by farbat

how you like the sound of “islamic republic of america” btw iraq is already lost for the west they just dont tell you fool about it and the military parade in iraq recently is just another image of your defeat as are the flags of the resistance in iraq

Last edited 26 days ago by farbat

btw its your own fault that you are stupid and in fact zionists are basically wasting time and money trying to educate you people about things but you remain stupid and ignorant here your zionist media trying to make you understand the conceptual reality of your enemy and why such things as assassinations most of all dont work against the resistance as they do with others because others are not living for martyrdom


I would LOVE to see That happen on a daily base, on a global scale.

Fire for Fire

It’ll never happen man. They are cowards but very mouthy.

A clown like you

Some morons say the same thing about SAA, but they also forgot that Syria did shoot down two Zion jets before…we all know they can and have the means do to so and the right under UN.
Yanquis in Iraq are sitting ducks…they can hit them as they wish, Iran did without a problem.
Yanquis aren’t “save” in M.E they never were…that is why they su(k and pay Zion so much to have “save” strong hold in M.E.


God bless All of them.

Fire for Fire

May the curse of Allah be on those destabilizing other countries with terror militias. May Allah’s destruction come upon them.

Last edited 27 days ago by Fire for Fire

That’s right, so I think Israel will be destroyed soon, and it’s certain.

A clown like you

“May the curse of Allah be on those destabilizing other countries with terror militias.”

What do you have so much hate against Zion, yanquis, NATO, and Wahhabi “Muslim wannabe”?

Do it already!

How trite, make fancy pictures and speak big nothings, do it already and then we can celebrate with inforgraphs.

A clown like you

“Iraq War architect Donald Rumsfeld dead at 88”

The pig is burning in hell…so well other after him.


He will meet his maker and it won’t be a pleasant experience, I can assure you.


They’re going to “shot” them down?

How can that get past the editor?


It’s probably just a matter of time when they can get their hands on some capable weaponry to make it happen, I can’t wait to see this happen.

Tommy Lee

The people who run this place can barely speak English, much less spell it.


american choppers shouldnt fly anymore over iraq anyway so they should all be downed their planes should be downed aswell going forward and if america wants to travel in iraq than is better uses the roads that are set up to blow their equipment up and notice that they are not welcome

Last edited 26 days ago by farbat

iraqi resistance should have sam system all over iraq in all different sizes so they should use them for a change

Last edited 26 days ago by farbat

This is going to get interesting. The Jews’ US Tyranny needs to control at least Southern Iraq to enable their coming invasion of Iran’s energy fields.


Haha, sure ^^

L du Plessis

Iraq should have started using Manpads ages ago!! wake up !! take lessons from the undefeated Taliban please.

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