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Iraqi Air Force To Reactive Chinese-Made Combat Drones, Use Them To Hunt Down ISIS Cells (Video)

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Iraqi Air Force To Reactive Chinese-Made Combat Drones, Use Them To Hunt Down ISIS Cells (Video)

Screen grab from the Iraqi MoD video of Staff Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Rasheed Yarallah visit to Balad Air Base.

The Iraqi Air Force (IQAF) is working to reactivate the 100th Squadron which operated Chinese-made CASC Rainbow CH-4B combat drones, Iraqi Joint Headquarters Chief of Staff, Staff Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Rasheed Yarallah revealed on October 5.

Yarallah made the announcement while visiting Balad Air Base, located to the north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, where he inspected the ongoing perpetrations to reactivate the combat drone squadron.

The CH-4B, which was designed to carry out reconnaissance and compact missions, has an endurance of 30 to 40 hours and an operational range of up to 2,000 with a satellite data-link.

According to the Iraqi commander, CH-4B combat drones will soon be used to carry out strikes on ISIS cells in the country.

The IQAF received an unknown number of CH-4B combat drones from China early in 2015. Back then, the drones were quickly put in use against ISIS which was holding most of Iraq’s northern and western regions.

Iraqi CH-4B combat drones are mainly armed with the Chinese-made AR-1 light weight guided missile which has a range of 8 kilometers and a 10 kg shaped charge warhead. The missile can be equipped with several types of seekers, such as TV, Imaging IR, and semi-active laser homing.

CH-4B drones will provide Iraqi military and security forces, who are combating ISIS cells on several fronts, with better reconnaissance capabilities and rapid air support.


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iraqi pmu already operates several types of drones cruise and ballistic missiles the pmu is designed after iraqi civilizational concepts unlike pasdaran who are designed after iranian so pmu obviously also fights differnet than us they designed it differently obviously its a mix between basij and sepah but still different

Last edited 12 days ago by farbat

if the iraqi army can work towards engineer units and even production domestically than it might become useful but today its in my view no different to kabul army it will be the pmu who will carry the heaviest burden in war scenarios in iraqs future so while the pmu could gather a force around 5 million and fight a war the iraqi army would collapse unable to handle 1 million so the army should become a more specialized force in my view or it will become irrelevant

Last edited 12 days ago by farbat

maybe china should sell iraqs army a few air defenses to start to saturate iraq with such systems and create a serious a2ad there because iran will supply the pmu so there should be some competition atleast between pmu and army in technology to also create relevance for the iraqi army in that field

Last edited 12 days ago by farbat
Chris Gr

Again the West helped PMU and now you are turning against us.


they need a large quantity in reusable small drones in my view for their security forces

Last edited 12 days ago by farbat
L du Plessis

May God help iraq 🙏

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