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JUNE 2023

Iraqi Air Force Pounds Terrorists’ Positions in Anbar: 21 Terrorists Killed, Including ISIS Security Commander

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At least 21 terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) group were killed during air raids of the Iraqi Air Force in western Anbar.

Iraqi Air Force Pounds Terrorists' Positions in Anbar: 21 Terrorists Killed, Including ISIS Security Commander

An Iraqi air raid on a base of the Islamic State (IS) terrorists in western Anbar claimed lives of a number of terrorists and their notorious security commander Walid Saeed al-Jamili, also known as Walid al-Atrash, commander of the country’s volunteer forces, Hashd al-Sha’abi, in the town of Haditha, Nazem al-Jaqifi, said on Monday.

According to al-Jaqifi, the IS base, located in the central part of al-Qaem city in Western Anbar, was struck by the Iraqi Air Force. As a result, 12 terrorists, including al-Jamili, were killed, while several their vehicles were damaged.

At the same time, other nine IS terrorists lost their lives during another airstrike, carried out by Iraqi fighter jets on IS hideout in the village of Raihana in Annah town in western Anbar on Monday, the Alsumaria news portal reported.

According to a statement of the Iraqi Defense Ministry, the country’s air power also pounded stacks and booby-trapping workshops of terrorists, located in Okashat desert area, as well as in the west and al-Akra village in Haditha.

Holdouts in western Anbar region, most notably in the towns of al-Qaem, Annah and Rawa, are still maintained by IS terrorists, who launch occasional attacks on civilians and the security forces, which respond with airstrikes on locations of the terrorist group, relying on intelligence tips.

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