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Iraqi Air Force Destroyed Large ISIS Camp In Al-Anbar Governorate (Video)


On October 21, Major General Mahmoud al-Falahi, a commander of al-Anbar Governorate Operations announced that Iraqi warplanes destroyed a large camp of ISIS west of al-Rutbah town in the southern part of al-Anbar desert.

According to Maj. Gen. al-Falahi, airstrikes destroyed more than 11 vehicles including several VBIEDs that were inside the camp. Maj. Gen. al-Falahi added that dozens of ISIS fighters were killed or injured in the airstrikes also.

Moreover, Maj. Gen. al-Falahi told the Turkish Anadolu Agency that the Iraqi Air force also repelled an attack of ISIS that targeted him personally around al-Rutbah town on October 20. According to Anadolu Agency, 7 vehicles of ISIS attacked a unit of the Iraqi Army led by al-Falahi in Wadi al-Ghazf area east of al-Rutbah.

Maj. Gen. al-Falahi said that Iraqi warplanes destroyed all ISIS vehicles before it could reach army positions. Maj. Gen. al-Falahi added that the Iraqi Army units didn’t suffer any loses during the failed ISIS attack.

Back on October 20, Iraqi sources reported that US-led coalition warplanes conducted several airstrikes on ISIS positions around the phosphate company in al-Qa’im city near the Syrian-Iraqi border. 40 ISIS fighters were killed, and 17 vehicles of ISIS were destroyed, according to the sources.

Lately the Iraqi Air Force and the US-led coalition intensified its aerial operations against ISIS al-Anbar governorate, especially along the Syrian-Iraqi border. The aerial operation is likely a part of the ongoing preparations of the Iraqi Army to launch an advance to capture the last ISIS stronghold inside Iraq, al-Qa’im city.



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  • MD Ranix

    good riddance to zio satanic terrorists in iraq

    • FlorianGeyer

      The US has been attempting to cover her tracks and links to ISIS and Al Nusra for some time now of course.

    • goingbrokes

      Yes, and the US pilots have been ultra frustrated watching Russians splash targets day and night, while they fly redundant missions, only sometimes performing “cattle-prod” attacks, so daesh don’t attack in the wrong direction. The calculus changed when it was clear that daesh could not hold onto anything at all, and the eggs went into the Kurdish basket. After that it has been almost free rein – except for those that have to be helicoptered out! And as you say the dead tell no tales later (except maybe to a forensic scientist).

  • χρηστος

    well done