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Iraqi Air Force Carries Out New Strikes On ISIS Targets Inside Syria (Video)

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ON May 14, the Iraqi Air Force carried out airstrikes on ISIS positions south of the town of Dashishah in the Syrian province of al-Hasakah. The strikes allegedly destroyed a logistical hub and a building belonging to ISIS.

In April and May, the Iraqi Air Force already targeted ISIS positions in Syria. On May 6, Iraqi jets bombed ISIS positions around Dashishah. On April 19, the Iraqi Air Force also bombed ISIS inside Syria.

According to the Iraqi side, the strikes are coordinated with the Syrian government. Experts note that Iraq, Iran, Syria and Russia coordinate such actions via a joint intelligence-sharing HQ established in Baghdad.

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Alexander Lyapunov

Not very tactical. Iraq should have Hash al shaabi or other pro-government militias ready to capture the areas on their borders, or else it will just make the job of the treacherous Kurds easier to snatch it and make it more difficult for Syrian government to retake the kurdish areas when that time comes.

Peter Jennings

The syrian gov’t should be mindful that they have US forces helping Kurds steal territory in northern and eastern parts of the country, who are being attacked by invading Turks, with isreal attacking from the western side and Jordan willing to allow troops and terrorists through its border into southern parts of Syria.

Maybe the plan is to circumnavigate Syria with nato pipelines through a newly created Kurdistan and Iraq. It does make one wonder whether Iraqi forces are fully committed to this joint intelligence sharing considering they still have US forces and spies everywhere in the country. Perhaps Iraqi forces are sharing their intelligence with not only Iran, Syria and Russia and are helping clear the way for the US agenda of splitting Syria into chunks?

Alexander Lyapunov

Militarily, i don’t think so. Their militias, which are mostly Iran-loyal, are much much superior than their actual government military, and they allow no such thing. At least i hope so.


Stupid ISIS , everywhere they got wacked left and right. Yet still fight on as though they can win anything.

Are these Muslims terrorists so dumb?

Alexander Lyapunov

No, but the pocket that pays them is very big and does not get empty.

Bill Wilson

ISIS is trapped where they’re at in Eastern Syria. They have to hole up where there’s a sufficient source of water are stuck along the Euphrates and in a string of hamlets/villages to the north. Some may be hiding out in the desert where they rely upon delivered water from those other regions. .


How independent is Iraq of US control now?

Alexander Lyapunov

US also have influence in other ways. For instance they threatened to sanction if Iraq would buy s-400’s from Russia.

You can call me Al

Actually they threatened to sanction Turkey to the best of my knowledge and I doubt that turkey will blink an eye.

I could be wrong, if so apologies in advance.

Alexander Lyapunov

Didn’t they also threaten iraq? Anyway, let them sanction as much as they want. The s-400’s are definitely worth it.


That’s what’s countering adversary through sanctions act for. Once it tiptoeing around the real issue for what’s they slap the sanctions (human right or else). Now it don’t beat around the bush 1. It slap bare politically motivated sanctions. 2. It’s admitting that they buy or should’ve bought the UN 3. It asks money from foreign government for it’s national military deployment. 4. Continuous contradictory action like where it admitted no evidence yet bomb the Syrian anyway. Israel probably the most striking depiction of current USA society.

You can call me Al

96.237 %.

You can call me Al

“According to the Iraqi side, the strikes are coordinated with the Syrian government. Experts note that Iraq, Iran, Syria and Russia coordinate such actions via a joint intelligence-sharing HQ established in Baghdad.”…….. but, but, but what about the Yankers spreading democracy ?, surely they are the good guys to trust as they never lie !!!!.

Yes sarcasm.


Of course the Iraqis don’t mention the Kurdish involvement, because all our allies hate each other more than anyone else. And South Front doesn’t mention US involvement, because they secretly hate the US.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The only comment that makes sense, well done.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Syrians can’t really coordinate anything with Iraq when it comes to Al-Hasakah province, it’s completely under US and Kurdish control apart from 1 pocket of Isis. The Syrians may have given permission for the Iraqi’s to enter their sovereign airspace and bomb Isis, but it would have been the US that would’ve been coordinating with the Iraqis to avoid friendly fire accidents, the area the Iraqis bombed there borders right on SDF territory.

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