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JUNE 2021

Iraqi Air Force Carried Out ‘Deadly’ Airstrikes Against ISIS In Syria

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Iraqi Air Force Carried Out 'Deadly' Airstrikes Against ISIS In Syria

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The Iraqi prime minister’s office has reported that the state’s air force carried out “deadly” airstrikes against ISIS in Syria on April 19.

The PM office added that the strikes will help to annihilate the terrorist group in the region after it was eliminated in Iraq. The real aim of strikes is to neutralize ISIS cells operation in the Syrian-Iraqi border area.

ISIS became an influencial power in Iraq in 2014. By summer 2017, the Iraqi military and its allies liberated the city of Mosul [the key ISIS stronghold in Iraq] from the terrorist group. Iraq formally declared the victory over ISIS on December 9, 2017.

Despite this, ISIS cells still remain quite active across the country and especially at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The Iraqi military spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Rasool underlined that the strikes had been coordinated with the Syrian government, Russia and Iran, the Russian news agency Sputnik reported. Rasool pointed that Iraq would continue operations if the country’s intelligence services receive info about threats from terrorists.

The Lebanese TV channel Al-Masdar reported that there were five strikes in the province of Deir ez-Zor. The strikes targeted terrorist’s commanders and workshops used to produce explosives. The Ministry of Defense pointed that these strikes had not been a part of the international coalition’s operations.

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Iraqi air force well done. Iraq should liberate whole land from US backed terrorists ISIS and Kurdistanis etc. Iraq should not negotiate on Iraq integration. Iraq should kick out all US and British army and diplomats from their soil. They create problems. If they don’t leave Iraq then use IEDs to bother them to leave.


One nation we destroyed helping another nation we are trying to destroy… ah the beautiful irony of it. That 7 nations destroyed in 5 years plan seems to be faltering.

Rafik Chauhan

GOOD NEWS. Now Iraqi army should allow SAA from their border to enter on the eastern side of Euphrates to attack isil and take the Syrian territory before this scum US backed terrisot do. Iraqi and SAA army joint attack in Syria will wipe this isil and safegaurd Iraqi border. don’t allow this US coaltion to the Iraqi border otherwise this terriost attack will not end bcuz US want to send Arab force which include Saudi/Qatar/Bahrain all are terriost supporter.

Man Dagang

Isis is american puppets they will asked for airstrikes on syrian army


excellentes news irak and syria coalised!! yess!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

US is kind of taking credit for the attack on ISIS because of the Jets, those Bitches need to shut it!! Wonder if they will then take credit for the Israeli Jets which attack Syria!!

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