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Iraq – Why Doesn’t the US Move Out Despite the Iraqi Parliament’s Decision?

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Iraq – Why Doesn’t the US Move Out Despite the Iraqi Parliament’s Decision?

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Written by Peter Koenig; Originally appeared at Global Research

Why doesn’t the U.S. respect the decision made by the Iraqi Parliament and move out of Iraqi territory? – The short answer is, because the US doesn’t respect anybody’s – any country’s – decision or sovereignty, as long as it doesn’t meet their objectives.

Now, the US is steadfast and will not leave the region. Already President Assad has requested that the US leave Syrian territory. They didn’t. The stakes are too immense for the US. It has all to do with their move towards world hegemony by territory and by finance – meaning by the US dollar.

 The conflict with Iran is not over. By any means.

We are just experiencing a respite for regrouping – and subsequently continuing and escalating the conflict. US bases in Iraq and military presence, at present more than 5,000 troops, are the most convenient means of force against Iran.

Other than controlling the rich and highly strategic territory of the Middle-East as an important step towards world hegemony, the US continuous presence in the region also has to do with profits for the war industry and with the price and control of hydrocarbons, especially gas.

We have seen, soon after the cowardly murder of General Qassem Suleimani, the share values of the war industry jumped up, of course in anticipation of a hot war – and huge weapons sales. The war industry profits insanely from killing. Wars and conflicts are increasingly what drives the western economies. Already in the US the war industry and related industries and services make up for about half of the country’s GDP. The US economy without war is unthinkable. Therefore, the Middle-East is a perfect eternal battle ground – a sine qua non for the west. War is addictive. The western economy is already addicted to it. But most people haven’t realized that – yet. Revolving and renewed conflicts and wars is a must. Imagine, if the US were to leave the Middle-East, PEACE might break out. This is not admissible. Soon, your job my depend on war – if you live in the west.

Then there is the Iranian gas. Daily 20% to 25% of all the energy consumed to drive the world’s economy – including wars – transits through the Golf of Hormuz which is controlled by Iran. Immediately after the heinous murder on General Suleimani, the oil and gas prices spiked by about 4%, later declining again. This, in anticipation of a major conflict which could have Iran reduce her gas production, or block the passage of Hormuz. In either case a collapse of the world economy could not be excluded.

As a parenthesis – it is so absolutely necessary that the world frees itself from this nefarious source of energy – hydrocarbons – and converts to other, cheaper, cleaner and FREER sources of power to drive our industries and activities. Like solar energy of which Mother Earth receives every day more than 10,000 time what it needs for all her industrial and creative activities on every Continent.

The US, with a flailing multi-trillion fracking industry which just failed the European market, due Russian gas via Nord Stream2, and just inaugurated Turkstream, would like to control the price of hydrocarbon, so as to revive the highly indebted fracking industry. What better way than to control Iran, and her enormous reserves of gas, shared with Qatar?

Then there is the close alliance between Iran and China – China being Iran’s largest customer of gas. China is perceived by Washington as a deadly competitor, and barring her from the energy that makes China’s economy thrive, is one of those devilish objectives of the United States. They are unable to compete on an even playing field. Cheating, lying and manipulating has become part of their, and the western life style. It is deeply ingrained in western history and culture.

Of, course there are other ways of supplying China with the hydrocarbons she needs. Russia with the world’s largest gas reserves, could easily increase her supplies.

In brief, the US is unlikely to leave the Middle-East, although some generals – and even some high-ranking Pentagon brass – believe this would be the smartest thing to do – they see the light, and the light is not war, but PEACE.

How to Get the US out of Iraq

What could Iraq do to get the US out of Iraq and eventually out of the Region? After all, the Iraqi Parliament has taken a majority decision to regain Iraq’s sovereignty and autonomy, without foreign troops. Most countries with troops stationed in Iraq respect that decision. Denmark, Australia, Poland and Germany are preparing to move their troops out of Iraq. Only the UK with her 800 military men and women decided for now to stay alongside the US.

Iraq may want to strengthen her alliance with Russia and China, hereby increasing the pressure on the US to honor Iraq’s sovereign request for the US to leave. How much that would take to materialize, if at all, is a difficult question to answer. Maybe ‘never’. Except, if the US-dollar hegemony over western economies can be broken. And at the moment, a strong down-turn of the dollar’s role in the world economy is showing, as the western world is increasingly seeking ways to de-dollarize her economy and to associate with the East, led by China and Russia, where de-dollarization is advancing rapidly.

When that happens, chances are that the US of A’s dictates over the nations of the world will be mute, will not be listened to anymore, and that Washington will have to rethink its future – and very likely a US presence in the Middle-East will be history.


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Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a water resources and environmental specialist. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Organization around the world in the fields of environment and water. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research; ICH; RT; Sputnik; PressTV; The 21st Century; Greanville Post; Defend Democracy Press, TeleSUR; The Saker Blog, the New Eastern Outlook (NEO); and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

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Trolls Jacob, Azrial and Bob talking shit about killing people in Iraq now. Times do change. The Zionist bastards hiding in their basements may be looking for a world of shit. And they are to stupid to know the day of reckoning is coming.


To the Zionist that down voted me: Are you such the coward , that you can not a reply?

Ishyrion Av

It’s Azazel with its multiple accounts.


indeed, the day of reckoning is coming and that means the illegal occupation of palestine will be brought to its natural conclusion – the hymies kicked out on their asses all the way to hell. agree, the hymies are desperately trying to delay the end of the 100 year long occupation of palestine, but that is as long as it will be – about 100 years and if they don’t leave voluntarily, they’ll be kicked and shoved until they are well out of the doors – nukes or no nukes (although the squatters should think carefully before threatening to use the nukes ’cause that will mean the end of the jewish race, for good).


Yea fuck BOB!

But seriously, there are a small team of propagandists, probably Elliot Higgins, New Knowledge, Institute of Statecraft, or just Mossad/Shin Bet shit posters. They go to every anti imperialist website and post the same shit. But why does SF put up with it? Go try posting anything in this thread on the NYT or Guardian, you will be banned for life. So why must ANY anti-imperialist website put up with this blatant propaganda/shitposting?

Mehmet Aslanak

US had to take out Iranian & Iraqi generals, because there must not be any peace between Saudis & Iranians. This is totally against Israel’s securi…. err…. I mean…. USA’s security. Afterall Trump confessed that he has to sell 100b bucks of arms to the Saudis, that’s why he also wouldn’t care NYT journalist Cemal Kasikci was chop chopped in a Saudi embassy by order of the Saudi crown prince.

Assad must stay

We know that alreadyy, but the Saudis have been totally silent since all this happened, i wonder what they are thinking and planning

Mehmet Aslanak

US now expelled like 20 Saudi trainee officers, so if crown prince turns against the US, like Saddam did after the Iran-Iraq war, Saudis will be declared as a terrorist state & will be invaded by the “peace bringing” US army.

Assad must stay

Now that would be interesting and hilarious lol


Yes, that’s pretty obvious. It is not just the “dollar hegemony” but the fiscal hegemony connected with it – the FED and the World Bank and ultimately the big club of bankers and a few others. It is not a ‘Western’ hegemony, that’s too broad, it’s really the US + UK – the EU already tries to break free from those handcuffs. Naturally, the USUK will never let go of ME region. Iran and her few allies are the only ones that defy total dominion of the region. Any US president will seek to enforce total control, by any means neccesary. The few candidates that wouldn’t will never get (the chance to be) elected. Building up an alternative financial system is perhaps the most potent means to change the current situation. That and resisting the bully.


“Iran and her few allies are the only ones that defy total dominion of the region.” And what the hell Russia did in Syria if “Iran and her few allies are the only ones”? Unless of course you take Russia for junior partner to Iran? Which lacks any objectivity.


Russia is the senior partner to Iran, as they hold enormous oil and gas resources And have gotten it to market – China and almost – NordStream 11. Regime change in Iran is quickly being dealt into the cards, below if you missed it; Our only hope, Russia (the weapons) and China (the cash), publicly stand behind Iran. UK Ambassador calls on Iranian government to de-escalate conflict – YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nWe849SCEU


I agree with all you say. I just have persistent impression that many people here try either to totally minimize role of Russia (despite the facts) Or they even try really hard to present Russia as negative force in general for whole region. And giving military importance only to Iran or even Syria which they didn’t really show at all when they were on their own (before Russia came in the Summer of 2015).

Karen Bartlett

True. Russia saved and is saving Syria. Russia had experience with Jihadists in Checknya (probably mis-spelled).


don’t let anybody say that is mis spelled….. and if you still decide for some reason that it is …..than it most definitely is mis spelled in the best possible way.

Karen Bartlett

Thank you, Z.P.


forget about that that was obviously my mistake.. I don’t want anything to know about you and stay away from me.

Karen Bartlett

Reza Pahlevi’s father was put into power by the CIA, who overthrew in a coup d’etat the democratically elected Mosedeq to achieve it. These other orgs and MEK or MKO are no doubt CIA-backed.


Ah so you did watch the clip. Yes the timing of “Prince Reza Phalavi’s” entrance screamed of a CIA operation. The ‘crowds’ and even claims of police shooting demonstrators.

Karen Bartlett

Just like the “civil” war in Syria. And the protests in Hong Kong. Except now I think people are more clued in to the methods of the CIA and probably M16.


“world hegemony by territory and by finance” = world hegemony by military oppression and printing press to print worthless paper fiat currency when they need it.

All in all modern day slavery for everybody under US and their stooges.

King Cliff

The only nation that will promote solar energy to the highest level is the nation that have the majority rate earth or element to make solar panels. Until daily energy needs for civilians and military will depend on gas,oil and nuclear.


Australia is not pulling troops out and yesterday the frigate HMAS Toowoomba left for the gulf

Assad must stay

Big surprise lol


OF course, the “five white eyes” anglo saxon settler colonialists, stick together. They stole their country, so they get along with countries who are similar/imperialist.


“freedom and democracy” (-:



Rhodium 10

Pentagon try to save Trump face!…if they keep troops ..can be attacked or ambushed while are patrolling!…then US will have to attack PMU…it means to attack a branch of Iraq armed forces!….so it will turn a big problem for US in Iraq.


Yes, over 1 million Iraqi’s have died due to US invasions and illegal occupation.

These people must not be allowed to have died in vain.

The only way to get the US out of Iraq will sadly be another IED and resistance campaign by all lotal Iraqi’s.

All US occupiers in Iraq should feel fear and trepidation wherever they are in Iraq.


Yeah, obvious, isnt it. French Total. Dutch Shell. British Petrolium. And then we have Exxon M. Yup, there isnt much else to say on whatever reason there is, this corps are also on Africa, then you should know why this uh….. rebels are all over the Northen Parts of Africa, from sea to sea, etc, they control the MSM and controls the Gov. Not much else to add.


Karen Bartlett

The CIA controls the mainstream media in the US.

St. Augustine

Decent article except for the paragraph about getting rid of hydrocarbons.

peter mcloughlin

The US-Iran conflict is about interests, as are all wars. Washington views Iraq as a battlefield in its struggle with Iran. But it is a confrontation that could spread beyond the Persian Gulf by dragging in other powers with vital interests in the region. The direction of current events and the pattern of history point to world war not world peace. https://www.ghostsofhistory.wordpress.com/



Once Iraq pays back to the U.S the 1.5 Trillion dollars they spent on them, then they may leave.


It doesn’t owe the empire dick, idiot kyke. Who asked them to invade? Who asked them to spend trillions on an illegal war? What you are saying is, like the Romans you will force any country you invade to pay an indemnity? Otherwise you wont leave, you will stay forever to protect the oil.

That’s what an empire is, an occupying power. I thought you were there to “bring democracy”, which is a bullshit sham that everyone outside Tel Aviv can see through.

How about you pay the trillions you owe to the Palestinians for the theft of their land, or the genocide in Vietnam, or the 1 million dead Iraqi’s killed by jewmericans?

When the time comes, when the dollar collapses and the US cant protect you anymore, the filthy lowlife settlers will pay, they will be utterly wiped out. The moment the US empire falls, JEWS die first, remember that!




Palis need to pay billions in compensation to us Israelis for their terror attacks too, just like the terror that was used against the U.S forces. Till then, the U.S has every right to stay in Iraq and take all the oil they need, and we take money from the PLO for the terror victims. Israel is not going anywhere, the U.S is not going anywhere too. Now behave, or go die.



The US is the GREATEST TERROR STATE in history. They have killed 20 million people since the end of WW2. What “terror” attacks you lying CHRISTKILLER? The illegal state of Israel slaughter thousands of civilians, you shoot pregnant women, your people are savages, you have destroyed the world around you just so anglo saxons can indulge in their fantasy of recreating Israel. Thats the only reason you exist, you are Anglo saxons PET. The US ILLEGALLY INVADED you dumb paid shill, THE US OWE THE IRAQIS not the other way around. Only an animal commits murder, and then charge the victim for the blood spilt on their shirt.

Prepare for another Holocaust, because when the empire falls, who is going to protect you? Since you can barely handle kids armed with rocks? You will pay for the lives you’ve taken, with your complete extinction. This time we will get it right. Hitler was right. Look at the problems kikes cause, a tiny country allowed to act like savages because their master never puts a leash on them, like the dogs that they are. Israel is an apartheid state with a concentration camp where it commits slow genocide. When your turn comes AGAIN, it wont be slow, the split second the US cant maintain an empire, you are DEAD.

This time there will be no mistake, you will be wiped off the face of the earth. Like Carthage, nothing will remain of your accursed vile race of child killers. DEATH TO THE ISRAEL DEATH TO AMERICUNTS


okay trolly, I don’t have patience to deal with your shitty mouth. Blocked.


I’m still here Iron,frankly it’s a miracle

I did sterling work last night, really took it to the opposition,or are they the enemy?


way to go bro, stay with me :)


I will my man,I’m having so much fun,incidentally I’ve planted a little 5th dimensional wiz bang over on the Zolfaghar ballistic missile thread



Why not go home?


The Hasbara brigade are shilling Donald Trump, a man dumber than a bag of cement “The Iraqis owe us trillions we printed and wasted on an illegal war”. This is the new imperial justification, “we can never pay our debts, the dollar is fucked, so lets bill Iraqis” The jewish Americans on this thread, are basically sadists. The come to websites they hate, because they hate free speech, which is why Mossad suppresses and threatens even Al Jazeera if they reveal the truth of Israel’s malign activities i.e. genocide.

They were NEVER in Iraq for “freedom”, its now plain for all the world outside white countries to see. They are there to defend apartheid israel, and attack Iran. They are occupying the entire oil fields of Iraq and Syria.

Every free person has a duty to resist ZIO FASCISM and Anglo imperialism. Make them live in fear for the rest of their lives, if the people of the region don’t stand up they will be kept in a state of constant war, so that they NEVER develop. Iraq is being held back by Kurdish dogs who want to create ANOTHER Israel, and of course, sunni fundamentalists backed by Israel and Saudi scum. They would rather be vassals, than reclaim the sovereignty their ancestors enjoyed, they are just as bad as Mossad.


Iraq to pay compensation! Lol! Like – you need to pay for this whip that I use to flog you with, and your medical bills are your own. Will israel pay compensation to the Palestinians for the next seven generations?


And apologize for forcing me to whip you also.

Robert Cox


Karen Bartlett

While the documentary is horrid, I see nothing about “350 Boshevik from New Yorrk sent to Russia”.

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