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Iraq, US-led Coalition Slam Deal With ISIS In Qalamoun That Allows Militants To Redeploy To Deir Ezzor

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Iraq, US-led Coalition Slam Deal With ISIS In Qalamoun That Allows Militants To Redeploy To Deir Ezzor

ISIS members are en route to Deir Ezzor

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi criticized a deal reached between ISIS militants the Lebanese military (with support of Hezbollah) in the Qalamoun area at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Under the deal about 300 ISIS members and about 300-500 their family members and civilians were allowed to withdraw from the ISIS-held border area to the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor.

This ended the ISIS presence in the border area, but caused criticism from some powers.

Honestly speaking, we are unhappy and consider it incorrect,” Prime Minister al-Abadi said. “Transferring terrorists from Qalamoun to the Iraqi-Syrian border is worrying and an insult to the [Iraqi] people.”

He added that “There must be no chance for Daesh [ISIS] to breathe.”

The Iraqi Kurdistan Rgion’s Security Council also criticized the deal.

We as the Region’s Security Council express our concerns about this action and consider it suspicious. This raises many questions. We hope that all relevant parties in the region take a serious stance on this action,” it said.

The US military also blamed the sides of the deal and said that it didn’t rule out airstrikes on the convoy.

We will take action where necessary; those would be absolutely lucrative targets,” Col. Ryan Dillon, spokesman for the US-led coalition in Iraq and Syria, said. “We are monitoring them in real time.”

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Good USAF do something very useful and bomb that convoy. This will put the collateral damage and bad publicity on you. It was a wise decisions made by Syrians and Lebanese to make this truce. And who is Haider to blame this on? The entire ISIS problem started in Iraq and ran across the desert to Syria in American Humvees. Although it was not directly a Iraqi self made problem, they are the ones we remember abandoning huge swaths of territory and equipment to ISIS that made its way to Syria. Also the most destructive force against ISIS is SAA and Hezbollah. Just give them your support and allow them to clean up everyones mess.


Well the US should probably not be allowed anywhere near anything more than a kids safe pair of scissors. We know how “precise” they are when bombing something.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US already dropped bombs blowing holes in the road , the US plays well at being a hypocrite , like when they allowed ISIS to go to Aleppo they didn’t seem to care one bit that this would harm the people of Syria. The US only seems concerned when it interferes with their ambitions in the region towards Abu Kamal considering this faction has no connection to the US.


lol SAA made a deal with ISIS and yet this idiot still finds his way to talking crap about the US. The USAF will be monitoring that convoy closely and will bomb those rats first chance they get since the SAA and Lebs arent.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They bomb it with civilians there goes their credibility in the world and watch the public outcry against them and demands of a withdrawal from Syria and all their bases.This would be such bad P.R. for them and such good for Syria and Lebanon in being humane while the US is inhumane and murders Raqqa civilians and ME civilians with impunity.


US has a ton more credibility then Assad and Hezbollah, guess what. :)

Solomon Krupacek

usually i agree with you, but in this case i dont say so. usa has mor power to push through their right and credibility. :)


SAA have made numerous deals with HTS! Has worked wonders! USA has forces who wont fight isis but only SAA (fas forces) and do nothing about fixing it! USA allowed thousands of isis members to escape from Mosul and Iraq without bombing what would be called “sitting ducks”. Convoys and convoys!

This what a set up! The SAA caught the USA in a lie trap! GOT EM! This information will be used in the nearest future to show how hypocritical the US and Israel are!


None of these have the right to say anything about this. Just before the big battle of Mosul the Iraqis and the US let 1000s of ISIS fighters escape which caused the 2nd loss of Palmyra. The Kurds shouldn’t complain either (if the you can compare the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds) as they also let a high amount of ISIS fighters leave Raqqah before starting the big battle. The only ones who can complain are the Syrian soldiers in the east as they now have more to deal with. From the beginning it really was clear that the Lebanese army is very frail and I believe should they face an ISIS invasion the country would be taken with a couple of months (if not for Hezbollah of course). All respect to the soldiers who gave their lives tough.


Spot on Daniel. The ones most vocal are the worst perpetrators.


100% correct!

Elisabeth Jenders

Bombing the convoy would mean loss of life for the civilian drivers and accompanying SAA soldiers, therefore an act of war and a crime against humanity. As much as I see the increased danger posed by 300 additional Daesh fighters, agreements must be honoured, and the US coalition has absolutely no business interfering.


US dont care for shitty deals. Crime against Humanity?


There were more ISIS going into Syria after the Mosul op started, and Damascus wasn’t bitching about it even though Deir ez Zor almost got overrun.


I can’t understand why are the 300 ISIS fighters such a problem? SAA can kill up to 800 of them in one-day offensive, with help of SyAAF and RuAF. So why to bother with transfering them around the country? Just waste 300 of them and liberate the teritory. Or I was right about exaggerating with 800 number? Syrian and Lebanese armies cannot deal with 300 insurgents… They would lose weeks, maybe even months to detroy them, all together with high death toll.


It’s like 300 dudes with only AK-47’s, as they had to leave their heavy weapons around. Maybe if they had been able to leave with their missiles, cannons and technicals in some Mad Max-esque parade, yeah, then they might be a problem, but 300 dudes with some AK’s, how hard is it to kill those?


Well you are partially right. The 800 toll number was a huge convoy. In the border, they were spread out so it would take more than 1 week to capture it and it wouldn’t cost civilian and soldier lives. Not only this, but the SAA and allies can now redeploy their troops that were besieging Isis in the border. AMN suggests it was approximately 2k Syrian soldiers which is vital for the upcoming operations.


I would say 1000 SAA soldiers + Hezbollah maybe round 1000. We will see how well will they use them, as far as I know they’ll be deployed to eastern Damascus countryside..

John Brown

The SAA and Russians make such deals as they want to get ISIS out of well dug in positions and save the lives of Syrian civilians who would be caught in any crossfire there and save the lives of SAA solders who don’t need to die needlessly taking positions that have been well fortified for years. Then they can blast ISIS in open desert in the Deir Azur area where it will be much easier to defeat these ISIS fighters The commanders of the SAA are not racist supremacist Jews who will fight to the last stupid dumb animal beast American Goyim soldier as Henry Kissenger says long as no Jewish fingernail is broken.

Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.” — Rabbi Reichorn, speaking at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, 1869, in France Look it up for yourself.


It reveals a larger issue and each of these 300 terrorists is a brainwashed potential vbied killing innocent people- independently from the question if they can be easily neutralized by military means. 300 is still a reasonable force in modern warfare.


It must really suck being the driver on one of those busses. There you are driving your bus, knowing that behind you is a load full of the biggest collection of thugs and scum to hit the Earth since the Waffen SS. Could you turn up a little music to make the time pass? Or would they take offense to that as these Muslim fanatics seem to consider music as un-Islamic. What if they demand a toilet break? Or make a mess on the onboard toilet? What if one of their women turns out to be a sex slave? And if you have to negate that social minefield there’s still the chance of the USAF dropping a smart bomb or a maverick missile on your ass.


Start the operation along the border and you won’t have a problem.


Haha yes indeed.

Rafik Chauhan



That one is a true hippie war with coloured buses, captagon pills, magic mushrooms, halluscinated chemical attacks, peace pipes, sex slaves…. and what not. I have never been in Syria myself, but sounds like a wonderland. The only thing I can say is that all these shenanigans would be absolutely unthinkable in my country. In this regard I can only wish all the involved parties a nice trip!!! and good luck to the SAA fighting the same terrorists from Al Wear, Wadi Parada, Jaourd Arsal, etc etc…. for the second, third or forth time in different locations. Seems like a perfectly smart and fun strategy. Maybe it is expected that after a few bus trips around the country the SAA and its allies will have collected such a good carma that they win the war instantly entirely by the use of the force of love, just as John Lennon would have predicted it.


What the fuck is Iraq’s problem? The SAA, Hezbollah and the PMU are taking care of the ISIS problem in the Syria/Iraq border area. Just deal with the ISIS territories right in the heart of Iraq, you imbeciles. Took them months to start the Tal Afar operation, then it turns out there is minimal resistance. I guess the US military aid is too good and they are dragging their asses.

The battle for Mosul against the goat herders took them 2-3 months longer than the Battle of Stalingrad!!

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