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Iraq To Gain New Partners Amid Saving Old Ties

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Iraq To Gain New Partners Amid Saving Old Ties

Click to see full-seize image. Source: the official Facebook page of the Iraqi Federal Police

Iraq continues to play a central role in the war on terrorism in the Middle East. Baghdad is actively working to boost cooperation with various parties to stabilize the region.

On August 26, Maj. Gen. Tahsin al-Khafaji, a spokesperson for the Joint Operations Command in Iraq, announced that the Iraqi-Russian-Iranian-Syrian Security Coordination Center is still operating in Baghdad.

The center was established in 2015 following the start of Russian anti-terrorism operations in Syria to improve cooperation between the four countries.

“The center has done a lot in combating ISIS terrorism by providing a stream of information against terrorist gangs, especially with regard to the Syrian and Iraqi sides,” Maj. Gen. al-Khafaji told the state-run Iraqi News Agency.

On August 27, Minister of the Armed Forces of France, Florence Parly, arrived in Baghdad on an official visit.

At a joint press conference with her Iraqi counterpart, Juma Inad, Parly said her visit was aimed at strengthening relations between Iraq and France in all fields. The minister also expressed her concern about the situation in the Middle East.

From his side, Inad said Parly’s visit is a part of efforts to enhance security cooperation between the two countries, revealing that Baghdad is interested in French weapon systems.

During her visit, Parly also held meetings with Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi and President Barham Salih. Mustafa al-Kadhimi has arrived from his visit to Saudi Arabia.

Last March, the Iraqi military announced that French troops operating in the framework of the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS had withdrawn from the country. Parly’s visit indicates that Paris may be planning to return, even if only through cooperation. The strengthening of Iraqi-French cooperation probably indicates the desire of Paris to put pressure on Turkey.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is working to lower its presence in Iraq. So far, U.S. forces have withdrawn from eight Iraqi bases, with the last being Camp Taji. A series of attacks by Shiite armed groups affiliated with Iran was likely behind the withdrawal decision.

The recent development confirms, again, that Iraq is still the battleground for the geopolitical game in the Middle East. This will not likely change anytime soon despite the rising conflict between the East and West in the region.


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France is part of the Zioterrorist corporate globalists, not a partner against terrorism. France would rather have Iraqis fight the Turks instead of any Europeans, and they completely support the Iraqi Kurds on their quest for a Zioterrorist-backed “free” Kurdistan, so they’re not a partner against Turkish terrorism either.

Iraq is better off focusing its efforts on getting Russia to stop playing “partnership” with the US/France types of terrorists and concentrating on Russia-Syria-Iraqi-Iranian cooperation against terrorism.

Jens Holm

Well, actually Nato has been called in to make a good army. Maybee its mainly against ISIS, but nomally an army is meant as protecting the territory.

I can only see Turks as infiltaters byt do prefare negosiations or other solutions.

Turks has not taken land from EU or Nato.

And why should we be there at all. You kill each other very well even You now and then are out of ammo. By helping I only see we support some randoms, which not even like us. They only like, what they can get for free sitting on their hands or getting respect by killing each other.

And if You love France that little, why do You insist in those stupid borders made by them should never be changed.

I can only see there should be made 2-3-4 more countries , then there are now. We see Damaskus and Bagdad cant see the corners of those socalled cpuntries. They never will – well as now in a very hostile way. People dont accept that and the fightings dont stop.

And Turley also seemes to be very unclever even they at least have a more advanced center structure. Hioes are visible if YOu look in a very good microskope.



If Voltaire is right..

Iraq’s new PM. Mustafa Al-Kadhimi. Is close to the CIA and was involved in.. General Soleimani’s killing.


Jens Holm

Thats no source.


OK Jenny.

Jens Holm

Thats no known facts at all.

Their madness is like that. Those Jews did land on the bacside of the moon. They dig greeen cheese there, color it and send it by ISIS tunnels to all of us.

But Jews are not friends to anybody. The cheese for muslims are made, so they remain lazy and hardly can make babies(its a kind of medical extra amputation operation – we dont have pictures yet). The calculations by the Jews say, that in 2050 there will only be 500 million muslims alive and all are convertits regained as Khazars.

And Israel is support by Putin and his secret goldmines. The cover up was operation “food and weapons for no oil in Syria”.

Jens Holm

What the H…. Do Ypu expect? A Russian, A Chinese, A Pinquin ???

Nato is asked in to help Bagdads to build up the military forces and with them fight ISIS.

It would be verry strange if there was no very good relations. Several 1000 Nato teachers, specialists and fighters are there. Their job is to be a konglomerat with glue.

Last Year Denmark as a small one used about 50 million dollars for low command training, better and mpore effective use of ammo and better logistics saving a lot of mponey and tuime for all by that.

And whats thank You. We were invited in by the Bagdads after we had left as as almost demanded. That was ballistics from Iran. Denmark hardly had relations with Iran.

We have now.

Lux et Veritas

Your parents related? which language do they speak?

Lux et Veritas

Kadhimi character is a CIA plant and should be lopped off.


Then Iraq is doomed.. unless Mustafa suffers an unfortunate accident, which we here will be sorry for..


WOW! I didn’t know :-o “U.S. forces have withdrawn from eight Iraqi bases, with the last being Camp Taji.”

Lux et Veritas

Iraq had good ties with USSR and should go back to Russia as its main partner. US is doomed.

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