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JUNE 2021

Iraq Starts Prepartaions For Operation To Liberate Hawijah From ISIS

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Iraq Starts Prepartaions For Operation To Liberate Hawijah From ISIS


On Thursday, the Iraqi Poplar Mobilization Units (PMU) media wing announced that the operation to liberate al-Hawijah area south west of Kirkuk will be launched soon. According to Iraqi sources, the operation will be called “We Are Coming Hawijah”.

Iraqi sources said that more than 1,000 ISIS fighters and tens of thousands of civilians are in al-Hawijah area. ISIS fighters in al-Hawijah are well armed and launched many successful attacks in 2017, including one on al-Sharqat town northwest of al-Hawijah in early August.

Furthermore, ISIS fighters have used al-Hawijah as a base to launch several suicide attacks on US-led collation bases in the area of Kirkuk city. The last attack was against the Kiwan base near Kirkuk on May 7.

Iraq Starts Prepartaions For Operation To Liberate Hawijah From ISIS

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It’s still unknown if the PMU will indeed participate in al-Hawijah operation. On the other side it’s almost confirmed that the Peshmerga will have a bigger rule in this operation.

Earlier on Thursday, Iraq Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the full liberation of Tal Afar area from ISIS.

“Where ever you are, we are coming to Liberate, you can only die or surrender” Abadi said, possibly hinting at ISIS in al-Hawijah.

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Peshmergas instead of the PMU? Does the Iraqi PM actually wants to lose that territory to the Kurds? Chances are they’re not going to hand it back afterwards.

Expo Marker

They still haven’t gotten back Kirkuk.


Don’t give the kurds another inch…

Because you will be fighting for it back later…


So true!


what are u some kind of turkish piece of shit? when you have so much hate for kurds…

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This would be bad idea to allow these Kurds anything since they are the ones largely responsible for the growth of ISIS by their corruption in the military at the time. PM Abadi needs to think clearly and try to push against the wishes of the US or embroil Iraq in far more deeper sectarian divisions. Following what the US says is what will be the guaranteed destruction of the Nation of Iraq and allow the dissension and sectarian violence within to grow, these are the things the US crave.

Wahid Algiers

Cut the kurds where ever it is possible to avoid their land grabbing and to install the US. At the present some basic common actions between Syria and Iraq are missing. Only for the advantage of the kurds in both nations. This has to be ended soon.

Graeme Rymill

This area is adjacent to the main road between Baghdad and Mosul. I have long wondered why it wasn’t a higher priority to eradicate this pocket. Perhaps because of political considerations and tension between the PMU, the Iraqi Government and the Kurds?

Cheryl Brandon

Well done;Do not cede over lands to the Kurds.

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