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JULY 2022

Iraq Started Operation To Liberate Western Mosul From ISIS

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

On Sunday, Iraqi forces officially launched a military operation to liberate the western part of the city of Mosul from the ISIS terrorist group.

The Iraqi military and the Federal Police liberated a number of villages, including Al-Kafour, Jasmia, Bijwarey, Athba and Lazaka, southwest of the city and stormed the Mu`askar al Ghazlani military base.

The move allowed Iraqi forces to deploy to within striking distance from the Mosul International Airport located in the ISIS-held part of Mosul.

Reports appear that the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) will also participate in the operation.
However, the PMU’s role remains unclear.

For now, PMU forces are blocking the logistical lines west of Mosul, preventing ISIS terrorists from crossing the Syrian-Iraqi border.

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chris chuba

After the Golden Division got mauled liberating the relatively lightly defended eastern Mosul, they obviously need more help for the densely populated western part. I wonder how many civilians they will be willing to throw under the bus with new more aggressive tactics in order to conserve their own forces. The MSM will cover up for them or blame the PMU.

It’s interesting, even the MSM admits that ISIS only lost about 1,000 fighters defending eastern Mosul. Dang, ISIS really does know how to fight. They must be destroyed.


According to BBC, Iraqi police are firing home-made rockets into Mosul – so no indiscriminate deaths a-la Aleppo then, eh BBC.

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