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Iraq & Russia Look To Boost Military Ties While US Threatens Sanctions

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

In more continuing fallout over the Jan.3 assassination by drone of the IRGC’s Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Iraq and Russia are preparing for deepening military coordination, reports the AP.

Iraq’s Defense Ministry announced Thursday that increased “cooperation and coordination” is being discussed with Moscow amid worsened relations with Washington, which even last month included President Trump issuing brazen threats of “very big” sanctions on Baghdad if American troops are kicked out of the country.

Iraq & Russia Look To Boost Military Ties While US Threatens Sanctions

Iraqi helicopters file image.

This week Iraqi army chief of staff Lt. Gen. Othman Al-Ghanimi and Russian Ambassador Maksim Maksimov met to discuss future military cooperation. Crucially, Gen. Ghanimi highlighted Russia’s successful anti-ISIS operations over the past years, especially in Syria where the Russian military has supported Assad since being invited there in 2015.

On Russia’s role in Iraq, Ghanimi said Moscow had provided “our armed forces with advanced and effective equipment and weapons that had a major role in resolving many battles,” according to the ministry statement.

It’s been long rumored that since late summer Baghdad and Moscow have been in talks to deliver either Russia’s advanced S-400 or S-300 anti-air missile defense systems – a prospect which US officials have condemned.

Like other areas of the Middle East, as US adventurism heightens pressure for a US withdrawal, Russia appears to be seizing the opportunity to move in. This much was affirmed in AP’s reporting, via at least one anonymous senior official:

A senior Iraqi military intelligence official told The Associated Press that Russia, among other countries, has come forward to offer military support in the wake of fraught US.-Iraq relations following Soleimani’s killing.

“Iraq still needs aerial reconnaissance planes. There are countries that have given signals to Iraq to support us or equip us with reconnaissance planes such as Russia and Iran,” said the official, who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the information.

Many military analysts have of late noted that the “blowback” from the incredibly risky operation which killed Soleimani will be a hastening of American forces’ exit from the region.

It could also actually serve to increase Baghdad’s dependency on Iran – something which appears to be already in the works. And now we have confirmation that Moscow will seek to benefit as well from the worsened US-Iraq relations, certainly now at the lowest point since the 2003 invasion and US attempt to build a new government.

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Xoli Xoli

USA also sell arms,Warships,manpads,train terrorists drones tech and artillery to who ever their deem necessary. Time for Russia to sell air defences,anti ship missiles,warships ,fighter jets to North Korea,Iran,Syria,Venezuela,Cuba,Mexico,Cyprus,Yemen,Lebanon,Palistine,Cuba,Libya LNA and to all NATO enemies.Iran, Cuba,Syria. and Hisbollah should be supply with kinzal hypersonic missiles. USA will flee overnight.Russia must airdrop weapons to Yemen and openly support Yemen and LNA.

Assad must stay

yes give them whatever they need, and Iran too, the latest best toys so that US/NATO/israhell will be scared shitless

Kilgore Trout


AM Hants

Nice one. Be good to see S-400 in many ME countries, waving goodbye to NATO Forces.

Tommy Jensen

This is a declaration of war against the United States and interfering in US internal matters on US soil.

First Putin rob Crimea where we have invested 5 billion bucks, then Putin interfere in the American election, and now Putin tries to steal Iraqis oil which belongs solely to Americans, because when we break it we own it!
America will fight as Spartans for our rights in Iraq and this is a red line and we will show no mercy!

Pemba Sherpa


good american

Haha. Come on, people.


I hope you’re being sarcastic


He’s trolling on advanced levels. As opposed to most trolls, whose trolling is on the kindergarten level. I find it deliciously amusing if trolls put in actual effort instead of just verbal diarrhea.


LOL…you think that’s advanced? What you puffing on, Dude?


Compared to ‘Yo, the US is gonna bomb your commie ass back to the stoneage, go ‘Murrica!’ that’s advanced trolling. Compared to Jacob Wohl or that Canadian moron it’s super advanced trolling. Also, it’s funny if you don’t trigger and can appreciate the effort.

Len Zegelink

keep dreaming joker .


Dont put the Spartans and that dirty scumy jewcountry they call mourica in the same sentence you f*k tard!

Aaron Driver

Hate to tell you the spartans lost mate


Putz Putin the Poisoner thinks he can recreate the Soviet Russian Empire. We should all cheer him on to an even sooner bankruptcy of his RF. After which, China will be happy to be teaching those in Siberia Mandarin.


joke321 is alredy on this thread intent to destroy and spoil the narrative of commentators and the article itself – n.b. joke321 is not worth the aggravation so just let him rant and provide his totally useless comments for no other reason than to spoil the value of the work southfront is providing – do not reply so it’s just ignore and down-vote. nothing else.


The Iraqi goverment must grow some b@lls and ask the yanks to leave.
Stop protecting their embassy too.

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