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Iraq Protests: 13 killed, 729 Injured In Two Weeks

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13 civilians were killed and 729 others were injured as a resutl of mass protests in Iraq during the last two weeks, the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights (HCHR) said on July 22.

The HCHR added that more than 600 protesters were detained by security forces and called on local authorities to provide protesters with protection from the violence.

Security forces use tear gas and water hoses to disperse the protests. Separate reprots about some cases of live ammunition usage also appeared.

Mass protests started in southern Iraq in early July over poor social and economic situation. In middle July, they reached the capital of Baghdad. The protests started because of recent electricity cuts. However, demands of the crowd then expanded including various parts of the social life and the “corruption” as a general mantra in any anti-government protests around the world.

The ongoing portests come after the parliament election, which took place in Iraq in May 2018. So, they will impact the political situation in the country and some powers may even attempt to exploit the situation to push own agenda.

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You can call me Al

Hey idiots, take your anger out at the Yankers, not your own government.


…and get rid of the US ass kissers.


well said


Business as usual in the Arab world. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2e539c8b259d5021242ca4a412b2ff89393ff800650d33aa7d382f121837729f.jpg

Karim Al Ahamadi

If you understand Arabic make sure to chek out latest speech of Shaykh Jalal Al Deen Al Sagheer ( Related to this subject as well). https://www.sh-alsagheer.com/post/435 This is his biography in English

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