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Iraq: Kurdish Peshmerga Lost 1,500 Fighters in 2 Years of Clashes with ISIS

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Iraq: Kurdish Peshmerga Lost 1,500 Fighters in 2 Years of Clashes with ISIS

The military forces of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, called “Peshmerga,” has lost about 1,500 fighters during the two years of clashes with the ISIS terrorist group. The information was provided by the Iraqi Kurdistan Peshmerga ministry on Monday.

“During the war with the Islamic State [Daesh] 1,466 peshmerga soldiers were killed and 62 missed in action. 8610 soldiers were wounded,” Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) media center. cited a spokesman for the Iraqi Kurdistan Peshmerga ministry.

The Kurdish Pesherga is now participating in the operations near Iraq’s city of Mosul.

Studying Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Guard Forces (Peshmerga)

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The Kurds number over 45,000 regular fighting forces. They have done nothing. The CIA and Mossad instructed them to not fight to much, to let the Syrians and Iraqis do the fighting and dying. The Kurd’s also just launched yesterday another front against Iran trying to conquer the good Iranian people. Iran killed all attacking forces yesterday. As Kurd’s continue their onslaught against the Middle East in the name of “Greater-Israel” then Syrians and Iranian’s and Iraqis are going to continue suffering. http://presstv.com/Detail/2016/06/13/470204/Iran-IRGC-PJAK-terrorists-Turkey-ambush http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13950324000472


PJAK is pretty weak and insignificant, you make it up as if it was some big uprising, while in fact it’s just a small group of fools. And more importantly they maybe represent a very small portion of the Kurdish people (a very small one). For some reason you want people to hate all Kurds and you’re very persistent about it. You repeat the same stuff over and over (as if you were paid to do it by someone in order to promote hate against the Kurds in order to more easily fit them into USA-Israel league…)

Real Anti-Racist Action

In reality, the Kurd’s launched thousands of fighters invading Iran just 6 years ago, and the Iranian people fought a full war for a full year against them before defeating the Kurdish-supremacist. And Kurds launched a major war against the Iranian people also under Stalin’s leadership, involving ten’s of thousands of troops back then to. It is a constant problem.


Trotzdem ist ihr Kommentar oben rassistisch und antisemitisch. Warum nennen Sie sich also Antirassit, wenn sie dem Hass frönen?

Ted Zah

When across the border there are ten of thousands fully equipped Turks ready to invade in Syria, 45.000 regular forces cant do much…..

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