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Iraq: ISIS Terrorist Blew Himself Up By Accident, Killed 20 Of His Comrades

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Iraq: ISIS Terrorist Blew Himself Up By Accident, Killed 20 Of His Comrades

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On February 13, at least 21 ISIS terrorists were killed in the central Iraqi province of Saladin when their booby-trapped car blew up.

In an official statement, Major General Jabbar al-Darraji, Samarra Operations Commander, said that the terrorist who was supposed to carry out a suicide attack with the booby-trapped car blew it up near his comrades by accident.

“Before leaving one of the organization [ISIS] hideouts, the suicide bomber pressed the air horn button in the car to pay farewell to his comrades, forgetting that the button is weird to the explosive charge,” Maj. Gen. al-Darraji said. “As a result, the car went off, killing the entire group.”

The booby-trapped car was intended to target a checkpoint of the Iraqi Federal Police in the al-Jallam Samarra area south of al-Daur district.

ISIS has been attempting to step up its attacks in central Iraq since the start of the year. On January 21, a double tap attack by the terrorist group killed 34 and injured more than 110 others in the capital, Baghdad.

The accident in Saladin is not only a case of divine justice, but also a serious blow to ISIS cells and their neverending efforts to destabilize Iraq.


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I’m sure some team in Langley is having a good cry in the break room right now.

Jens Holm

Typical arapistan explanation for everything.


Did you mistype that? I’ve no idea what you even mean.

Be assured though that I acknowledge you are the smartest boy on the board regardless.

Jens Holm

I know Yo have no idea, but others has.

Rap music in a very simple thing almost always making no sense


Typical Jew troll explanation for everything.

Jens Holm

The Jews will be honored.

Kenny Jones ™

Yes goy honor the ones who own 99% of the worlds money despite making up less than 1% of the worlds population

Jens Holm

Most of us socalled poor ones here only need one golden bathtub each.

And Kenneth Jones. We are doing fine and no matter what we have no intensions for sharing with people which insist in making no money even using special invented methods for being illiterate lazy bums and live acccording to those standards.

I have written it here so many times. If You want a better wellfare You fx could copy how we do. Its not even allowed to debate in the dark You come from.

Danish women each fx produce the same amount of money as the Saudi men. We as men name that as a + + . You seemes to prafre they are kept home and unproductive. Well it partly Ypur kind of strange business, but as a minimum, Youshould not blame sekulars, jews and chritians and for that matter hindus to have invented the many obey restriction in Islam.

Its the same thing for Russia using west for anything bad there. Facts are they are not even able to clean up their own behind. We wont, but we tell how.

klove and light

shut up satanic child killing zionist jew…….using a german name…lolol..fits perfectly…


You dumb kunts don’t even use solder on your contacts,what a fktard!

John Tosh

The USA is now a prisoner of the CIA. I cannot rent out my house without the CIA interfering in the process. Tell me what renting out a house has to do with “national security”

I never knew I lived in a banana republic….. it seems the CIA is taking the USA down faster than anyone can anticipate.

Jens Holm

Oh Yeerrrh. All 330 mio americans now are behind bars in Pentagon.

The many little ones still moving over there are robots made by leftovers from Afghanistan and Iraq.

CIA also decide what You eat. When You becomes too fat and You have to work harder to keep it, they even sell You slimline clothe and drugs to keep You happy.

Go and visit Orthega or Venezuala and see how banana repucblics really are. You dont have to have tail to get one there:)

John Tosh

Venezuela is under sanctions… if the USA gets a single real sanction similar to Venezuela, it will collapse!

Jens Holm

Og course they wont.

In the Trump period they actually has sanctioned themself not letting many things from Europe as well as China in.

That fx says they want home made network solutions of their own and from EU not better and cheeper steel and aluminimum from us.

Biden also say they should use their fossile energy sources better and be more positive to wind- and solar power.

Large parts of the USA GDP is made by internal productions among americans.

can compare very much with my own. We are highly indepnedent in import, production and esport. If selective sanctions are effective against us, we soon after will be in bigh trouble.


That remembers me of the old comedies with nazis where all the german soldiers were complete retards.

Jens Holm

If true and it was a kind of accident only 10 will reach heaean and the many virgins are all armed.


The other 3 will reach Sweden :)

Jens Holm

Reach yes – Bofors and their Gustavs are there.


This was probably a deliberate act; there are few people stupid enough to accidentally self-detonate, and I’m not sure how the Iraqi military could deduce this about the air horn button.

Ivan Freely

If it was deliberate then there might be a handler nearby to witness the event in person or remotely.

Icarus Tanović

It is. Actually Hezbollah targeted them.

Hasbara Hunter


Icarus Tanović

You really think it was an accident? Ask Hezbollah who actually did this, targeted them with atgm.

Hasbara Hunter

Well it was a funny story….beep beep… BoooOOM!!!!


comment image Its like a planet of the apes tribute act,Chimps with grenades.



Icarus Tanović

The one who’s fake is you.


He just wanted to TEST IT

Proud Hindu

Islam will de$troy itself


do you mean israel?



J Ramirez

ISISrael ;}


these americans reusing the old zionist trick again is going to backfire in many ways so this is just an example for people in the future of how using the same strategy backfired bad time for the west

erwin vercauteren

a other proof western NATO US UK & ISSRAEL advisers are absolutely useless idiotS


comment image

Lone Ranger

Mossad training isnt what it once was…?
Good riddance.


Fargn not good!

Peter Jennings

No video? that’s a shame. Quality entertainment is so hard to find these days.

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