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JUNE 2021

Iraq Carried Out Death Sentences Against 38 Convicts Involved In Terrorism

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Iraq has carried out death sentences against 38 convicts involved in the terrorism, the country’s justice ministry said in a statement on Thursday. According to the statement, the decision was ratified by the presidency. The statement did not revealed nationalities of the convicts or the prison where the sentences were carried out. However, the convicts were likely members of ISIS and al-Qaeda.

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Seems fair to me :)
If a person catches a rat does in make sense to let it free after a few months ( years in a rat life) and hope that the rat will never do what rats do again?

In Britain of course the Rat would be given counselling and a new home to live in. :)
And if anyone complains about Rats they would likely be arrested for Hate Crime.


Why not 380? Keep ramping up the executions, there is no known cure for religious extremism. Just put them down.


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