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MARCH 2021

Iran’s Top Military Commander: Israeli Air Bases ‘Within Reach’, ‘Missiles Are Ready’


Iran's Top Military Commander: Israeli Air Bases ‘Within Reach’, 'Missiles Are Ready'

Vice commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Hossain Salami

Vice commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Hossain Salami warned Israel on April 20 that its airbases are “within reach”.

“Israel: Don’t trust in your airbases; they’re within reach,” Salami wrote on Twitter.

The top IRGC commander made similar comments in his Firday speech before prayers in Tehran.

“The finger is on the trigger and the missiles are ready at any given moment that the enemy conducts something against us, and we will launch them,” he said.

According to Salami, Israel is living “in the dragon’s mouth” and its areas are “in the range of our [Iranian] missiles”.

“Wherever you are in the occupied land, you’ll be under fire from us, from east and west. You became arrogant. If there’s a war, the result will be your complete elimination,” he said. “Your soldiers and civilians will flee, and you won’t survive. And you’ll have nowhere to run, except to fall into the sea.”

Salami’s remakrs were the latest expalpe of the ongoing war of words between Iran and Israel spareked by the recent escalation in Syria.

Earlier this month, Israel attacked Iranian forces deployed at the T4 airbase in Syria and threatened Iranian forces with more strikes. Iran responded vowing to take revenge for the Iranian casualties.



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