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JULY 2022

Iran’s Top Military Commander: Israeli Air Bases ‘Within Reach’, ‘Missiles Are Ready’

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Iran's Top Military Commander: Israeli Air Bases ‘Within Reach’, 'Missiles Are Ready'

Vice commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Hossain Salami

Vice commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Hossain Salami warned Israel on April 20 that its airbases are “within reach”.

“Israel: Don’t trust in your airbases; they’re within reach,” Salami wrote on Twitter.

The top IRGC commander made similar comments in his Firday speech before prayers in Tehran.

“The finger is on the trigger and the missiles are ready at any given moment that the enemy conducts something against us, and we will launch them,” he said.

According to Salami, Israel is living “in the dragon’s mouth” and its areas are “in the range of our [Iranian] missiles”.

“Wherever you are in the occupied land, you’ll be under fire from us, from east and west. You became arrogant. If there’s a war, the result will be your complete elimination,” he said. “Your soldiers and civilians will flee, and you won’t survive. And you’ll have nowhere to run, except to fall into the sea.”

Salami’s remakrs were the latest expalpe of the ongoing war of words between Iran and Israel spareked by the recent escalation in Syria.

Earlier this month, Israel attacked Iranian forces deployed at the T4 airbase in Syria and threatened Iranian forces with more strikes. Iran responded vowing to take revenge for the Iranian casualties.

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Promitheas Apollonious

Well……… stop farting in the mouth and do what both of you, threaten each other and get it over with. At least this way, you dont get embarrass for just say words and never do anything about it.


So far talk only .. let’s see

Free man

The Iranians get slapped and bark back like cowardly dogs.


Good….there you got your answer IsraHell…You are in Deep Shit…Your Arrogance will become your complete Annihilation. Your Kid-Killing-Soldiers and your Imported Civilians will flee, and you won’t Survive as Nation. You’ll have nowhere to run, except Swimming back to Europe.


Iran is an independent country. Iran is not taking blood money from Israel via world bank and IMF. Iran has their own independent policy. They don’t read from Israeli written scripts. Majority of Muslim leaders use Israeli written scripts.


irgc =/= iran

these fanatics should be shot. not better then isis.

leon mc pilibin

F;UK;US;and israhell.

Brad Isherwood

Iran needs to build up Asymmetric warfare vs Israel. Hezbollah fabricate Missiles/Rockets ….some mobility systems for ATGMs. Hezbollah lacks military insertion systems to run Special Forces operations which could hit key Israeli military sites in Northern Israel/Golan. There are ways to get into Northern Israel/occupied Golan,…yet it’s probably a suicide mission for those sent…limited getting back out options. I wish IRGC would operate Helicopters in Syria…develop that for Hezbollah. Offshore Insertion/Submarine could support Special Forces … Anti Ship missile teams,MANPADS,ATGM. .. As Israel responds to unfolding military events……the Trap awaits what comes up. Israel is spoiled inthat it’s public experiences no detriment for the trouble Israel causes in the region. Yes there is the concern that Touch Israel means US will bring the hammer. It’s worth the risk on the Public perception side. Create extremely negative events which give Israel’s populace fear. Same inspires the oppressed by Israel to Rally/Unify. There is rumor Hezbollah has a working Syrian Army mobile Airdefence SA 17 system. Iran builds their own copy of the BUK M2E … Hezbollah can now build BUK M2E on their own with truck or tank chassis. Israel would have to fly above BUK M2E range… That would indeed limit Israel’s aggression in the region. Iran has several levels of area denial Jamming system. Hezbollah has operated Iranian counter battery fire radar. Jamming and other ECM ability by Hezbollah would increase their military actions vs Israel. Question is….Will Putin step out of the way…just ignore the Netanyahu tantrum phone calls?

this name is better

wont be long til we see or hear a response from israel on this … things are escalating more and more i strongly believe the next big war will start in the middle east i hope i’m wrong and that there’s a solution to all of this but there’s no stopping either side right now its unfortunate


No Worries…Up till now it is just Loudmouthed Bullshit…

this name is better

i would say a few more airspace violations and airstrikes and maybe a few more squabbles here and there before the big red button is pushed lol but if the world is annihilated who’s going to build the elites next bunker and how will they be entertained once they realise there’s nobody to do their bidding for them ?? so many questions


Well first of all they have to stay a year or thirty inside their cosy Bunkers…and when they go outside again and enjoy their “Paradise Without Peasants” they probably will give Birth to Siamese Twins with three Heads…

Hide Behind

Am old and watched lots of life: While the big bully is always causing fights and bragging how tough they are, it is usually the smaller quiet unsupposing individual that comes along and ends up kicking Bully’s butt, or at least blackens bully eye and bloody his nose. Iran knows that any re action against Israeli outright aggression against Israel proper means their annihilation by US NATO and UAE/Saudi militaries. SO yes they calmly and rationally let the Israeli Zionist know; just leave us alone, we are minding own and friends buisness, and if you think we can be browbeat by you, think again. For while you may give IRAN a terrible beating they will not go down quietly and the Bully with his followers are gonna get damn well shitkicked and bloodied as well. What Iran is actually doing is telling not just Israel but whole world that, ” They are not afraid”.


Correction… US, NATO or UAE/Saudi militaries has no fu..king chance to defeat or even touch Iran not to say annihilation.

You tell me how and let me rebuke you left and right on this. Fact is if Iran wishes and willing to take the damage, US would be driven out of ME. Iran is a large country with large population and with direct access to the ME while US ONLY HAS PLANES which are really useless in a real war …. watch Houthis and hez is enough said.

You guys do not seem to know that the real power in ME is Iran not Russia or US …

Ever wonder why George Bush abandoned their plan to invade Iran after the Lebanon 2006 fiasco?

Just see how much little damage can those tomahawks do to even Syria not to say Iran which is so much bigger .

Hide Behind

While I may agree that today’s military like to play with their hi tech toys, and the piss pot national leaders who buy, and have almost to a man never seen real warfare, and I who have witnessed devistation of old style carpet bombing and full on barrages of artillery fire followed up by assault of infantry in jungle terrain, what we have seen in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria is no more than a bunch of American kids with firecrackers. Talk to old participants from WWII and Korea and those vet or civilians who survived US and Russian military attacks against them they no full well the terror. Iran uselessly lost over a million men fighting a pea pot Iraq military that within 2 weeks got utterly hammered in Kuwait and then 12 years later its useless military put up no more resistance than if US squashing bugs. Today’s bullsh.. in ME is no more than a testing ground for military equipment and tactics. That the kill ratio of US killed to their losses is enemy minus millions, US under 10, 000 losses and nor once has US began to unleash even a portion of its firepower. AND today Israel and US allies have more than enough legal to use very destructive tactical nukes to turn all of Iran into glass and ash. GOOGLE: NUKE IN YEMEN, THEN IMAGINE HUNDREDS IF NOT A THOUSAND SUCH DEVICES UNLEASHED UPON IRAN. Too damn many war game players playing at mano-y-mano cyber games, egging on contestants who are real flesh and blood.


Your perception of wars of old and wars of today is misplaced really.

You posted about how Iran lost 1 million men against Iraq which also lost that many at a time when Iran after the revolution where most of their equipments were outdated and even lack pilots to fly their remaining planes. It was at at time when Iran had to field teenagers or boys in the battlefield using wooden rifles just to fool the Iraqis supported and armed by western nations . Yet Iran stood. This you refuse to know and choose to disparage Iran .

Now to cut matters short . .. Iran took the right decision to build up a huge missile force since then and trained Hezbollah as well as Houthis how to fight a army that is ONLY POWERFUL IN AIR PLANES . US solders would not last two days against Hezhollah or Houthis bared footed without the air force that is for certainty . Surprised? That is a fact.

You are talking about wiping out Iraq in a few days .. after Iraq was a spent force and had to rely on Oil for Food stamps for years. Yet in fact , US destroyed Iraqi force on the withdrawal from Kuwait after giving permission to them to withdraw /.. that was how dirty . Yet only about 10-20% of the tanks etc werer destroyed in spite of days of Turkey shoot shows that US air power is useless and not that effective in destroying ground targets like Serbia.

Now Iran trained Hez that needed 3000 rag tag militias some of them shopkeepers and delivery boys … to hold and destroyed Israel’s army , air force , and navy.

Houthis has got nothing against the best air force money can buy.

Now what makes you think US or any western forces can even smell Iran?

Get real .

Today is not like in 1967 where Israel tiny army can destroy many ARab armies with air power . Even today, Israel is vulnerable as it is proven air power is useless vs foot soldiers or even bare footed who burn any armour they captured.

btw.. Iraq was a catwalk as many Iraqi commanders were bribed to run …. Only in Fallujah we know there was a real fight and that was the place that US forces were defeated until they destroyed it using air power.

Iran is so.. big and that was the reason Bush abandoned Iran and the reason why Israel is soooo scared of Iran and is no match for Iran short of nukes.

So be informed to know .. Iran is the powerhouse in ME ..where they can harnest millions of militias and troops in short notice.

US ? ONLY air power

this name is better

not to mention iran is surrounded by mountains making air power nearly impossible to damage ground infantry

okwudili okeke

Your write-up makes one wonder if you know much abt the current state of America’s nor Israel’s nor Russia’s military machine.Whatever gave you the impression that Iran is d real power in ME? You make me laugh.Iran just revels in propaganda.Fightibg proxy wars and losing many unnecessary lives of its able-bodied men is a stupid ideology.For ur information@Joe,Iran leaderships ar deceiving pple like you so as crush opposition at home with public opinion and to hold a firm grip on governance.Dont deceive urself,Iran is no match neither to Israel nor to America militarily. Hundreds of times they get whipped by Israel in many of their proxy warfronts in ME and they only talk and talk.I tell you something @Joe; The end of this trouble-shooting,lie-peddling,warmongering regime will come d day they stupidly start a war with Israel.If you mind tells you that America’s war planes and Attack ships in the Mediterranean cannot harm Iran bc of ur much trusted mountains, then it means you know nothing abt digital military warfare.


Well I may be right or wrong about the real state of affairs of US , Israel or Russia.

There may be many secret weaponry in store in these countries. But we first have to stick with the facts on the ground today and the weaponry that have been used, not those supposed unknown secret weaponry.

Neither do we know what Iran has .. as they are developing to and are non static.

Fact . I ask again , how is US able to defeat Iran short of using nukes which will send the leaders of those using them to the Haque.

As for Israel it is even more obvious … impossible .

When air power is useless against Houthis and even Talibans …not to say Hezbollah and Iran masters of trainers of Houthis and Hezbollah .

I have already told you, Iran is the power in ME , if Turkey is not on the side of US.

You said hundreds of times Iran got whipped by Israel , when and how other than air strikes against them in the past but now denied and have to fire from afar. In fact Iran is in a very good position to fire back missiles at Israel now and Israel can do nothing about it.

Try to refute what I say …. Iran has a land corridor , like Ho Chih Ming Trial in Vietnam and how is US going to stop the flow of men and equipment? Air power? Well in Vietnam Us had free bombing runs and yet failed. In Syria they would be shot out of the skies.

My take is still .. it is not Russia , US or even Israel that holds sway in the ME. It is Iran .

okwudili okeke

You based ur argument logically from the propaganda of the Iranian regime of lies.Assad is still in power thanks to the Russians never bc of d Iranians.Amarica doesn’t want confrontations with d Russians as much as d Russians dread that too.If you ar expecting a super power like US to tell you d latest militia technology they stockpiled, then you must be dreaming myfriend.The houthis you mentioned ar not in open war with d Saudi Arabia otherwise d Saudis will wipe them out within weeks.As sophisticated as you claim the Iranians ar in Yemen, what have they done to d Saudis? Nothing!Hezbollah you mentioned ar just a bunch of deranged faggots.They can do better with d resources at their disposal to improve Lebanon rather they ar wasting money,time and men fighting proxy wars and plotting d extinction of Israel:Pipe dream! Don’t put it trust and belief that Iran will ever become the policeman of ME: It won’t happen myfriend.


My arguments are based on facts on the ground and provided you reasons for it.

So far you provided nothing but your belief.

You say Saudis are not at full war with Houthis and able to wipe out the Houthis already showed glaringly you know nuts about the real war situation in Yemen. Saudis even sacked their generals for the failures and missiles are landing in SA and you say Saudis are holding back? Not in reality … you fail.

Come on who said US will disclose their tech ? So far what they have to hit Syria? Old Tomahawks .. and it is already known US is behind China and Russia in Hypersonics and many other areas . Even rail guns China is ahead. Enough said about your secret weaponry.

Your take on Hezbollah … come on .. they helped Assad tremendoulsy and were responsible for many door to door war fare victories which countries like Israel fear to tread(even in Gaza)

Hezbollah a bunch of faggots …hahahah .. you must be an Israeli for only they hate them so much to say that. Fact is Israel hate and fear Hez the most and hence will not allow them to even get good weapons while not in war … failed.

Without Hezbollah .. gosh 20,000 lebanese would have died yearly since 2006 from the year invasion…. check it out how many died before Hezbollah forced Israel out of lebanon. Well over 200K Lebanese are alive today because of Hezbollah.

I said again , Iran will be the power in ME …. not anyone else . You have not provided me any answer thus far to refute how any force in ME can defeat Iran .

About Russia’s role in Syria .. Yes, Russia expedited the Assad’s victory as the Western powers’ support for ISIS was great. Without Iran’s ground support, the tiny Assad army would not be able to make much headway. Air power could only destroy the depots, heavy equipments but cannot do the ground work … and this is where Iran’s role is crucial.

Russia did the back ground destruction of support , the main battle is the face to face battle with terrorists and these are by Syrians, , Hez and Iranians forces … remember that.

Go give credits to Russians but they do form only an essential part of the war and NOT the sole part in winning the war …. and Assad can claim greatness having won against the entire western Coalition to the frustration of Israel.



And they are Right..! Iran Will have Many Friends…even from unexpected sides… The Great Empire has to be Aware that many Folks are Done with them, their Lies, Stealing & most of all their Killing Spree..the Ruthless Murdering Machine…that Plunders and Rapes whatever is in its Path… If America & His Royal Lapdogs Europe & NATO want a War…. Bring it on…I’d say…but they Won’t..because the Shit will Truly hit the Fan….Bullies like to fight the Little Weak Ones because in their Hearts they are Cowards…if you fight for a cause…You’ll fight like a Lion…and don’t Fear Death…Western Soldiers don’t like to Die… they are used to have 3 lives when Gaming on their playstation…a real bullet Hurts…

Free man

The Israelis don’t stop slapping Iran and Hezbollah. And all the Iranians do is bark back. Iran must spare itself the embarrassment and leave Syria before it causes unnecessary war on Syrian soil.


Like Iran Says..IsraHell is in the Dragon’s Mouth…and I think they are right about that

Free man

The mullah regime says many things. In fact, they only talk when it comes to Israel. Why threaten the destruction of countries and cities if you can’t implement even a small part of what you say? The problem is, they do it at the expense of others. Those who will suffer from the cowardly behavior of the Iranians are the Syrian people.


I personally think that the situation in Iran is mostly thanks to the West… Iran has been living under the threat of War for so many years (and already was attacked by the West with the help of Saddam), this influenced their state of mind & being… Imagine the entire World threatening our Western Culture.. How would We react? We probably would create one Big Fortress with very little Freedom Videosurveillance everywhere, Phones Tapped to check the behaviour of “Your” population, Checkpoints with Soldiers & Armoured vehicles on every corner of the Street…because we always have to be on Guard for possible Attacks… there would be Mistrust, Betrayal & Treason… perhaps we already living in a World like that, only the Veil of Freedom covering it… Iran has a chance of changing…only when the West permits it by taking away their threat


Iran’s airbases are also within reach and missiles have always been ready !


Israel is provoking a war with Iran, so its vassal, the United States Army will fight, pay, and die in a war for Israel.

Guido Travaglini

Farse BS.


Why….? IsraHell has always used the U.S. to do a little Dirty Job for them here & there… Goyim are just Slaves of their Khazarian Masters right? I think IsraHell would love it if America attacks Iran…which they will not by the way…

Guido Travaglini




Slavery is any system in which principles of property law are applied to people, allowing individuals to own, buy and sell other individuals, as a de jure form of property. A slave is unable to withdraw unilaterally from such an arrangement and works without remuneration. Many scholars now use the term chattel slavery to refer to this specific sense of legalised, de jure slavery. In a broader sense, however, the word slavery may also refer to any situation in which an individual is de facto forced to work against their own will. Scholars also use the more generic terms such as unfree labour or forced labour to refer to such situations. However, and especially under slavery in broader senses of the word, slaves may have some rights and protections according to laws or customs.

Slavery began to exist before written history, in many cultures. A person could become enslaved from the time of their birth, capture, or purchase.

Guido Travaglini

Cutting & pasting doesn’t help you out of your ignorance about history.


You shut the fuck up with your Bullshit ZioNazi Infiltrator….I’ve been checkin’ you already Bro…. be careful


you become more pathetic every day…. losing your mind?


No Man!! I’m getting Happier by the Day… Because your Buddies are Losing Ground by the Second…they are getting Chopped up… and your Traitor Government will pay!! You must be a Big Fan of Rutte, bro…and I’m getting tired of your useless remarks…there is absolutely no Intelligence in there whatsoever… in the beginning I thought you were Smart…but you ain’t….just Stupid Useless Empty Remarks…take your stuff and go bother some other people…There are plenty forums for people with the same IQ as you..


or farsi BS :)

Guido Travaglini

Farse as a theatrical gender.


Thanks, i did know that.

Jaime Galarza

Why don’t you rebut her view. Or your brain cannot do it?

Free man

provoking a war? Iran threatens to destroy Israel. Israel in response strikes Iran and Hezbollah incessantly. And what do the Iranians do? Barking back with more unfounded threats. The mullah regime is the stupid neighborhood bully of the Middle East. They are threatening as if they are a world power but are being beaten up like a small banana republic. They finished their mission in Syria, Assad won. I hope that Rossiya will push them out as soon as possible.

Guido Travaglini

I fully agree. Great reasoning!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Israel threatens to destroy the Middle East and all Palestine yet we know Iran’s is in response to Dirty Filthy Israeli Kabaalists who control the Knesset for their own purposes.The Ultra conservative Apartheid Regime of Israel is all full of racists and the Neighborhood bully and acts more like a Banana Republic everyday. Israel is far from being a world power and heard their claim about having Nuclear weapons everywhere is just a bunch of disinformation and lies.

Syria and Lebanon may push those little Israeli firsters back to where they belong and then the real people of the land will have their land back. I fully support Israeli Organization of being stripped of all lands and put into refugee camps for deportation to the Nation of Palestine under Arab authority only.

People like you are just the clowns this world has for entertainment and when one hears your falsehoods and lies a la Hasbara Mafiabots in Herzilya, then you become more exposed for creating tangled webs that are seen to be weaved by a Bi polar spider.

Free man

Wow what a pile of crap.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The fact remains that Israel are warring with the whole Arab world in one way or another they haven’t stopped in nearly a century. What an idiot you are in 2006 Israel couldn’t beat 3000 Nasr brigade Hezbollah, before they came crying to the US and UK and blamed Assad for Hezbollah beating them and CIA came up with the Bringing muscle to bear against Syria plan because Israelis lack training and discipline good for being baby killers though. Israel hides behind the US/UK to fight it’s battles so no they can’t kick anyone’s ass. Look at the Mestarivem they are MOSSAD trained JEWHADISTS!! they wear those beards and have been leading ISIS and Al Nusra Front in Syria. Why don’t you ask about their miniature balls rumor is they have tiny sized rat nuts.

Free man

1. You are a product of decades of propaganda and conspiracy theories of the mullah regime. 2. The Arab states explicitly state that their main enemy is Iran, not Israel. Have you seen the conclusion of the last meeting of the Arab League? 3. Miniature Balls have those who get slapped continuously and only bark back. 4. Now that the war is almost over, Iran is a burden in Syria, not an advantage.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

1.Then I am a product of Western Propaganda as I live in the west and have been taught how to recognize propaganda from both sides.Have come to realize theories have zero evidence but an oft repeated lie to support and use arguments because people say it and the government say it must be true, still can’t be corroborated by facts or irrefutable evidence. 2.What Arab states or do you mean Monarchies under US protection which need western backed forces to help quell any sedition? 3.Well one who goes on the attack is the one trying to appeal everyone to believe a narrative lacking credibility. They are known as yapping lapdogs! 4. Since there is no end to this conflict and Syria is continually winning and so many supporters by the G-77 Nations stepping up , Russia can cancel it’s 500 billion dollar debt to the West and use the money for reconstruction efforts and have them collect the money owed from the US as this will be the best way to make the US pay wouldn’t mind buying up more of the US at fire sale prices.

Now you need to learn reality is not your strong suit even in the west many nations are on thin ice with it’s local populace.

So if you want to be a yip yapping little dog with tiny teeth then so be it!!


Iran produces almost as many engineers per year as US, I suspect it makes good missiles.


the quality is amportant, not the quantity

Roger Snellman

That is the difference between Israel and Iran. Israel has nukes and missiles enough to blanket Iran. They have had this capability for many years. They can exterminate Iran and choose not to. Iran does not yet have nukes and missiles enough to blanket Israel. Yet they publicly brag how they will someday very soon exterminate Israel.

j. jaxson

Iran should have 20 military bases in syria.

j. jaxson

Blow up Irsael nuclear facilities.End game.

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