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Iran’s Sole Nuclear Power Plant Back Online As Energy Crisis Approaches

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Iran's Sole Nuclear Power Plant Back Online As Energy Crisis Approaches

A general view of the Bushehr main nuclear reactor, 1,200 km (746 miles) south of Tehran, August 21, 2010. REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi

On July 5, Iran’s only nuclear power plant has been brought back to work after a shut down two weeks ago.

On June 20, the state-run TV reported that Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant had undergone a ‘temporary emergency shutdown’.

According to preliminary reports by state electric energy company, the shutdown should last “for 3-4 days”, but it took two weeks to bring the plant back to work.

Despite rumors of a possible sabotage attack by Israel, the reason of the shutdown was a “technical fault”.

According to Bushehr plant’s manager and deputy head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Mahmoud Jafari, the “technical fault” that shut down the plant’s 1,000-megawatt reactor was fixed and power generation was resumed.

Located in the southern port city of Bushehr, the facility is Iran’s sole nuclear power plant. It went online in 2011 with help from Russia. Earlier this year, nuclear official Mahmoud Jafari warned that the plant could stop working since Iran cannot purchase parts and equipment for it from Russia due to banking sanctions, which were re-imposed by the US in 2018.

Iran’s foreign ministry at the time described the shutdown as “routine”, saying it was carried out “once or twice each year”.

Repair of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant may significantly ease the situation in Iran, where heat and drought that also affected hydro-electrical facilities, increased electricity demand all over the country. Tehran reportedly spent last night in complete darkness.

Regular power cuts have already caused protests in several cities. The power outage now seems to be one of major challenges for Ebrahin Raisi, the newly-elected president of Iran.


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Damn, the whole country face the threat of sabotage and invasions, but the people protest because of power cuts, lol

In my country we face regular power cuts years ago and we shrug it off anyway


i dont see any protests but of course you might always find some idiot who protests against something if you search for it

A clown like you

“but the people protest because of power cuts, lol”

They “protest” because it shouldn’t be a problem, Iran has the energy.
Tehran Times_ Recently, Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian has made some interesting remarks that could be considered proof for what I have just discussed.
“We cannot put any more pressure on our generation, transmission and distribution equipment and systems and cause damage to them” ISNA quoted Ardakanian as saying on July 13.
The minister’s remarks are a clear indication that the country’s power infrastructure efficiency does not match the generation capacity.

Also, “sabotages” are done by MEK and other anti-government bodies in Iran, “invasions” which country is stupid to do that?
Zion don’t dare to say such things even, yanquis know it would end their power for good…so which country dare to do such moronic thing?
Yanquis attacked Afghanistan just when Taliban took the power, Iraq had a bloody long war with Iran before yanquis jump in, same with Syria…yanquis can’t do shi*, the Zion slaves “Europeans” wouldn’t fuking dare to attack Iran.
Let me be clear you wouldn’t see big players start a war.

“In my country we face regular power cuts years ago and we shrug it off anyway”
You had REGULAR POWER CUTS – they didn’t…you understand?


Oh my smooth brain definitely understand the text wall rage lol

A clown like you

Sorry, haven’t talked to a child for some time.


Well surely i havent talk to a baby these days,

I nvr insult iranians but someone angry

If you ever feel bad day talk to your gf

A clown like you

Stop moving so much and let go of my dick before I put it in your mouth.

A clown like you

Hint, if you didn’t get the joke – fetus

Last edited 20 days ago by A clown like you

How does the US sanctions stop payment on Iran paying Russia? I understand the US Dollar but doesn’t Iran have Rubles in trade? Or China Yuan? It the Euro affected?

A clown like you



The Jews and their banks. Fixed it.


The problem is that the biggest part of reserves, in every country, is made up of dollars. This is why some countries ( Russia being at the top ) are dedollarizing. After that you can show the middle finger to uncle Sam.


It’s not necessarily the Russian state that gets sanctioned but Russian companies or Russian individuals. The devil is in the details so without reading the actual agreements between the Iranian and Russian entities as well as the details of the sanctions you don’t know who or how it’s affecting Russian companies. The USA may be able to scupper other deals, seize assets held in the international banking system, void contracts with western entities, keep these companies from doing business outside of Russia or even sanction other Russian companies for doing business with sanctioned Russians.

On top of that Russia honours UN sanctions and because of some tangled agreement they may be honouring US sanctions on this particular nuclear plant …. we just don’t know because we don’t have the details.

Last edited 21 days ago by HB_norica

the whole problem is the people who thought one should follow the international rules who are all basically working against iran so its time to ignore the iaea and the entire clownshow and to build some reactors into mountain sites and it becomes more clear that the iaea should not just be banned but punished by their interviews their former officials did asking america and co to sabotage iran because they dont have the capability but can deliver information and such things are said in the open so first of all a ban for all of iaea and second their officials will have to face hell on earth they can be calling themselves lucky that we arent jew scum so we wont kill them but they will never sleep well again the iaea is as good as dead as an organisation the zionist trash has nuclear ambiguity so we will do the same and they will only face fires at home if they try to stop it

Last edited 21 days ago by farbat

iaea is a scam organization based in vienna, austria. A fkn joke of a country on the international scene.


the whole nuclear ambiguity issue should be done soon and for that iran should start to totally ban entrance of all iaea and stop any cooperation and if its necessary send a few missiles on haifa and tel aviv from some nearby area to teach the jews that their threats are useless


the same people who filled concrete in the same reactor are the people who sabotage the program and not will just they figure out what a mistake they did over the last decade but the west will figure out that it did the greatest mistake by not giving these useless liberals what they wanted because soon they will face a complete different reality which will make the last decade look good compared and starting it should by empowering sepah e pasdaran in their work to get rid of the kippah cancer in west asia and irans other enemies

Last edited 21 days ago by farbat

the jcpoa was the perfect deal for the jews they did have irans reactor totally disabled for years and irans capabilities would have been utterly minimized but they never understood when its enough and they had to start the obsession of having more demands like missile and regional issues which basically turned the entire plan of theirs upside down as our leader knew they could not keep to the deal and iran will be the winner at the end of the story


the zionists are done they totally failed soon iran will have not just nuclear ambiguity but also pakistan as strategic partner looking both towards the palestine liberation and here the zionists failed iran knew long ago what they would try and iran foiled all their plans now its way after 2019 and they failed already to stop irans nuclear program as they would have to do and now they still obsess about iran when in fact they should have iran weakened and focused on the persian gulf nations in conflict it failed and meanwhile pakistan wont be suddenly raped from both sides as the zionists planned but it will be invited into the plan to liberate palestine knowing that it will get it closer to liberate kashmir and free itself from the constant threat of war and the constant insecurity


✋ I know the solution. All Iran needs is GREEN ENERGY. Does’t have to solar panels, just buy 10,000 Teslas, wait until they catch fire and voila the steam will power the turbines.. so much cleaner than this DIRTY nuclear power!!1!!

Arch Bungle

The Iranians must be experts at power station repair and maintenance by now …

Iran is fine

This was just regular maintenance and upgrading of safety measures and they are proving very effective.

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