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Iran’s Revolutionary Guards To Re-Equip Key Air Defense Base In Northern Syria – Reports

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Iran’s Revolutionary Guards To Re-Equip Key Air Defense Base In Northern Syria - Reports

A Syrian S-75 launcher. Source: the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) will help re-equip a key air defense base in the northern Syrian governorate of Aleppo, several Syrian pro-opposition news sources reported on January 31.

The air defense base in question is located near the town of Taanah in the northern Aleppo countryside. The base was captured by Syrian rebels in 2012. Soon after, it fell into the hands of ISIS. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) liberated the base during a large-scale military operation in 2016.

More than two years ago, the base was reactivated by the SAA. An upgraded Soviet-made S-75 Dvina air-defense system with a range of 45 kilometers was deployed there.

The IRGC will reportedly work with the SAA to re-equip the air defense base, which is situated a few kilometers away from the front from Turkish forces in the northern Aleppo countryside, and will also maintain troops there.

The SAA has been indeed working with its allies to restore its early warning and air defense network in Syria’s northern and eastern region.

Earlier in January, the army reactivated Jirah Air Base in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo with help from Russia. Several Pantsir-S1 and Buk-M2E air defense systems were deployed at the air base, where a training center on airborne operations was also built.

Nevertheless, the reports on Taanah air defense base may be nothing but a propaganda stunt meant to provide a pretext for an Israeli attack on Aleppo.

Reports about Iranian attempts to deploy air defense in Syria have been around for more than a year now. These reports were used to justify a number of Israeli attacks on the war-torn country. Still, there is no evidence confirming any of these claims.


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Psionists slaves of America

Iran is in Syria to stay and there’s nothing Israel and its treasonous, “fight for Israel to the last US soldier” Israel-first puppets in the government, the intel and in the military can do about it. Slava Bashar Hafez al-Asad. Slava Putin.


America will make a big kurdish army and will start iran-kurdish war soon


You know that will fail no? Come on now?


Is that before or after the Slumville USSA civil war is reloaded?


Iranian air defense is only useful to shoot down airbus flying from their airports.

Other than that they are good target practice in syria.


IRAN have more than 10.000 IRGC army in aleppo. ALEPPO BELONGS TO IRAN. İran forces liberate aleppo before. Also have 15000 rotationel IRGC forces in damascus .they are there for beshar assad . Never will leave there.israel can do Nothing.israel so poor and little for iran. But Its history. Read the carrhae war in history. Southfront is the best.

Khazar Agent

All Khazars who landed in Haifa and have Khazar DNA (10-40% Mongol DNA, rest is Slavic and Kurdish DNA) need to coming back to home, to Khazaria (today Southern Ukraine and Southern Russia).

Khazars are not Semites, they only pretend Semitic origin. Khazars have no right to murder real Semites – Palestinians.

Last edited 1 month ago by Khazar Agent
Mr. Guldar Tate Esquire

It does sound like another Fakeraeli lie to have an excuse to attack targets in Syria


Iran’s too ghaad dhang big to be fucked around with……just that. Rest is all hillbilly and lower caste tarot card gypsy semitic hoopla.


silly ar””’sh Hillbilly Iranian gay mollahs can do Jack s***.


You are being asked to vacate Syria as we speak. And you get to keep them 4 million Syrian jihadists in Turkey. That’s your fucking reward!


By whom ?never gonna happen silly girl.

White Gandalf

For context: S75 had been produced in the middle of the last century. It was invented 1953 and modernized and produced until 1970. From then on, old systems were sold internationally. In the sovjet union (yes: in those good old times), the system was replaced by S200 and S300. Systems that remain in service up to day are operated with components build more than 50 years ago – in an era of electronic tubes. Most people nowadays will not even know what could be meant by that word. Those things were already technically outdated when i was a child (that was the time when microprocessors got invented), and i am now about 60 years old. You could establish an archaeological society around the investigation of such old military hardware.

Last edited 1 month ago by White Gandalf

That S-75 ‘Dvina’ is still relevant today if you install a multi option electro-optical sight on it like Iran has done. It’s got fantastic performance and can reach altitudes of 70k feet/ 50 km’s no problem. A modified Dvina is still a threat if you have an AI logarithm guided sensor fitted to its guidance package. Switching between E/O to IR to SARH in flight is the key. Same same with the S-125 ‘Angara’. The Serb’s downed that F-117 rather easily using the old SARH sensor on it from the early 1970’s.


I guess S-75 was there before. Now the base is guarded by “Buk-M2” (up to 50 kn range) and “Pantsir’-S” (up to 20 km). I don’t know a country where S-75 still active. But very old S-125 still in use after modernization in some countries.

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