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Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Say Operation Against Kurdish Insurgents In Northern Iraq Will Continue

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Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Say Operation Against Kurdish Insurgents In Northern Iraq Will Continue

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Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has vowed to continue its operation against Kurdish-Iranian opposition groups in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

In a statement released on September 29, the IRGC Ground Forces confirmed that the ongoing operation was launched in response to Kurdish-led protests in Iran. The guards accused opposition groups in Kurdistan of inciting and supporting the protests.

“In the wake of an uptick in the seditious acts of separatist and terrorist groups stationed in Iraq’s northern region, the proven role and involvement of some terrorist and separatist outfits in the recent riots that have gripped some Iranian towns and cities, the discovery and neutralization a major sabotage plot hatched by Komala terrorist group against Iran’s nuclear facilities, and disregard of the Kurdistan Regional Government (officials for calls demanding the destruction of the terrorists’ bases, the IRGC Ground Forces identified their command centers and headquarters, which were also instigating and supporting recent wicked acts, and heavily bombarded them in a decisive and retaliatory response,” the statement reads.

The guards went on to stress that the operation in Kurdistan will go on until all the targeted groups are disarmed, calling on the region government and Baghdad to take responsibility and act against the said groups.

Protests broke out across Iran on September 16 following the death of Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish Iranian woman who was arrested for allegedly breaking Iran’s strict rules on wearing the hijab, the Islamic head covering for women.

The IRGC launched its operation against the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan and other Kurdish-Iranian opposition groups in Kurdistan on September 24.

Later on September 28, the guards carried out a series of strikes on positions of Kurdish-Iranian insurgents in Kurdistan. Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour, commander of the IRGC Ground Forces revealed that dozens of ballistic missiles and suicide drones were used in the strikes, which killed 13 people and wounded at least 58 others.

The strikes were condemned by the Kurdistan Region Government as well as the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, who summoned the Iranian ambassador to protest against the IRGC operation.

The IRGC is clearly determined to go on with its operation to deter Kurdish-Iranian opposition groups and their foreign backers. The upcoming days will likely witness more missile and drone strikes by the guards on the positions of these groups in Kurdistan.





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John Tosh

The Biblical Prostitute (CIA) is about to be exposed.

“They will tear her flesh she will be exposed”

Ukraine is a king installed by the CIA and only has a biblical “one hour” short time to live.

The empire of the beast with seven heads (G7) and Ten horns (countries like Ukraine, Poland etc) is coming to an end.

The whole world should celebrate this!

Revelations 17

Bigg Chungus

Everyone seems to want to pull out Bible verses to explain why some esoteric symbol represents their opinion on this or that political event…


Good luck to them – no hesitation-no reluctance- just action in the face of their enemies – keep it up !! – a lesson for many – talking is only talk which the USA uses to great effect putting fear in other countries — but NOT Iran – 10,000 year old history – taught the world many things — up against – a 400 year old country who still think and act like children.

jens holm

If you people don’t like me, you can blame my mom. She’s a cocaine addicted whore selling her ass to the poles. Maybe my dad is a pole.

Bigg Chungus

No, your dad is an American nigger. He was just stationed in Poland for a few months.

Old Ugly Cracker

No his has dad was my dad, one big red neck inbred family we are, yawl

Plastic Dildo 🍆🇮🇱

Dear Jensy don’t worry my mouth&anuss are ready to blow 24/7 for your ppeniss – GULP!


You wouldn’t be surprised hearing this if you knew Iran and Kurd’s terrorists/gangs history, for years Iran told Iraqi “Kurdistan” to dismantle Kurd terrorist groups that are attacking Iran under orders of the US, Zionists, and Wahhabis. Kurds did none of that and on top of that, they start openly provoking Iran again and again, if you didn’t know during last week’s protests in Iran Kurds terrorists tried to enter Iran (Clearly most of you didn’t hear it because it failed, IRGC stop them and now start their own military response).

The West start adding gas to this protest and it is a fake protest from start to end. Think for a sec… google protests and THE ONLY protest google show you is in IRAN. It is funny because there are more protests in Western countries…

The West’s goals were regime change (failed again), sending/using Kurds to start a small civil war where the US and others can support Kurds terrorists (failed again), and covering up protests in the EU (didn’t fail but didn’t work as well, there are protests in the EU and more to start soon).

Iran is smart and knows the West’s playbook, they just need to remove the West tool, and the tool, in this case, is the Kurdish terrorist groups.


I know several Iranian women who are now living in the West, and they say that normally if the police see a woman go out without a hijab they will just tell her to go home and remind her to wear it next time.

You won’t hear that in any Western media. Nor that this woman who died, was asked to come to the police station along with a dozen other women. When they were waiting she was talking to a female police officer, and as surveillance video shows, she then suddenly fell down. She was brought to the hospital and died three days later. A clear case of brain hemorrhage, I would say.

So she was NOT beaten. That’s a lie invented by the usual Marxists. And if Kurdish groups were involved in this, well, the PKK is a Maoist organization. The “protesters” attacked police in the street and set one policeman on fire. They attacked old women, tearing off their hijabs. They followed an old woman and tried to tear off her clothes, as shown on video. This is not how ordinary Iranians would behave, who are generally decent people.

Bigg Chungus

I agree with the fact that it was probably a lie (see my comment), but there are indeed many women harshly mistreated and sexually assaulted in the Islamic Republic’s prisons. At the end of the day, some of the Islamic legal codes are frankly ridiculous. But that is an internal matter for Iran to decide, and the world should firmly reject the principle that an imperial power can interfere in the internal cultural affairs of other states.

Bigg Chungus

Mahsa Amini:

1. Perfect minority (Kurd)

2. Perfect timing (protests immediately prepared, in addition to insurgent operations in Kurdistan/KRG)

3. Perfect messaging: women’s issues are the West’s favorite catalyst for unrest because there is no economic or geopolitical component whatsoever to the dissatisfaction. In case of a successful color revolution, the new regime will only be responsible for banning hijabs and allowing bikinis, while the looting of state owned enterprises continues uninterrupted.

4. Suspicious death: she collapsed on video of a heart attack, later accounts changed the story to claim it was blunt cranial trauma. Her hospital photo shows swelling but no bruising on the face.

I would say this is one of two possibilities:

1. She was, indeed, beaten by overzealous Islamic police and died from either injuries or shock.

2. She died because of Toxin-induced Cardiac Arrest (TICA) under the influence of a poison such as Aconitine or others, long studied by both American and Soviet poison developers as a stealthy means of murder. The fatal dose, depending on which toxin, could have been delivered by an acquaintance of hers or a mole in the Islamic morality police, an organization not likely subject to regular filtering/purging due to its minor security role.

Ali Khamenei is no Gorbachev!

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