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Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Conducted Live Fire Drills With Missiles, Drones (Video)

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On January 15, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) kicked off a live fire drill, dubbed Payambar-e Azam 15 [The Great Prophet 15], in Iran’s central desert.

The drill’s first stage was attended by IRGC Commander-in-Chief Major General Hossein Salami, IRGC Aerospace Force Commander Brigadier General Amirali Hajizadeh and high-ranking commanders and officials of the Armed Forces of Iran.

During the drill, the IRGC Aerospace Force attacked a hypothetical enemy base protected by air-defense systems with missiles and drones.

Combat drones and loitering munitions were used to target the hypothetical base’s air-defense systems. After that, a barrage of Zulfaghar, Zelzal and Dezful precision-guided tactical ballistic missiles was launched at the base’ facilities. Direct hits were scored.

The missiles fired in the drills were all equipped with detachable warheads with the ability to guide out of the atmosphere as well as to bypass enemy missile shields.

Earlier this week, the Iranian Navy held drills in the northern part of the Indian ocean. Several types of cruise missiles and torpedoes were used. A US nuclear submarine was caught attempting to spy on the drills.

The recent Iranian drills are meant to deter the US and its allies in the Middle East, first and foremost Israel. Tehran is apparently worried of a last ditch military strike by President Donald Trump, who is set to leave office in a few days.

The Trump administration launched a “maximum pressure” campaign to force Iran into abandoning its nuclear rights and missile program. The campaign has beena failure so far.


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Servet Köseoğlu

Unlike Russians and Chinese,they are showing the target hit..

Blue In Green

That warhead is coming down at mach 8+, you can see the plasma forming around the control surfaces (fins) of the warhead due to the immense amount of hit build-up upon reentry.

Such a system can’t even be intercepted by expensive ABMs like the Patriot PAC-3 due to just how fast it is. Not enough energy in the interceptor itself to match the speed of the incoming missile.


Servet Köseoğlu

Thank you, ı am impressed to be honest.

Blue In Green

No problem :)


the plasma forming has other reasons aswell its not uncontrolled


iranian next gen missiles use plasma technology and still the ignorance about it is amazing


the warhead is untrackable because of the plasma the booster is untrackable because of the special carbon fiber body and the nano paint

Servet Köseoğlu

ı recall the İranian strike to kurdish forces 3-4 years ago but this is another level.

Blue In Green

Those operations were conducted using older generation FATEH derivatives (Fateh 313 etc.,), but these that you’re are seeing are top-of-line newer generation missiles of the Dezfoul, ZelZal (surprisingly) and Zolfaghar classes.

If those same strikes were conducted using the missiles seen in these clips, then there would be no question at all as to the casualties of the strikes. The damage would be total and loss of life almost absolute.

Blue In Green

I wonder if the totally ignorant idiots our there (of which there are MILLIONS) will still doubt Iran’s missile capabilities after this demonstration…

You couldn’t better explain Iran’s power than these powerful videos…

Rhodium 10

It doesnt matter..Ask to the FSA comander killed in Al Rastan ( Homs) when he was in a second floor of a building….then a Kalibr cruise missile launched from Caspian sea 1600km hit the second floor and killed FSA members!…I remember Obama crying because Russia was killing “Moderates” terrorist and not ISIS members…

Servet Köseoğlu

Here you go again..interrupting the discussion with non-sense…Did ı say Russian-chinese systems are not effective?

Blue In Green

It’s been a REALLY good day for Iran’s military given just how utterly impressive this latest showing of IRGC-Aerospace Missile force has been.

This is nothing short of seminal…


It is a very impressive fire-power show. No wonder diapers are selling big in Tel Aviv.

Blue In Green

The clip showing the five missiles impacting their targets dead-on needs a little bit more information to truly grasp just how much explosive power is being displayed.

Each one of the warheads packs a 450kg High Explosive charge (HMX or possibly even Octogen HMX compound which is a special Iranian made explosive compound that yields a larger force than most other contemporary High explosive mixes). And there was a total of five hits in that immediate vicinity, meaning realistically, any target would have been absolutely obliterated.

5×450= 2,250kg of explosives or around ~5,000lbs!


the drone did feel the shockwave soon after and that it reached so far is already info enough of how deadly it is but i prefer the fragmentation warheads because they swiss cheese everything they hit in hypersonic speed

Arthur Deodat Jr.

Impressive integration with loitering ammunition and drone surveilance. Great job!

Ashok Varma

Indian RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) which has very close ties with our Iranian friends estimates that Iran has the third most lethal missile arsenal in the world after Russia and China. The US still focused on “air power” which has failed it in every war since Korea and then the final humiliation in Vietnam.

Blue In Green

This post is now old but to anyone who comes across it, I wanted to add some more information.

Some of the missiles shown off carry way larger warheads well into the 500-800kg range in-terms of explosive weight.

Dezful- 500kg-800kg (this one I’m not too sure on)
Zolfaghar- 580kg
Zelzal- 720kg

The Objective

You’ve said a lot about this video show of force. And you have given us a free pass to ask any questions. So I have a couple questions and observations to make.
To the non-critical observer, this would be a massive show of force. But to a critical observer who understands that winning a war goes far beyond a show of missile force, this Iranian demonstration would not be impressive unless a number of conditions are met.
First, HOW FAR can they strike a target? Imagine an intense U.S bombing campaign emanating from bases in Diego Garcia, Europe, and Carriers stationed far at see – say 3000+ km from Iran’s borders, Yemen, and Lebanon. Can Iran still strike such targets with this high-yield conventional warheads? Or do you doubt America’s ability to strike from ranges of 6000+ km through aerial refueling? If so, I’ll explain just how such an operation is well within America’s capabilities right now.

Secondly, how willing are they to risk a nuclear strike in retaliation to an overwhelming missile attack? Because I understand this to be a message to Israel and the Gulf nations opposed to Iran. They are the countries within range of these missiles. As for Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E, Iran can hit them hard with these missiles without much consequences. Maybe that’s why someone commented that it’s Sunni Muslims who’ll suffer most from these missiles, and I think he might be right. But Israel is a different case entirely because of its nuclear arsenal. Will Iran risk a nuclear strike by raining missiles on Israel? This is a question no Iranian commenter has answered me satisfactorily.

My conclusion is that, this show of force is not enough to deter an attack on Iran should Iran insist on maintaining its destabilizing regional policies.

Blue In Green

First, HOW FAR can they strike a target?

This demonstration was to put on display the accuracy of Iran’s Quasi-Ballistic Missiles against regional targets that fall under Iran’s precision missile umbrella, which in these case, in-terms of the missiles fired off (ZelZal, Dezfoul, Zolfaghar, Fatehs). Would encompass anywhere between 500km on the lower end and up to 1000km on the higher-end.— Simply put, the purpose was to show-off; deterrence, accuracy, precision, destructive power and reliability.

Try not to dig too deep here, as I am sincerely not at much liberty to divulge everything I know to you, especially given your overwhelmingly anti-Iranian sentiment and bias toward American Armed Forces supposed “supremacy”.

Imagine an intense U.S bombing campaign emanating from bases in Diego Garcia, Europe, and Carriers stationed far at see – say 3000+ km from Iran’s borders, Yemen, and Lebanon. Can Iran still strike such targets with this high-yield conventional warheads?

Very daft comment, you know full well that Iran would never openly disclosed any sort of capability to strike beyond 2,000km without drawing unwanted attention to itself because of it.

Officially speaking, Iran has limited the ranges of its long-range ordinances to 2,000km for political purposes but that number is arbitrary depending on the platform in question. The Seijil and Khorramshahr Ballistic missiles (for example) can be retrofitted to carry lighter warheads which will increase their ranges significantly. In the case of the Khorramshahr 1, which is a 2,000km capable missile that sports a 1,800kg unitary warhead. That missile can be fitted with a 450kg warhead instead of the 1,800kg one, extending its range to well over 2,000kms easily. And that missile has been shown to display extreme precision/accuracy at long-ranges as exhibited in previous missile exercises.

If you want to extrapolate further on that idea. The Hajj-Qassem Q-BM is capable of ranges up to 1,450km-1,800km (or around that mark) with a 450kg warhead, again with the same accuracy, precision and reliability as shorter range Dezfoul, Zolfaghar and FATEH models. Iran would only need to up-scale the booster section of their FATEH/Zolfaghar line-up and extend its range to 2,000km or more. Given time, we will surely see FATEH like missiles that are bigger and more capable compared to their shorter-range older models. The Hajj-Q-BM points Iran in that direction.

As it stands now, Iran’s BMs (the more specialized ones) sport quite the Anti-ABM capability. High-speed, small sleek profile, MaRV’ed warhead, control surfaces allowing for random-course movement during flight to negate the enemies interceptor ability via kinetic energy bleed-off etc., This will become very important in the future, but as it stand now, the speed of these munitions alone is enough to cause quite the problem for even the most advanced ABM systems like the Patriot.— So from that open-source knowledge you could easily deduce Iran’s future/present ability to strike airbases such as Diego-Garcia with great precision and accuracy. It’s well within Iran’s potential to do so. As to whether or not they can do so officially speaking, we have not heard anything.

The only other piece of information Iran gave was Hajizadeh’s own comments about Iran’s current ability to target enemy at sea at ranges ~2,000km. This is something that hasn’t been openly demonstrated but I assume they mean to use their Seijil and Abu-Mahdi cruise missile platforms to pull off such a feat. But I do doubt how effective it will be.

Some obvious problems, ones that I have noted and other commentators well-versed in Iranian military missile tech have also noted is the over-all believability in pull-off such a thing. It’s no secret that engaging American vessels at sea, especially at range will introduce a whole slew of problems that will (imo) prove quite the challenge to Iran.; EW, CIWS, ABMs, evasive maneuvers by the ships themselves and whether or not Iran can even accurately target enemy assets that far-away at sea.— You would need to account for target-drift, GPS update, the quality and reliability of onboard sensors, etc., Seems a little too much for me.

Or do you doubt America’s ability to strike from ranges of 6000+ km through aerial refueling? If so, I’ll explain just how such an operation is well within America’s capabilities right now.

No need to ramble on and on about how amazing and capable American armed forces are when it comes to engage targets at extreme ranges, you did so last time we talked and I know what it is you’re going to say anyway so I’d much rather not hear it.

Such a bombing campaign is largely inconsequential since the Iranians are relying on the passive defense provided to them by their mountain bases and mobile firing platforms. It’s important to note here that Iran is fixing to expend as much of their missiles within the open-stages of any-conflict in order to maximize damage. They aren’t operating under the delusional idea that they can “win” a war against the United States, but they also know full-well the United States itself isn’t in the position, due to other despotically hegemonist goals, to fully commit themselves in a shooting war. So both sides act accordingly, but you don’t much care since America is “uber stronk” and Iran’s weapons are nothing lmao.

Non of these Iranian missiles has more than 2500 km range if they are precision missiles. In fact, Iran does not have missiles of great precision at 2500 km. If there is any, name them.

Why…why would I EVER willingly give you knowledge about classified long-range missile systems, moreover, why would Iran prematurely disclose such a thing in the first place knowing full-well that such a strategic platform would need to be closely guarded? It would be against any known norm to freely tell you (of all people) such things given you’d just dismiss them anyway since your beloved America doesn’t have it, so the Iranians must not be capable of doing it.— Note, I’m not saying Iran has such a system or is close to making one but I’m talking about the principal of asking such a question in the first-place….

I’ll never tell you even if I knew…So please try and stick to open-source information without delving into more esoteric topics.

My research shows that not even the U.S, Russia, or China has missiles of great precision (say with less than 100 meter “probable circular error”) at 2500+ km, let alone Iran

This has nothing to do with the topic at-hand, idk why you felt it necessary to bring in the Russians and Chinese on a clearly Iranian related matter.

What possible consequence does Chinese or Russian missile technology have to with Iran’s INDIGENOUS program? You do realize that Iran is producing every part of their missiles from scratch via their own domestic production apparatus right? The testing, R&D, production, fabrication is all done within Iran by Iran’s own scientists, there is little to no conclusion or transfer of tech from either the Russians or Chinese going on. Yes the initial missile technology wasn’t Iranian but all the weapons that you see now, hitting their targets, destroying assets all over the region are Iranian made and developed.

if Iran were to produce and field a 2,500km+ platform, they would do it on their own time and own dime. No need to consult the other two nations.

So if Iran cannot hit American targets at longer ranges, what would be the effectiveness of these missiles?

Sweet Jesus…..What does America have to do with Iran showing off their ability to utterly obliterate regional assets?

Given the ranges of the missiles that were fired-off during the exercise, the purpose of this entire demonstration (as stated earlier) would be to present to the region Iran’s overwhelming ability to destroy any REGIONAL target of their choosing that falls under their missile umbrella.

Would you critique the capabilities of the HELLFIRE missile if it couldn’t engage Russian targets at 2,500km? Do you see how stupid you sound? — Stop trying to bring in the United States into everything Iran does.

Secondly, how willing are they to risk a nuclear strike in retaliation to an overwhelming missile attack? Because I understand this to be a message to Israel and the Gulf nations opposed to Iran. They are the countries within range of these missiles. As for Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E, Iran can hit them hard with these missiles without much consequences. Maybe that’s why someone commented that it’s Sunni Muslims who’ll suffer most from these missiles, and I think he might be right. But Israel is a different case entirely because of its nuclear arsenal. Will Iran risk a nuclear strike by raining missiles on Israel? This is a question no Iranian commenter has answered me satisfactorily.

Demonstration of regional striking capability, establish deterrence, present a clear and identifiable threat etc.,

You have little knowledge on how Israel and Iran will be engaging with each-other so I will not comment all that much on that. Idk how you guys come to the completely irrational and erroneous conclusion that a conventional missile barrage from Iran will be met with a NUCLEAR strike from Israel. It’s almost as if the entire concept of military escalation itself alludes you people…

Lastly, there is no need for any “Iranian” commenter to answer you satisfactorily. You have present and displayed quite a strong anti-Iranian sentiment and are woefully biased against anything Iran does.— I know I’m largely wasting my time even replying to you but I do so in hopes you’ll see some sort of reason in all of this but I’m not going to hold my breath.

If your post is a long-winded wall of text espousing jingoistic fanboy-ish platitudes about how great American military planning and hardware is, I’m not going to read it.

I’ve answered everything you want to know, I don’t much see where else we can go with this.

Blue In Green

The idea itself is not new per-say, the Nazis wanted to build a similar system for their V2 rockets but I don’t think they ever actually went into operation, but they did build one which was the Wizernes V2 bunker at La Couple.

I would actually wager that this “Missile Barrage” system that Iran has implemented into its underground/mountain bases is rare (truly rare) but not necessarily unique, it must have been tried before by other nations who wanted a simultaneous quick launch method for its BM arsenal but that’s just my guess. Such an endeavor requires a lot of money, man-power, engineering and safety precautions to pull it off right, lets hope Iran has done this competently, which given past accidents, makes me worry a little bit…

The answer to the question about the Wests deluded insistence that Iran’s missile stockpile is only somewhere around the ~2,000-3,000 mark in terms of raw missile count lies within the OSINT information given out over the years by Iran itself.

The massive deliver of TELS, the tunnels filled to the brim with Missiles, the way Iran uses its BM stockpile to strike targets almost as if it was conducted by a regular jet sortie, this recent Magazine fed missile system, the underground production plants. etc etc: all of this leads to a very simple reality. Iran has a nation-wide, well protected, well funded missile production capacity that allows Iran to do volume-production of its short-to-long range Missiles. Such a capability is only reserved for a handful of nations around the world.

I say this with full confidence that Iran’s BM count, just what we can consider as a BM technically speaking, is easily within the 5,000-10,000 range and possibly more…We’re talking about 30-40+ years of missile use and production, to even contemplate that the number is in the low-thousands is simply foolish lol.


Thanks a million for doing the vert generous effort of answering the willing and undeserving skeptic, B.I.G. It is indeed always a treat to get in-depth insight from actually knowledgeable people on such topics of importance.

It should be noted that it has only been quite recently that Iranian missile drills put the emphasis on every single phases of a missile travel in publicly available video, from the launchpad firing, all the way to multiple warhead hitting pre-determined targets with demonstrated pin-point accuracy, hit after hit, footage that people including ourselves unconsciously only associated with top-5 developed militaries of the world such as western Europe, Russia, the USA, and China.

Seeing how Iran’s PR department choose to show it all is a very strong message indeed, and it speaks quite a lot about their degree of confidence in their weapon systems, more than at any time before ever since initiating the self-reliance doctrine. For years during their various drill past 2002-2003, we only rarely ever saw anything more than missile going up in the air. Obvious accuracy issues indeed prevented them from showing too much of it flight path.

The solid-fuel SRBM route counts maybe among Iran best strategic decision ever in its industrial prioritization past the early 2000s. A versatile, easy to maintain, fast, quasi-ballistic, easy to camouflage or mimic through cheap decoys, and of course, last but not least, extremely precise asset that can be produced in serious numbers continuously in peace AND war time.

Saturation strikes are an absolute possibility and TELs seem produced like candy now. That too, is a tremendous leap forward when one considers how direly scarce were their overall operational number 15 years ago.

Not to mention the Israeli loitering munition lookalike that seem to make wonders as well, that one is quite a beautiful middle finger to our remaining friends in the B-Team.

And to think those assets are only a fractions of Iran’s available offensive means at its armed forces’ disposal in the event they need to go all-out in a shooting war.

There are certainly many, many “fuck you’s” in that video.

Long gone days of city busting Scud derivatives that the likes of “the Objective” loved to laugh so much about and belittle Iranian achievements.

The deterrent factor of such missiles is actually good enough to prevent even the likes of Pompous Mike from actually telling Donald to walk the talk. He counted quite astonishingly AGAINST overt military adventures against Iranian strategic targets when Orange looser insisted on a way to hit them before the end of his presidency. That also speaks a lot about the data given to him by the Pentagon.

Thanks for lighting up my day, and ruining it to some other perpetual naysayers :p
This video is one among many visible pieces of the iceberg guaranteeing an unacceptable cost to any aggressor including the US, should it decide to escalate its aggression further than indirect action through local traitors or on foreign soil and take on fortress Iran directly. And if toddlers like Donald don’t do it, I don’t see anyone doing it anytime soon.

Iranian national sovereignty seems sanctuarized for quite some time, if not forever, on conventionnal military terms at least.

Blue In Green

Thanks for your kind words Gryzor!!! Very well developed and erudite post on your end!!! I hope people take in all you wrote down, very important information!!

It’s extremely prudent for those of us with the knowledge about such things to correct, expand upon, answer, dispel and overall inform others so they aren’t totally misguided by obvious naysayers.

But, such is the nature of online forums, threads and the like lol.

Nice to see you again though!

The Objective

To add to that, Israel and America have successfully penetrated Iran’s security and intelligence community. That means they are very much aware of Iran’s missile capabilities, including the secret ones. We’ve seen high-profile assassinations of shadowy figures, sabotage of tightly guarded nuclear facilities, orchestrated color revolutions, and overt bombing of Iranian IRCG in Syria. These actions show that Israel and American are trying to provoke a war with Iran. If that’s the case, it means Iran’s missile capabilities is not impressive enough to deter them.
I don’t rely on open source information to judge a country’s capabilities. I read, think, calculate, and imagine.


You contradict yourself here.

You cannot claim you don’t rely on OSINT to judge, and still say you think and “calculate”. One needs data of some form to “think”, “calculate” and “imagine”. So unless you have access to classified information that we do not, what do you base your “calculation” and “imagination” on ? calculation need figures, thinking needs factual perspective, so which one do you base yourself on if not open-source ? do you speak out of genius and thin air or out of plain ideology bending facts in a way that suit a rigid and arbitrary rationale ?

So I gather your extremely positive and optimistic assessment of America and Israel are also based on imagination and not open source information since you admit you don’t read them or care about them , correct ?

I’d tend to say that wishful thinking is the prime motor of your broken, arbitrary conjectures and not much else, but that’s just me judging the facts, which in our case, are your “questions” and “doubts” that already get answers from a myriad of available facts and figures you ignore.

The Objective

I replied “Blue in Green” and I hope you’ll read it. Your day won’t be so great after that.

To add to that, Israel and America have successfully penetrated Iran’s security and intelligence community. That means they are very much aware of Iran’s missile capabilities, including the secret ones. We’ve seen high-profile assassinations of shadowy figures, sabotage of tightly guarded nuclear facilities, orchestrated color revolutions, and overt bombing of Iranian IRCG in Syria. These actions show that Israel and American are trying to provoke a war with Iran. If that’s the case, it means Iran’s missile capabilities is not impressive enough to deter them.


I’ll respond by asking a couple very simple question to your concerns :

Which better way to provoke a war… than to actually start it, plain and simple ?

Why go through all the trouble of using every complicated subterfuges to get around a direct conflict, and desperately try to provoke it in firing the first shot with symbolic aggression such as a the killing of a totally unsuspecting General on foreign land far from his protected home, or a retired nuclear scientist ?

Let me answer for you : because to have a chance at actually harming Iran, its enemies need legitimacy to create a strong coalition.
And for that, Iran needs to officially draw first blood and provide much-needed casus belli for Europe to join the effort or at least to contribute to some sort of blockade, exactly like Saddam did by invading Kuwait so foolishly, or when they helped him with tons of weapons while imposing an embargo on Iran while it was the country attacked.

Israelis are actually quite smart in trying that, since I would not act differently should I want to take down a bigger foe that my own capabilities don’t allow me to take on.

Even Trump himself said very recently that he green-lit any Israel attack on Iran should its brass chose to do, but he also said that he knew they wouldn’t ever attempt it alone, since they lack the capabilities both in projection capability and in ABM defenses to handle a one-on-one war with Iran.

The very fact that you see your idol Netanhyahu barking for TWO DECADES about sending its air-force to strike Iranian nuclear sites “next month” without ever coming close to actually making that move in the real world, and also doing everything in his power to instead provoke America into doing it for him, along with similar effort and lobbying from your common Salafist friend MbS, actually CONFIRMS Iran’s deterrence capabilities in full.

Nobody wants to start open military hostilities with Iran individually in the entire region by officially striking its heart. The only kind of aggression so far performed are those making use of internal dissent and longstanding terrorist organizations like the MKO to do their dirty job and provide plausible deniability precisely to avoid an outright war.

Why do we see Israeli officials not outright confirming they were the culprits behind the killing of the scientist ? why do they constantly dodge it every time they”re asked ? they stopped hiding their responsibility and openly brag about striking Iranian forces in Syria for thousands upon thousands of times, so why the sudden retenue and pseudo-humility when it comes to direct attacks on Iran itself ? that also speaks a lof for itself as to their strategy.

But your need objectivity to make that very simple conjecture, and you only have it in your self-proclaimed nickname, not in substance.

There isn’t a single country in the middle-East’s modern history that hasn’t been attacked at least once directly by Israel whenever their cabinet has deemed it necessary in a given context. None. Even Tunisia got struck while briefly harboring Arafat.

Iran on the other hand has officially been dubbed the number one national security threat of Israel and its various cabinets have openly and continuously stated that it needs to be physically dealt with more urgently than any other foe, in those words. And somehow, despite constant saber-rattling and open threats, it never materializes.

Iran needs to act first and strike at the heart of Israel to allow the latter to cry fool as a supposed victim and rally world powers around its poor self. Short of that happening, it will have to accept becoming the single aggressor drawing first blood against Iran and deal with its consequences alone, which it NEVER will, precisely because of both Iranian defensive capabilities allowing it to take down, kill and capture pilots penetrating its skies AND devastate their home bases in retaliation with the kind of power you saw and hated in this video, opting to bury your head into the sand.

A reality that even Israel’s own “father” of the “Arrow” ABM program has the intellectual honesty of admitting and has repeatedly expressed grave concern at the consequences of direct war with Iran based on these capabilities and in that regard, always opposed it.

And i prefer to trust a pragmatic Zionist aerospace expert in his assessment of Iran’s degree of threat rather than an unqualified anonymous poster driven essentially by his hatred of Iran and Iranians living in denial even in the face of the crudest and most simple technical facts and figures available to make him put things into perspective.

You’ve fallen again with all your usual grandstanding. Your comment here recalls your usual disconnect from topics at hand, and your ideological bias and the fact that its frustrated, massively anti-Iran hatred and ill-wishing finally got nowhere is taking the best of whatever intelligence and composture you once might have. I see you ranting everywhere quite openly against both Russians and Iranian elsewhere, relying on plain insults and cheap one-liners, I barely recognize your former style, that I kind of respected despite our disagreements.

It’s a pity, really.

The Objective

You started well with your comment, then you contradict yourself. I’m going to start providing sources you cannot dispute with in my comments.

You started by admiring that the U.S/Israel want to provoke Iran into drawing first blood. This would let them garner support from Europe for the war. But you missed something here. What really matters is for Iran to do something that really angers the American public into supporting a war. That’s all. Please read this document to further understand what the U.S is doing. It’s a dated document, but still relevant. You’ll notice that both Trump and Obama followed the recommendations in this document strictly, but they picked different options presented in the document
Download it here: https://www.brookings.edu/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/06_iran_strategy.pdf

Then you contradict yourself by claiming that the U.S does not attack Iran due to Iranian deterrence. I disagree with this notion. America’s actions doesn’t show that they are deterred by Iran. Can America assassinate a top Russian or Chinese General like it did to Iran. Certainly not. That’s what deterrence looks like. Your enemy is always afraid to touch you in any way that may provoke war.

I never compare Iran to Israel. In an all-out war between Iran and Israel, Iran would suffer more. Israel’s 200+ nuclear weapons will cause far more damage than Iran can ever hope to inflict with conventional missiles.

However, I know Israel is lacking in conventional capability to take on Iran alone. Which is why it asks America for help.


“I never compare Iran to Israel. In an all-out war between Iran and Israel, Iran would suffer more. Israel’s 200+ nuclear weapons will cause far more damage than Iran can ever hope to inflict with conventional missiles.”

f you can actually believe that any country in the world can in 2021 count nuclear holocaust against a non-nuclear country as a viable military option in case of war, then you’re more deluded and disconnected from reality than I thought, and it explains a lot of your other broken phony theories.

“Then you contradict yourself by claiming that the U.S does not attack Iran due to Iranian deterrence. I disagree with this notion. America’s actions doesn’t show that they are deterred by Iran. Can America assassinate a top Russian or Chinese General like it did to Iran. Certainly not. That’s what deterrence looks like. Your enemy is always afraid to touch you in any way that may provoke war.”

And they didn’t take the firing of dozens of ballistic missile right in the middle of their Al-Asad base as a casus belli to start a total war. Name me one other country with the ability to directly strike at a US airbase and get away with it. One scratch on a US installation in any official quality by any country, and Congress would declare war against it and mobilize three navy battle groups to start a campaign.

Now, sources say in every major media outlet including those close to the WH have recently been stating that Mike Pompeo counts among the vocal OPPONENTS to a war with Iran. And he has proven to be one of the most blood-thirsty war criminals ever with overt intent at ruining Iran as a people and a country. So, why the sudden backtracking when presented by Donald with a golden opportunity to finally have his toal war with Iran, starting by bombing Natanz to bits ?

Besides, I never said Iran was “untouchable”. Russia and China are military superpowers, with comparable nuclear arsenals that would make anyone in a right mind to avoid hitting them.

Besides, didn’t Erdogan himself allow his pilots to take down a Russian su-24 a few years back over Syria ? and so with full knowledge of what he was doing, do we have to deduce that he does not mind a possible war with Russia ? he ended up officially bending and apologizing, with his airforce grounded as a precaution after the Russian deployed massively right at his border and escalated their military posture. See how broken is your rationale here ?

Iranian deterrence means, as I said above and you partly ignored, and partly distorted, that American cannot start an outright military conflit with Iran, let alone think about invading or partly occupying it like it did Syria, or Irak for example.

Reality is never black and white, you always delve into binary notions, I really have issues with intelligent thinking with people like that.

There are degree as to what Iran’s enemies can perform, a full-blown war is not one of them, and this is because of Iran’s strategic deterrence. And that’s what Iranian deterrence policy is all about, one red line : do not start a war of invasion or destruction with us. And they don’t.

Blue In Green

lmao, Gryzor Iran just successfully tested the Emad, Ghadr and wait for it……………………Seijil!! at 1,800km range at sea!!


Lol, I knew that missile wasn’t done yet!! :)


WOW ! I was speaking of it yesterday, can’t wait to dig into more details about the official resumption of the long-range solid-fueled missile program .

It remained dormant for more than a decade, at least officially. The Sejil’s return could potentially mean tremors in Iran’s industrial and strategic doctrine, not to mention its regional implication in the regional balance of power.

The message now is directly geared towards America’s Diego Garcia… man the developments, I will have lots of reading for the days to come it seems, can’t wait to see the analysts feedback “you know where”, among other places :)

Blue In Green

Hey Gryzor! just wanted to send you these two informative articles about Iran’s Liquid and Solid missile systems for you own personal reading/research.



Best regards!


Hi B.I.G !

and many thanks for that :) I’ve been reading for a few minute, a very good overview of DIO’s latest research and focus on the missile field.

Take good care and talk to you soon :)

The Objective

You replied to my comment this time better than you ever did. There is no need to push this conversation any further as you have already demonstrated your intolerance to disagreement and criticism. I agree with pretty much everything you say here, which is in line with my conclusions about Iran’s missile capabilities before you even answered me. I don’t care whether you read this or not, but I’ll say it anyway for those who would read. I knew the missiles recently displayed can hit some regional targets.
I’ll summarize your position just briefly:
1)You admit that the latest show of missile power will not be effective against targets at extended ranges. Which is the point I was trying to make about THIS PARTICULAR video.
2) You’ve expressed your doubts concerning Iran’s ability to hit targets beyond 2000 km with precision. Honestly, your estimate is even lower than mine. I put Iran’s precision strike capabilities at 2500 km.
3) You question Israel’s willingness to retaliate with a nuclear strike should Iran “rain” missiles on Israel. I’ve got to correct you here. You may know much about Iran, but that doesn’t mean you know much about Israel. I’ve studied Israel’s behavior and policies through open-source information on the internet. And what I’ve learnt is enough to enable me draw a conclusion and predict Israel’s actions under certain conditions. We don’t have to argue about this for two reasons:
i) One of your statements implicitly admit that Iran understands Israel will retaliate with a nuclear strike to any missile rain. Here is what you said: “Iran isn’t suicidal and any war between the two will be measured when it comes to mutual striking”. this statement of yours go contrary to Iran’s habitual threat of ALL-OUT war. But I agree with that your statement, because it reflects the actions of Iranian leaders.
ii) Israeli leaders have warned many times that if it rains in Israel, they’ll have a flood. I want you to compare a rain and a flood to understand what that means. I find this threat consistent with Israel’s habit of disproportionate response to any aggression.

Why do I bring America into everything Iran?
Because if Iran fights a major war in the Middle East, it’ll most likely involve America. For Iran to successfully deter an attack, it must deter America. And just like you said earlier, Iran’s missile tests are intended to deter not provoke an attack.

The other thing is, I didn’t mention Russia and China to imply that they must know everything Iran does or can do. I used them as a note to judge the probability of Iran owning such missiles in secret. Russia displays its most capable missiles for the world to see. So if Russia does not have such missiles, it’s highly unlikely (but not impossible) that Iran would have them.

Finally, are you trying to insinuate or imply that American and Israel do not know Iran’s missile capabilities? I’ll certainly question that idea due to some recent events in Iran:
First, the American intelligence were able to track Soleimani’s movements despite it being top secret most of the time.
Secondly, Iran’s must secretive activities (nuclear program) has clearly being busted by the American intelligence, to the extent that they know Iran’s current nuclear capabilities. Which program would Iran try harder to maintain a secret? Nuclear program or Missile program?
Thirdly, Israel assassinated a shadowy Iranian nuclear figure and planted bombs in the most guarded Iranian nuclear site.
Fourthly, America orchestrated a highly destructive nationwide color revolution in Iran from right under the noses of Iran’s security and intelligence community. This even caught the Iranian regime off guard, which means they had little or no idea what was being planned or even how.
From all these events, we can see that the American and Israeli intelligence communities have successfully penetrated Iran’s security and intelligence services. Are you then telling us that they don’t have detailed information regarding Iran’s missile program? That’s highly unlikely.

In conclusion, my anti-Iranian sentiments if 100% justified. Iran’s creation of Shiite militias in almost every Muslim country in the Middle East is sowing the seeds of civil war and a sectarian bloodbath. It might not happen now, but left unchecked, it will destroy those countries without even benefiting Iran. I used to think the Mullahs are actually mad or very evil. Lebanon and Iraq are a good example of what I’m talking about. ISIS was a direct consequence of this sectarian policies. While it was created and funded by America, it was a response to Iran’s Shiite militias trying to dominate Iraq and Syria.

I don’t care if Iran goes nuclear or develops precision ICBMs, provided it keeps its paws off other countries. this is why I’ve always said Iran is a greater threat to Sunnis Muslims than Israel ever has been. Israel does not have militias multiple Muslim countries.

If you think that my hatred of Iran is unjustified, then explain to me why majority of Iraq’s Sunnis want America to stay.

Blue In Green

I’ll save myself the headache of getting into a fruitless conversation with you and end it here.

I’m blocking you, don’t much care for what you have to say anyways, I made that post more for myself and others interested in Iranian missile capabilities.

Good luck The”Biased”Objective, wish you well.

Ashok Varma

He posts nonsense for US propaganda agencies and is based in US, I have seen his anti-Iran and anti-Russia propaganda on many sites. He is some of a Jew or Wahhabi troll.

Ashok Varma

Aren’t you the idiot who has been propagating that US will “attack” Iran? what are a Wahabbi certified madrassa graduate in the service of US propaganda agencies. Madar Chod.

The Objective

And you think the U.S will not attack Iran if it continues to spread terror armies or attempted to make a dash for the bomb?
Iran is still not off the hook.
And yes, the U.S did attack Iran. Imagine what happens if America were to assassinate a top Chinese or Russian military general, or top nuclear scientist. The Russians and Chinese would have retaliated proportionately by killing a similar figure in the U.S. But what has Iran done? Weren’t those assassinations an attack on Iran? They were both an act of war.
The U.S did indeed attack Iran.

Just Me

Iran’s latest Dezful precision strike 100% accuracy missile and launch time less than 2 minutes, solid fuel.

comment image

The Objective

What’s its maximum range. It’s precision and launch time is useless against an enemy that’s too far. Common sense.
The reason Iran continues to avoid a war with America is because Iran has a problem of “range”. America can launch air raids on Iran from Diego Garcia, airbases in Europe, and from aircraft carriers stationed thousands of miles away from the Iranian coast. U.S long-range bombers can reach Iran without the need to refuel. The shorter-range bombers can more than double their combat radius with aerial refueling. How the hell does Iran intend to deal with that? Can you tell me if you know?
There is no precision guided missile in the world with a range of 3000 km. But the U.S is capable of sustaining an air war on Iran from 6000+ km away.


But the U.S is capable of sustaining an air war on Iran from 6000+ km away.

Again you show you show the dire limits of your global understanding of war and force projection.

The maximum stated range of effective air-war capability for the US is a 700km radius away from the enemies shores, becaue one has to take into account the round-trip needed for your planes to get to their targets, execute their strike and then get back. when you count in the F-35.

Beyond that range you need mass air-refuelling for a whole strike package, which is a logistical nightmare and make them vulnerable and highly dependent on the tankers that Iran car absolutely take on, either on the ground by hitting bases they are deployed or via riskier but still feasible hit & run tactics using long-range air-to-air missiles that they have developped based on the American AIM-54 Phoenix missile, named the Fakour-90/

Anything beyond that must be handled by LACMs such as the Tomahawk missile and derivatives, no existing manned or unmanned air asset currently in US inventory allows them to conduct an “air-war from 6000+ kilometers”, this is plain lunacy.

To sustain an air war against Iran, American needs at least two battle groups deployed in the Indian Ocean in range for their fighters to strike Iran as I described, as it is impossible to imagine doing that in the narrows of the Persian GUlf, where thousands of Iranian anti-ship assets can utterly destroy any asset they would have.

It also needs airbases in neighboring Gulf state, and Iran has amply demonstrated it can absolutely hit them when needed, the message was clearly received here as well.

And Iran showed again today exactly its counter-means to that deployment : hitting targets at 1800km south in the direction of the Indian Ocean, in case the US Navy deploys there from what it sees as a safe enough distance That is only a start and they will certainly build on that capability in the coming years, while no war will occur to stop their R&D.

You know what ? let’s even imagine that crazy 6000+km imaginary figure you pulled is real for an instant, for the sake of argument.
So what then ? even if the US or a given opponent can strike Iran from a great distance, Iran can then simply respond on the thousands of US interests and men scattered all around it completely in range of all of its shorter range assets .

In return there are more than 50 bases, ports and critical pieces of infrastructure for Iran to hit an any one time in mere minutes should a total war start in less than 500km around it.

The Aramco strikes couldn’t be stopped by multi-billion dollar air-defenses kindly provided by the US to its lackey the KSA, and it was a ridiculous fraction of Iran offensive capability. What will happen when both belligerent unleash all their strength at each other ? massive devastation everywhere, for everyone. And yes, down the line, more for Iran, obviously. But the American side cannot take a global catastrophe of that amplitude, both destroying billion upon billion of a generation-long effort to establish itself in the Gulf and Middle-East, nor can it deal with a 400-dollar/barrel oil prices.

That imaginary fantasy war of yours will forever remain in what you do best : imagining, dreaming.


Well written.

Ashok Varma

Hezbollah’s precision missiles can ‘paralyze strategic systems of Israel’: NATO analysis

The report highlighted ” The ability of precision missiles can paralyze strategic systems of
Israel, and Hezbollah can, with precision missiles paralyze air base, airports, ports, electricity grid , hit the Hakaria base in Tel Aviv, where the Ministry of Security and the General Staff are
located.highlighted”. Hezbollah can also follow up the missile strike with a sustained land incursion into northern Occupied Palestine and hold territory.

Potato Man

In 2002 the Pentagon ran an expensive war-game designed to simulate what a war with Iran would be like—and the U.S. lost heavily. Marine Corps general Paul Van Riper said that U.S cheated in that war game in th end, to save face, fuking hell and 2021 Iran is not Iran back in 2002…

It is also not gonna be like Iraq or Libya…Let’s hope we don’t see a war this year as well…those Zion and Wahhabi shit heads better know their place. Their soldiers can kill civilians…ugly satanic people gonna end up in hell anyway.


Everybody with half a brain should see we are on the brink of a third world war, orchestrated by the same culprits as the last two


wont happen


you are right they surely tried to see it happen specially now they will with biden try to destroy russia aswell badly but they will fail


russia did get rid of the disgusting nazi chubais even thou it has alot of traitors this person was the most dangerous one which indeed if he was still around war would have been a possibility in the north


You’re sure?


the most advanced iranian missiles are impossible to track and hit with modern technologies and the post modern technology to hit it doesnt exist yet


wrong it has nothing to do with that


block mikoni pas wakhti enghad aghabmunde hasti ke jabab natuni bedi


the body is a special carbon fiber which is heat resistant and is invisible for radars


the color of the body aka booster parts which can be still hit with heat like high intensity laser are white colored with heat resistant color on top of carbon fiber body meaning its useless to put the laser on it they wont heat up


iranian missiles cost under 100k dollar anti air missiles of usa cost 1 million each that of zionists cost 3 million each just the issue of costs is going to beat everyone who tries


probably both


sabotage from within and missile from the zionists or usa

Blue In Green

lmao, Ali-jan this is beyond supersonic, we’re well within hypersonic speeds here bro xD

This warhead is one of the FASTEST munitions on earth right now, barring a few exceptions by other larger countries which is a testament in and of itself to Iran’s indigenous missile program.


you are right the last stage is hypersonic and the missiles plasma tech wouldnt work if it wasnt


iranian missiles are unique in fact no other country in the world can copy it without reverse engineering


i still believe that the mek or similar terrorists fired an anti tank missile into natanz simply because it looked weird on the pictures as if there were two explosions

Ivan Freely

Stop with this tactical nuke nonsense.


Since when is Iran into hardrock?


these videos are usually edited by people who arent directly connected with sepah and these are for foreign consumption anyway while the national channels will show a whole different things directly out of the interviews they usually do with military officials basically an after briefing or post briefing style however its called


Frankly, this is Iran’s final finger to Trump and Pompeo. So much for “attacking ” Iran delusional fantasy.

Blue In Green

Hello Frank :)

I wouldn’t count this as Iran’s final goodbye message to Trump as there has been rumors/rumblings about Iran finally releasing drone footage of the operation against Ayn-Al Assad airbase. That would be the most poignant “fuck you” the Iranians ever gave that fat Zionist noodle (Trump) lol.

Some say that this missile exercise was meant as a strong (really strong) show of force in preparation for the release of the video footage.



For four years Trump has been barking and now turfed out like a dog. Iranians have seen off half a dozen so called US presidents.

Blue In Green

I gotta hand it to Trump, compared to most other presidents, he did push the envelope quite a bit when it comes to unjust U.S. hostility against Iran but I don’t think he ever had the gumption to see a war through if he started one.

You need more than just populism and empty bravado backing you in order to engage in a war with a state (Iran) more than willing to go the distance in defense of their homeland.

I’ve said this before and will say again for those interested. Iran was willing to launch an extra 200 missiles that very night when it struck Ayn-Al Assad airbase, fire another 400 in the following couple days after and around 4,000+ by that weeks end…

Really puts things into perspective when you view the entire scenario with that extra bit of information..


NATO analysis just published in various western media also reports that Hezbollah precision missiles can paralyze the Zionist entity. Why do you think that neither the US or the Zionist cowards did not have the cajones to “attack” Iran, like they did with weaker states like Afghanistan, Libya or Iraq?

Blue In Green

There are several reasons why neither the United States nor Israel want to get into an open conflict with Hezbollah/Iran respectively.

I’ll bullet point the reasons why I think so for each country/group:

(a little messy, unspecific and disjointed, my apologies lol)

– Geographically large (Iran is big….VERY big, to take on such a country is still a monumental task even for the Americans)
– Fortress Nation (Iran’s mountains allow for very defense against Air-power centric militaries)
– Huge population size
– largely patriotic population willing to defend their nations and people against any aggressor (history shows this to be the case)
– Capable military ( Regular Army can defend the nation from invaders if it came down to it, at least for some time)
– IRGC- Aerospace Missile force (this is the gravest threat to America and its allies since they don’t have any good defense against the missiles and they will be incurring heavy losses on the onset of any conflict)
– One of the largest Drone fleets in the world (American troop and assets would come under constant loitering/suicide drone threats, imagine the War between Armenia and Azerbaijan except on steroids when it comes to drone warfare)
– Dense AD environment
– Modern/Advanced Air-defense systems
– Good early warning RADAR capabilities
– Willingness to strike back (most important point)
– Battle proven long-range heavy precision munitions (Ayn-Al Assad operation)
– Will send the entire region into flames and destroy 100s of billions in assets, both America and its allies
– No real political support at home for such an action (going to be quite difficult to drum up support for a war nobody wants back in America)
– Iran can activate and essentially “let loose” its regional allies/proxies (this alone would be enough to bog down American forces)
– Huge costs for both it and its allies (there are literal 100s of billions if not trillions of dollars in assets that the Iranian would immediately destroy, it’s a cost they can’t recover from easily)
– Shut down the straight due to saturation of AshCMs and other deadly munitions (directing effect world trade)
– Iran will most likely carry out operations states-sides (they’ve openly stated that such an option might be pursued)

Iran just isn’t even remotely comparable to Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan due to the reasons above and much more. To put it more bluntly, Iran is actually able to hurt the Americans gravely (regional specifically) whereas those three countries simply didn’t have the capability to do so.

– Israel will be subject to constant precision weapons fire that will destroy vital national assets necessary to run their nation such as; substations, power-plants, nuclear-facilities, water treatment/desalination buildings, air-strips, sea-ports, centers of military operations, airbases, barracks, governmental buildings. Losing these assets will put extreme strain on the nations populace.
– Hezbollah is a deeply rooted resistance entity that has dug itself into Southern Lebanon and would need to be removed via troops, not air-strikes. Israel is not willing to stomach the loss of life in troops alone as the cost will be in the thousands.

Not much really to add here that the NATO analysis didn’t cover over when it comes to why Israel doesn’t want to get into another conflict with Hezbollah.

To sum it up, Hezbollah is one of these most capable none-state military organization in the world bar-none.

Mr T

they can only kill innocent sunni babies and women, no chance against Zionist army or USA


hahahaha are you serious?


you sound like al qaeda


our martyrs did stop the killers so you are quite ignorant or you are simply a liar who tries to hide his blood soiled filthy hands while screaming bloody murder to those who came to put a bullet into the head of the likes of you the ruinous filthy imps who headchop children for their masters


next up for Iran is to launch a SLBM off new york. NK launched a SLBM off los angeles about 10 years ago. NK and Iran have been good friends and sharing technologies such as nukes, missiles, subs, etc.

NK showed more advanced versions of the SLBM (bukuksung 4 and 5) a couple of days ago in a brief parade at the conclusion of the party congress. NK has the ability to annihilate and erase US off the map and Iran will have the same capability if not already.
comment image


Love the accuracy of the missiles and the hypersonic speed of the impact…
I am also in love with devastating impact of the loitering munitions.

Bibi needs to buy more diapers for himself and the idf


Doesn’t impress me, we have better ones.

Furkan Sahin

Turkey is better than Israel

Furkan Sahin

Bayraktar TB2 drone can killer all in Israel if they want


It should, and no, you don’t. Israel’s heavy emphasis on the air-force means it has invested very little both in scope and production capabilities when it comes to ballistic missile. Sure they have a couple good short range theater ballistic missiles, and a two or three dozen Jerichos for long-range attacks, but those are meant for nuclear strikes and nowhere near as precise as what we see here.

Be wary of the assets you see in this video. As they are specifically designed and appropriate for securing lots of individual hits on airbases and their ABM defenses, not to mention nuclear plants, desalination plants, refineries, bridges, electric plants and the like. From the looks of it, accurately and selectively hitting such large and visible structures are now piece of cake to Iranian missile brigades. It hasn’t always been like it, this kind of precision is new, at least publicly. And Hezbollah has acquired hundreds, too.

Actually, when you think about it, Iran and Israel are paradoxically quite complementary when it comes to strategic doctrine and means. One massively relies on jet-based deep penetration strikes packages and the other defends against those very assets and techniques with integrated, net-centric layered air-defenses, and retaliates with long-range precision missiles.

In a 1 on 1 shooting war, the natural advantage would be for Iran, as hypersonic MRBMs in quantity are much better suited to inflict mass damage to Israeli infrastructure both civilian and military, and so in mere minutes of flight time. Israeli pilots for their part would be much more vulnerable from the ingress phase when refueling and navigating to their targets, where Iran would have ample warning to locate them and prepare for interception, all the way to the egress routes where lots of air-defense traps would light up under their asses while they are low on fuel and have little margin for evasive maneuvers.

Iran has spent a decades mapping virtually every possible air-routes to and from its sites of importances, and has established close to 5,000 surveillances points relying on all kinds of sensors. This will be an extremely hostile airspace for Israeli pilots on a scale unseen for a couple generations. And keep in mind that Iran has immense strategic depth. Figuring out where to fly is one thing, actually making it there is completely another.

But on the other hand, Israel would never have to face Iran alone : it would surely drag the US into a war it has started via intense lobbying in Congress. Dominating the US political structures has always been the best weapon they have had at their disposal in past decades, and so by quite a long shot. by far. So we can discount that fantasy scenario where Bibi goes it alone like a brave man sending his best Top Gun aces to the mix, do their thing and get back in a sunset background with credits rolling. This is for show, reality is quite unforgiving. Such a war will be messy, and bad.

Honestly, I stand by my previous assessment : I do not want to see it happen despite my confidence in Iranian capabilities to resist aggression. But should the Israeli brass play too stupid and actually open Pandora’s box… you got a glimpse of what awaits their launchpads and an idea of how their bases will look for those whom will get back in one piece.


Well analyzed gryzor, but my government can not allow Iran to go nuclear for military purposes. I know already that we will have alot of destruction here, many dead Israelis. But what is the alternative for us? let a lunatic Islamic regime threaten our very own existence? I prefer the war than living under a constant threat of an iranian attack done by them or by their proxies using dirty weapons..


Cool video, Iran’s missile and drone capabilities have come a long way.

Darius Jabari

Despite what the Westerners, Israelis, and many other deniers of Iran’s unique and highly advanced (REAL) missile systems “Ballistic, Cruise, and ADS systems”, the facts are obvious. Due to 40 years of arms embargo Iran had no options, but to think out of the box. They were forced to create something that no other nation on earth posses, and that meant changing the paradigm of war-making which if assessed by visionary military leaders, it’s beyond mere excellence in engineering and manufacturing prese, it’s a revolution in war making methods since it defeats the US model of air dominance, a system relying on very expensive multirole fighter, and bombers that no nation “except Russia & China” could dream of affording or matching. Iran accomplished that feat by out smarting the US-Empire, and they did it in only two decades.

Initially “in mid 1980” the Iranians lumped together what could be termed as a rudimentary rocket, a crude system with 1950s technology. US threats compelled them to improve the concept, so they marshaled all means to acquire the subsystems they could not produce locally. That was extremely a hard endeavor due to US and European sanctions, acts of sabotage and the limited supply sources of such subsystems. It was time to recruit system and project managers, system-engineers, scientists and technicians to make the required components and subsystems in Iran.

By mid 1990s Iranian engineers mastered the fundamentals of propulsion, first the liquid fuel, then shortly after the sold fuel. They built thousands of missiles – short and medium range. It was obvious to Iran’s high command that missiles tend to gain higher CEP as their range increase due to laws of gravity, moments, aerodynamics, as well as imprecise Mechanical-Gyroscopes. It was only then when Iran’s leader – who knows a little bit about war making – demanded very high precision missiles . ! How wise, that was the spark, the turning point to transform tens of thousands of high CEP rockets to precise projectiles that could enter a 5 meter wide Livingroom-window from 1500+ miles away. Now, the western regimes along with USA and Israel have a huge dilemma; how to stop salvos of 12 Mach flying fireballs weighing 1,000-2,000 KGs aimed at their HQs, airfields, military installations, or their industrial assets? No one stopping that baby since no practical, tested or proven technology exists to counter that.

Enter the new world of Iran’s war-making folks; the $60-120 million aircraft is an obsolete piece of junk since Iran could deliver 2 metric-tons of explosive to any Western/Israeli/Saudi target at hyper speeds “Express delivery” at a reasonable price of only $150,000-250,00 and sustain that delivery method for months on without risking the life of any pilot. The scary part; Iranians have a very high threshold for pain as they spent eight years at the receiving end of bombs and missiles in 1980-1988. How many western countries, Israelis, and Persian gulf Arabs could endure that hell? None

The western paradigm of war-making costing hundreds of billion of dollars, is no longer. Iranians not only created a deadly deterrent force, they changed the concept of war making, for any reasonable mind, that’s genius.
I call the Iranian missile force, the million headed Hydra that’s impossible to stop or to defend against.

(Field Marshal Erich von Manstein the commander of Germany’s Army Group South used the term Hydra to describe Russia’s armed forces when they started their unstoppable strategic counter offensive. The Germans failed to halt their swift advances during 1943-1944, so he created a scary name to impress Hitler, and I quote: We behead this Hydra, but it keeps growing more heads in no time, he was correct because the Russian were making tens of thousands of T-34 tanks, SPG and APC like candies, regardless, he still failed to convince Hitler to retreat to save the German army from total destruction). I hope this will be the case against USA and it’s allies in the region. Iran could make a 20meter CEP SR missiles for $20,000-50,000 a piece. The west couldn’t produce a motorcycle for that price.

That’s why the West is up in arms insisting on negotiating Iran’s missile manufacturing and development. The West must change their model of military weapons to match the Iranian model, or they will be trashed in any future aggression against Iran. Which means, hundreds on billion of Dollars/Euros, and years of retooling and new manufacturing methods to catch up, it’s doable, but not possible at this very late start.

Kudos to Iran’s military planners, Iran’s scientists, and their incredibly selfless and superb design and manufacturing engineers.

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