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Iran’s Oil And Gas Infrastructure (Map Update)

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Iran's Oil And Gas Infrastructure (Map Update)

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The map above provides a look at Iran’s oil infrastructure that, according to US threats could become a target of srikes in response to the recent attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure in Abqaiq and Khurais.


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Toronto Tonto

Maybe Iran will be next .


Trump wont risk the economy & higher oil prices.


And also Trumps chances of reelection in 2020?

Tiresia Branding

Empire will collapse before 2020, they will play everything to save it. Elections are a secondary problem. If US go bankrupt will be a civil war for sure scenes from the 4th world https://youtu.be/-bpMpPJkCgw




The evidence is that the Houthis did it. That has to be disproven before Iran or anyone else can be blamed. The US boy who cried wolf reputation raises the bar on evidence from the US. Right now the US hasn’t even provided any evidence. Let alone convincing evidence of anything.


The US has provided zero evidence that Iran did it. While there are dozens of identical Houthis missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia:

– Timeline: Houthis’ drone and missile attacks on Saudi targets –


Real Anti-Racist Action

100% right on. Further proof that the Houthis have and build these drones I post below. SOURCE: https://southfront.org/missiles-and-drones-a-close-look-at-houthis-new-weapons/ https://s4.cdnstatic.space/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Screenshot_2-7.jpg?x18881 https://s4.cdnstatic.space/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/photo_2019-07-07_15-45-51.jpg?x18881 https://s4.cdnstatic.space/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/photo_2019-07-07_15-45-39.jpg?x18881

Ashok Varma

Quite impressive Yemeni drone capability.

Ashok Varma

It is quite evident that it was a Yemeni strike and a very successful one. Iran has nothing to do with it as its attack would have been in a far greater scale and would have crippled a weak Saudi Arabia.


I wouldn’t say that Iran had nothing to do with it. There’s a Houthis Hezbollah nexus. And the Houthis are getting high end help from somewhere. Iran is one of those sources. That doesn’t detract from what the Houthis have accomplished or mean that they didn’t carry out the attack themselves.

Pave Way IV

“…The map above provides a looka t Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure that, according to US threats could become a target of srikes in response to the recent attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure in Abqaiq and Khurais…”

Typo, SF. I think you meant a map of Iran’s oil infrastructure above. Nonetheless, your statement is quite accurate as it stands: any bone-headed attack on Iran’s anything will prompt an immediate retaliatory strike against Saudi Arabian targets (unfortunately, US ones around the Persian Gulf as well). UAE will probably not be spared, but the Houthis will take care of them eventually.

Iran can’t be any clearer about this in it’s public statements: any strike on it is immediate, full-retard war. There will be no meetings or ‘measured response’ on the part of Iran. They’re not going to send missiles to downtown Riyadh, they’re going to level all Saudi’s oil infrastructure and finish the job the Houthis started.


You are only incorrect about the “full-retard” war.

It will be an absolutely devastating strike that will force the ENEMY (USA/Saudi) to either retaliate and start a war, or to learn their place and keep quit.

A devastating attack, not a bonafide war starter like leveling a city or completely shutting down all Saudi oil infrastructure. More like sinking a ship or severely crippling Saudi oil infrastructure. if USA/Saudi retaliate then the war will begin.


Trump and MBS are now worried, and for a good reason. US Yellow clown started this with sanctions against Iran. Now other countries are trying to calm things down.


no way Houthis can do this precision attack alone and with drones only. not possible to hit 17 targets with absolute accuracy. It should be planted bombs and/or missiles, drones not able to do such an attack as I am convinced by an ex-airforce general on tv.

any leader, sane or insane (trump or no trump) goes coldfeet when it comes to direct war with Iran. Iran will use proxies (hezbollah/saa/houthis) and zio-US will use ISIS/Kurds/AL-whatever/yemeni pro gov’t forces/saudis if necessary.

I say nothing will happen. maybe a few more attacks back and forth w/o exact proof of the attacker.

hope US goes back to trumps election campaign mode and gets the f*** off of the middle east.


Nothing? lol, guess you Overvalue human stupidity.

Enjoy that ChernobylMac, with fries and a soda, just stop at any one of “our” RadioactiveKings…


english only pls


That was. I guess you’re still in english 101 there “sakalakalaklka”…

Lazy Gamer

Operation deterrence balance seems 100% a success… lol

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