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JULY 2020

Iran’s Military Chief Visits Damascus, Warns Israel Against Further Violations Of Syrian Airspace


Iran's Military Chief Visits Damascus, Warns Israel Against Further Violations Of Syrian Airspace

Major General Mohammad Baqeri (L), the chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, and Chief of the General Staff of the Syrian Arab Army General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub

The chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces has warned Irael against further violations of Syria’s airspace.

It’s not acceptable for the Zionist regime to violate the land and airspace of Syria anytime it wants,” Major General Mohammad Baqeri said during a press conference with Chief of the General Staff of the Syrian Arab Army General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub in Damascus on Wednesday.

The Iranian Military Chief promised to increase cooperation with the Syrian military “to confront our common enemies, the Zionists and terrorists”.

The comment followed the recent Israeli strikes on a Syrian anti-aircraft battery near Damascus that had launched a missile at Israeli aircraft. The aircraft were flying over Lebanon and suffered no damage, according to the Israeli military. In turn, the Syrian Defense Ministry said that the missile hit some Israeli aircraft that had violated the Syria airspace.

It’s interesting to note that few hours after the Syrian Defese Ministry’s statement on the issue, the Israeli military announced that its F-35 suffered a bird strike and went unserviceable. (More about this issue here: Israel Is Hiding That Its State-Of-Art F-35 Warplane Was Hit By Syrian S-200 Missile – Reports)

Israeli forces conduct strikes against Syria-based targets on a regular basis, in general claiming that it hits units and facilities belonging to or destined for Hezbollah. (More about: Israeli Defense Forces: Military Capabilities, Scenarios for the Third Lebanon War)

During the press conference, the Syrian chief of the general staff affirmed that “the war against terrorism will continue till eliminating it completely and restoring security and stability to all the territories of the Syrian Arab Republic.”

“Washington is trying to hinder the advancement of the Syrian Arab Army in its operations against terrorism through the groups which became under its control or through instructing terrorist organizations such as ISIS and others to attack the Syrian Army,” Ayyoub said.



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  • PlatosLittleSister

    Actions alone are what is important, words are meaningless either start shooting the ZIONIST jets out of the sky or keep taking the hits with a stiff upper lip.

    In the meantime keep arming hezbollah up to the teeth, time for Vlad and Xi to start arming them under the table.

    The Zionist keep pointing a gun to Irans head, they should not be surprised that at some point the shoe might be on the other foot.

    I will not bow to these Zionist bas$$$rds any more, They are an evil people driven by the most evil insane ideology of their superiority over everyone elses subservience.


  • Jesus

    The Israeli F35 was intercepted by a “bird” flying at Mach 8, since F35 is a clumsy and unmaneuvrable aircraft, the “bird” got it. Iranians and the Russians have been upgrading the S200, its airframe and speed performance is still good, the guidance and target acquisition have been improved, and quite likely was good enough to take out the F35. The +200kgs warhead helps.

  • gustavo

    Well, Israel right now knows that its F-35 can brought down by simple old S-200 system. So, better to have something much much better than F-35 to challenge the F-300 or F-400 systems. Of course, Israel is very worry about this right now. If a birth S-200 can do what it can do, can you imagen what a birth S-300 or S-400 could do ?

  • Cloak And Dagger

    Was I wrong in understanding that Russia had placed S-300 and S-400 in Syria? I wonder why they weren’t used?

    • Ketoulelhou Vizo

      sometimes i wonder the same, that its too incompatible to even shoot down a jew aircraft….but other times i wonder again that it must have done some great work (downing some enemy aircraft or missiles, which the enemy must have kept it a secret) and that every other country is trying to buy/bought the S400 including countries like turkey, saudi, bharain, and china and india instead of the patroit missile defense system.

      • as

        The system that will be acquired in foreign market is the export variant that has sensitive technology removed. Even then they are selling something that may better than US with lower price and non politically binding contract.

    • Rodger

      An old S-200 system for Israel looking like a terrorist supporting entity to the world is a good trade for those that oppose Israel. A few million in damages at most for at least tens of millions in PR for a long long time.
      “Israel got hit in a terror attack? So what? They actively support it in other countries.” is PR gold.

    • goingbrokes

      S3-400 are all under direct Russian control. For diplomatic and geo-political reasons they will not shoot down Israeli aircraft unless fired upon first – Russia does not want to start WW3 by being trigger happy. However There is now an integrated radar system (came online a few months ago) across Syria that Syrians can use for all their systems, and which is capable of tracking F-35 too. It is totally up to the Syrians if they want to fire an electronically updated S200 (previously S200 could only use the unit’s own radar, but now use the integrated system) at an Israeli aircraft.
      Israeli aircraft make constant feint attacks on the Syrian border, frequently using Lebanese airspace and civilian air corridors, so it is impossible to know which plane is going to make the real attack. All the aircraft are tracked by the integrated system, and the Israeli aircraft know it, maybe there is an amber light coming on in the cockpit (a techie dude should let you know what exactly happens in the cockpit) to warn the pilot that they are tracked. If there is an airspace violation or an attack the Syrians turn on the missile engagement radar (maybe a red light comes on in the cockpit) and at that point the aircraft will run for it. They will try to run towards a civilian air corridor in the hope that Syrians won’t then fire on them, or to Israeli missile defence umbrella.
      So the cat-and-mouse game goes on all the time. If the Syrians managed to scratch an F-35 to un-flyable status with an S200 the Israelis clearly miscalculated their chances to get away. They must be pissed.

      • Cloak And Dagger

        Ah, I hadn’t thought about that, but it does make sense that if Russia has exclusive control of the S-300/400, then it would not be free to target Israeli planes without a major escalation with the US. Thanks for your insight.

      • Antikapitalista

        It would not start a WW3, but it would sour the Russian-Israeli relations, which are fairly good.
        Furthermore, Russia has no reason to attack Israeli aircraft. Among other things, it could also be considered an act of aggression.

        The best thing is to leave it to the Syrians, even by supplying advanced anti-aircraft weaponry to them.

  • WinstonSmith

    Iran should open a few bases in Syria and install anti-aircraft/missile systems; gotta make sure to have a good counter to the invading terrorists’ airforce.

    • as

      No they should aid the rebuilding and restoration efforts of the Syrian without necessarily infringe their policy and sovereignty. If they show this efforts earnestly it will disprove any accusations about their being a destabilizing forces. They should do just like they had and no real Iranian soldiers in an odd place.

  • General Surena

    israhell can co any DAMN THİNG.. USA too.

    • Turbofan

      except attack any country with a proper military

  • Tiresia Branding

    interesting it is not a protest, but a warning… indirect confirmation that they had hit the F35. I think

  • Nigel Maund

    IAF – Watch out for more storks!!

  • Brad Isherwood

    Iran can send Syria it’s own BUK M2 mobile SAMs…added to Syria’s Mobile BUK M2,
    Positioned near Golan,Bekka. …they could send 8 or more missiles with tracking fragmentation warheads, …bound to shred an IAF F 16,F 15,or F 35.
    Iran also has their own copy of S 300,…send a few batteries in and continue your R&D on the Zionist Vultures.
    While I do respect Iran’s support of Syria vs Empire,….they also blow smoke out their ass far to often.

  • as

    Seems like the warplane that allegedly hit were already tracked by Syrian and immediately fired at the moment it entered their airspace. As the Syrian have regularly do that (the tracking of their plane) they believe they are sure they won’t be targets as long as they are just skipping between borders and that got them off guard. The Syrian may have launched the SAM from a moving platforms or at least recently set up site as the IAF seemingly unable to respond only to retaliate. The one that got bombed by IAF possibly is the radar stations not the launch platforms responsible for it.

  • John

    hmmmmmmmmm….. indeed… S-200, devoloped in the 1950´s and into service in 1967 ( according to some folks ), speed 5,600 mph ( ouch ) and ………… working like a champ on an F-35.

    The fact that the Syrians were able to pop the world´s most advanced stealth fighter, even to accurately track it, like an Aliied moving truck stuck in mid-town Manhattan rush hour traffic, is pretty stunning. The IAF and Co. can bark all it wants but, this is tragically embarrassing. It should not have even been spotted.

    I am waiting to see the fallout from this, as it leaks out. But, it actually all seems to fit the F-35 history of shananigans. It is a dog, it is hugely expensive and I would love to be a fly on the wll back at the Pentagon right now, with an order of small fries to nibble on..

  • A true war as for the liberation of Syria is about to begin.

  • Vitex

    I wonder if it was a S-200.

  • Ali hiji iddi

    Yes now IRAN you understand now because it’s too much who they think they are lsraeil zaonisim super power they can just do what’s they want enough is enough this you can hear what they have it’s mke then to feeling not want to fight to them but I have to forget lsraeil zaonisim Russia President putin warning them many times but they don’t listen why they have to kills every time atack Syria kills Russia generals becouse this is the time of to tack back part of Syria country golanhay under the law of United Nations which is Russia they are responsible to control all the serial country lsraeil trying to wast time President putin ant United Nation lran China ?????????

  • A_Skri

    iran is cruising for a bruising. assad needs to be careful when he gives the keys to guests.