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Iran’s IRGC Takes Lead Role In Construction Of First ‘All Iranian’ Petroleum Refinery

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Iran’s IRGC Takes Lead Role In Construction Of First ‘All Iranian’ Petroleum Refinery

Iran’s elite IRGC forces are increasingly active in contributing their technological know-how to the nation’s economic and infrastructure development projects

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has begun constructing the first all-Iranian petroleum refinery in the southern Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas, reiterating that Iran will not allow US sanctions to halt the country’s economic and technological progress.

The ground-breaking ceremony for the new refinery, which is to be constructed near the Persian Gulf Star Oil Refinery, was attended by IRGC Chief Commander Major General Hossein Salami on Thursday.

The IRGC’s Khatam al-Anbia Construction Headquarters, an Iranian engineering firm and one of the main contractors involved in the refinery’s construction, will take the lead role in construction of the project while also cooperating with companies from the private sector.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Salami said the construction of the Persian Gulf Star oil refinery, which made the country self-sufficient in the production of gasoline and other gas condensate, was also carried out by Khatam al-Anbia Construction Headquarters.

In an acknowledgement of the importance of the nation’s economic and technological capacities to making national independence and sovereignty a reality, the IRGC’s commander reaffirmed that the IRGC would do all in its power to help the country move on the path of progress despite the US sanctions.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Salami stated: “This oil refinery will be another valuable achievement in the path of self-sufficiency and independence of our Islamic homeland…

The IRGC would use all its capacities to help the Islamic Republic continue to make progress.”

The IRGC has also helped build over 1,000 kilometres of roads across Iran in recent years.

The Iranian general said that the IRGC would never allow any of the country’s development projects to be disrupted by the US sanctions, and emphasized that the enemies’ plots against Iran will be defeated by the Iranian nation’s resolve and determination.

Also addressing the ceremony Saeed Mohammad, director of the Khatam al-Anbia Construction Headquarters, said all stages of designing and constructing the all-Iranian oil refinery had been carried out in coordination with the government “so that we can use our full national capacities to strengthen our country’s economy and independence.”

The refinery will be built at an estimated cost of $460 million and is scheduled to be constructed within 24 months.

The IRGC, a military force tasked with major missions inside and outside Iran, has expanded its development and construction activities over the past years. It’s successes in these tasks have prompted the United States to pile more pressure on the elite force and accuse it of involvement in illegal activities, with the Trump administ6ration also designating the IRGC as a terrorist organization earlier this year.

The Guards have also played a major role in reconstruction activities following the devastating floods that swept through areas in the south, west and north of Iran in March, leaving tens of thousands of people homeless. LINK


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Ivan Freely

Weird that military is responsible for such things, but good for them.

Potato Man

IRGC is not all military buddy just like Hezbollah.

IRGC Chief Vows to Use All Capacities to Help Iran Thrive despite US Bans



Turkish army also has lots of such things, or at least had til 2016.


not responsible, but generals are hungry for some extra cash

Free man

More money to the warlords less money to the people.

Blue In Green

Most people don’t really know this about the IRGC but in Iran they’re more than just an official military branch of the country.

In recent years they’ve spread their influence into many different non-military related sectors of the country. This ranges from commodities industry, energy, oil etc….


cool them shades

Free man

They found another way to rob the wealth of the Iranian people.

Potato Man

They doing good job so far as I can’t see any Western pigman in Iran :)))))))
How about you salty assh0le do some history :))))
There wasn’t coup in Iran….I’m sure…led by CIA and M16 ;))))) I wonder what Salty pigs in UK and US wanted from Iran :) not the Iranian oil and gas I’m sure. ;) ;)

But for real I dislike people like you, why are you like this?

“Mosaddegh had sought to audit the documents of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC), a British corporation (now part of BP) and to limit the company’s control over Iranian oil reserves.”


“They found another way to rob the wealth of the Iranian people.” Are really the one to talk here?
Are now Iranian somehow? or did you join MEK?
It is not your country to talk BS like that and nor are you right on this matter.

US transports stolen Syrian oil, brings in Syria’s Hasakah military vehicles from Iraq: SANA

What were you saying? How dear you….how fuking low of human are you?
You sick in the head…the fuking Zion media really got the best of you, holy tits.


The Iranian general said that the IRGC would never allow any of the
country’s development projects to be disrupted by the US sanctions, and
emphasized that the enemies’ plots against Iran will be defeated by the
Iranian nation’s resolve and determination.

Translation for friends no so familiar with Iran. The target audience of the general’s this part of speech might be our “beloved” president and his oil minister. This is the 7th year of Rohani admin, doing nothing, nothing and arguing that the sanctions are the reason; would you believe it that during this 7 years they didn’t build any new installations for refining and petrochemicals in a freaking oil-exporting country? Our wise oil minister thinks it’s better to sell crude oil to Singapore and buy petrol from them!! Recently with enormous push from the parliament, the oil ministry reluctantly gave permission to build a new refinery -this refinery- but ofcourse did nothing to actually start the construction. This is where Khatam-al-Anbiya HQ comes to play, a very capable construction and engineering firm, created by IRGC the years after the war, when we needed to reconstruct and there was no firm large enough to rebuild the oil and port installations. They initially were active in all fields possible, but as soon as private sector managed to handle a part, the HQ stopped working in that field.

God, only less than 9 months until Rohani’s term is finished. I hope I never see any of his administration in politics ever again. Ofcourse sanctions have an effect, but if you do nothing against them, sorry, if you do your best to ruin everything to prove that we need to negotiate with Americans, you are worse than sanctions. Thankfully we have other checks and balances to limit this guy, although I prefer if parliament removed him so we didn’t have to count days until he leaves the presidential palace.

Potato Man

Who’s Running for President in 2021 in Iran?


Nobody knows. There are some names mentioned here and there but nothing is confirmed yet. Saeed Jalili probably will be one, Mohammad Gharazi (former minister of PTT in distant years, before it change into ministry of Communication and IT) but I don’t think he has much of a chance. I’m not sure who will come from the Rohani gang, They are all have bad reputations after 2 consecutive terms and a lot of mismanagement (if you look at it favourably, otherwise outright treasonous behaviour), maybe Hemmati (head of the central bank) or Soorena Sattari (Rohani’s vice president in technology and science).
Mohsen Hashemi (son of late Hashemi Rafsanjani, current member of useless Tehran city council) is another name but all these names are just guesses.

Presidential elections here is vastly different with for example the US. The whole process takes about 2 months, from the day the names of candidates announced (typically first half of April, then there’s about 2 weeks for background checks and final mergers and coalitions, then candidates have about 20 days for tours and speeches and rallies with predefined and equal times on the national TV) to the day the votes are counted winner is revealed. The election day will be June, 18th and if nothing extraordinary happens, on 19th we’ll know the next president.
There is also the danger of usual unrest and colour revolution scenario around the election time, like any other country which is not a satellite or vassal state. This one I’m sure Rohani’s gang (coalition of Kargozaran and reformists) will shriek about election fraud even before voting starts, despite it is his administration that manages the election.

I personally really hope for a former military candidate. Ghalibaf was the best option as he did a top nudge job at every responsibility he had, from the head of the Khatam-al-Anbiya HQ to commanding the IRGC airforce, commander of the police and the mayor of Tehran, he’s also the Tehran university lecturer (geopolitics) but he’s the speaker of parliament and I’m sure he won’t be in the next elections. His opponents tried their best to find some dirt on him but couldn’t do much, he won in Tehran by a big margin.

But at current situation, anyone or even no one at helm seems like a better option than Rohani!

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