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Iran’s IRGC Releases Photos Showing Alleged Impact Of Missile Attack On ISIS In Syria

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The Aerospace Division of the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has released photos showing an alleged impact of the October 1 missile attack on ISIS targets in Syria’s Euphrates Valley.

According to reports, the IRGC employed at least six ballistic missiles and several unmanned combat aerial vehicles to pound terrorist positions and HQs there. However, the released photos show a relatively low impact of the strikes. So, it’s expected that the IRGC will release more visual content on the issue soon. MORE HERE

Iran's IRGC Releases Photos Showing Alleged Impact Of Missile Attack On ISIS In Syria

Click to see the full-size image

Iran's IRGC Releases Photos Showing Alleged Impact Of Missile Attack On ISIS In Syria

Click to see the full-size image

Iran's IRGC Releases Photos Showing Alleged Impact Of Missile Attack On ISIS In Syria

Click to see the full-size image

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Well, something hit something, but without active intelligence on that spot before the parade attack how does Tehran know ISIS was using those particular buildings?

Daniel Miller

considering that Iran has intellegance and spys in Syria i wont bout them this time.


True, but they definitely have any sort of regular recon flights in that area.


They seem to have a pretty good intelligence setup. The US tried to get a spy into Iran, the Iranians arrested him at the airport, and had pics of the CIA guy going in and out of Abu Ghraib prison.

Jens Holm

Thats right. But they spy on everything they can and seemes to have a drone on the map there too.

Much of it can be true, but also false.


They have “active” intelligence all over Syria…. my god.


Iran is much more reliant on human intelligence. The US is easily blind-sided with fake tanks, buildings, trucks, radio/radar traffic etc.

You can be absolutely sure that Iran has insiders within ISIS and all the other scumbags.

They have thousands of years of experience in this sort of thing.

Zo Fu

Well, didn’t I said last time that Iran has only few modern ballistic missiles ? And didn’t I said that with missiles on similar level like ScudB (comparable to Nazi V2 from WW2) with not very precise guidanance and relatively small warheads it is more about propaganda and possible “lucky hits” then about acomplishing real military tasks ? How one can hit a small object with ballistic missile with “accuracy” 400 meters ? Those low quality pictures looks more like roof damaged by wind then result of devastating ballistic missile attacks. I bet these ones are result of armed drones attacks.


Iranian missiles are being upgraded with Chinese guidance control modules, and now have a 10 meter accuracy. You are living in the past, time to embrace the 21st century and the new empire.

Jens Holm

We will see. Its could be like the USSR jokes in the old days, where all their adventures starts with : Once upon a time, there will come : )

Jens Holm

I think back too. One is that Germans in WW1 acrually bombarded Paris from a distance of 120 km – But the grenades comming were very small.

People in Paris were schocked,but after some days, they got used to it.


Not even remotely comparable. Iranian modern rockets and missiles are not some ww2 era Nazi design.

The strike was in MULTIPLE LOCATIONS using both Drones and BMs. those buildings most definitely did not fall due to “wind” damage. How fucking daft can you be?

I’m gonna start refuting you where ever I see you from now on because you’re quite literally shitting through your fucking mouth all the time like an imbecile.

Oscar Silva Martinez

I guess few imagine this 30 years, the Iran-Iraq was like fighting in the WWII, a war in trenches mostly. Now Iran has modern and long range weapons.

Way to go Iranians!!!

Jens Holm

They are. Most wars in the world, small as big are in that level most of the time.

So far I only have learned well how guerilla infantery of the ISIS kind and partly SDFs(if they had RPGs) can defend and handle hard armed troops and even hide well in low ground.

Oscar Silva Martinez

Until……….they are bombed or hit with missiles!


Well done Iran.



Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I was thinking the same thing, you can get a lot of boom/pressure with a little warhead, check out TOS-1 and TOS-1A sometimes nicknamed Buratino


Well, I am sure Israel and NATO will be checking the satellites to see how well or not Iran’s missiles and Drones are working. Or did they already have people at the sites that learned first hand?

Jens Holm

I have seen many estimates about for now and for the future. As I recall it, their long range missiles now can reach Israel.

Those missiles so far are very inacurate and by that in stead with land at the Westbank or in the Sea. The range is there.

Zionism = EVIL

NATO and US losers stated that 40 terrorists were killed and Iraq released drone footage in real time. This is game changer for the region and Iran has put both the US idiots and their Zionist masters on notice.


funny–like that!

Zo Fu

NATO is probably not impressed with little scale of damage. It is not worth mentioning. If Iran uses it’s drones and obsolete missiles against Israel, Israel would shot them all down and then FUKUS would flat down Iran similar way like they destroyed Raqqa. This is only propaganda, not effective combat mission result.


No evidence other than some BS heresay from you Zo Fu.


Jason Sixx

First one seemsok …. second one good considering size of target cuz half of it collapsed …. and third one real bad . Lets not forget these are single storey buildings so demolition shouldnt be a big feat. Its not like high thick towers or those medium height embassy style buildings in the russian cruise missile videos. Also depends on the type of stone and if iron/steel reinforced slabs …. iraqi buildings seem to crumble so easily compared to syrian ones from my experience of watching so many airstrike vids. Hate to say it but us and israelis have best destructive airstrikes, russians seem to pitter pat sometimes unless they use a thermobaric, a large fab1500+ or 8+ fab500s in a volley with parachutes

Hisham Saber

Ya, like Israeli air strikes on mainly civilian buildings in Gaza , or South Beirut.

The Israeli air force is the most over rated in the world. Where were they when 75,000 IDF troops and two armored battalions got routed by 4500 Hezbollah fighters in 2006?

The images we are seeing are from the drone strikes, not the ballistic missiles with high explosive yields between 750-850 kg’s.

Jens Holm

Only biased propaganda.

Jason Sixx

They done very accurate and destructive airstrikes on huge hamas compounds and nuclear reactors, as well as residential towers,its the truth even if israel is the enemy. Russia has the best air defense though so all good :)

Jason Sixx

ALSo it clearly says missile attack in this article and in the press release, no way drones would do the damage in second scenario. They seem good enough i would say

Jens Holm

I agree in those, but Iran has more accurate ones for lower distance.

Joe Doe

ballistic missiles but very little damage. Not much to much impress or scare West


The US fired 57 Tomahawks and 19 JASSM at Syria, but only hit one target, the Barzah Research centre.


Zo Fu

Mr IDIOT, Tomahawks are cruise missiles, subsonic and light, they are not ballistic missiles, supersonic and heavy. Just for your information. Tomahawk weight : 1.300 kg on start Small ballistic missile like V2 12.000 kg on start Big ICBM like SATAN 209.000 kg on start

Tomahawk speed on impact 800 km/h Ballistic missile speed on impact : 5000- 25000 km/h

You don’t have clue what are you talking about.

Luke Hemmming

The point that he made was that the US fired 76 missiles/icbm/military munitions or whatever you want to call it AND only 1, let me repeat that, ONLY 1, HIT a target. Iran hits 6 targets. My maths tells me that statistically Iran was more successful than the US. I think the US got butthurt much and the fact that the US didn’t detect missiles or drones. Hmmm great US air defence…NOT!!! Lol so US, you lose this time…AGAIN!!! see ya wouldn’t want to be ya. Go and have a cry.

Zo Fu

Exactly. Iran wants war against Saudi and Israel but he is technologically 40 years behind. I don’t know why Iran is playing this propaganda bullshit, remains me Saddam Husein’s propaganda during Desert Storm. Just empty words and devastating defeat afterwards.


Some people’s mental capacities 4000 years behind.


In jets Iran is behind, in tanks its catching up, In radars its up there, in missiles its catching up rapidly and even out performing them. In naval area, Iran is indeed way behind. Cyber warfare, Iran is a leading country as stated many times by US and other nations.

Desert Storm and Iran are bad examples and you know it. Saddam military was under sanctions left and right and the Pentagon will never release the real death count figures for how many soldiers died in the many wars against Iraq.

The sheer amount of vile coming from you in order to smeer Irans capabilities is insane. You fucking troll!


The only ones wanting war is the West and it´s henchmen. Be it Israel, the US whoever – their message is always “do tit/tat or we will attack”. Any statement coming from Iran just says: Do not attack us, you will regret it.

You must check your “reading content and actually understanding it” skills. There seems to be some grave malfunction. You don´t want to look hilarious all the time, do you?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The amount of damage though not irrelevant, is a secondary issue, the main issue for both the US and Israel is, the pin point accuracy needed to hit these targets just 5km from coalition forces and from a 400km+ range, with not even one of the Iranian missiles hitting the wrong targets. Though many of us would have been quite happy to see one of the Iranian missiles accidently hit a mob of US special services personnel, it wouldn’t have been as an effective demonstration of the missiles accuracy. Accurate stealthy and unstoppable, that’s what the Israelis and the US would have learnt from this Iranian strike. If the US had seen them coming they would have shot all the Iranian missiles out of the Sky, there was no early warning by Iran, so the US would have had no idea who the real intended targets were, and would have responded to the incoming missiles as the enemy, if they’d seen them coming that is. But they didn’t even see them coming and couldn’t do anything about it anyway, well do nothing but watch the fireworks and thank God they weren’t the real intended targets that is This wasn’t just a retaliatory strike against Isis, it was both a warning and demonstration of Iran’s true capabilities, and the US and Israel are in no doubt now as to just how good they really are, they’ve seen it with their own eyes, and so have we now. The missiles used had a max range of 800km and Israel is only 1,000km from Iran, with a 1,200km range the Iranians could hit any target in Israel with pinpoint accuracy, and the Israeli radars might not even see them coming, at least not until it was too late. Is it any wonder that Iran is being portrayed as public enemy number one in the MSM. As to the photo evidence showing minimal damage don’t jump to conclusions, 1 it may have been damage from the drone strikes, they just used small bombs, 2 it may have also been damage from a Zulfiqar missile, though they can have a 750kg warhead like the Qiam missiles that were also used, I’m sure the Iranians would’ve fitted the Zulfiqar missile with MRV [multiple reentry warheads] that strike several targets simultaneously, the targets were mostly personnel and vehicles with a few light buildings, so 750kg warheads are overkill, 3 X 250kg warheads are more effective against light targets spread all over the place. It’s the accuracy and stealth of the missiles which is most important, an accurate missile that can strike before it’s detected is something the US and Israel fear more than anything. The Qiam missiles the Iranians used are also nuke capable, if the Israelis can’t see these missiles coming and they’re nuke capable, guess what that means.


According to the Persian sources, the warheads were indeed lightened because targets were located in a populated area. They needed to dispatch some terrorists, not level the neighbourhood.

Also they said Sepah didn’t use observer drones to film the impact because it’s presence would tell the Americans something is going on and they would call the intended targets.

One other thing, Sepah says the attack drones took off from Iran and returned there. Apparently they didn’t seek permission from Iraqis and so far Americans didn’t show anything to prove they saw the UCAVs over Iraq or eastern Syria, which is interesting.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’d be very surprised if the Iranians hadn’t coordinated this strike with both the Iraqis and the Syrians, possibly even the Russians as well, even if we didn’t hear about it in the news and never ever do. The last thing the Iranians would want is to harm their relationship with either Iraq or Syria, an unannounced and uncoordinated strike that accidently hit allied targets or civilians could harm that relationship in many unforeseen ways, and I doubt very much the Iranians would risk that. They only have 2 real friends in the whole world and they’re Syria and Iraq, the Shia Crescent as the MSM like to call them, they’re coordinating everything they do lately, politically, economically and strategically, if they hadn’t also coordinated this action, I’d not only be surprised, I’d be mortified at how stupid they were for not doing so. Cheers.


AFAIK, Syria was formally informed and their consent was given, but I haven’t heard anything about permission for UAVs from Iraqi government. Probably because Sepah didn’t want Americans to know about the flight in advance. Maybe they informed the Iraqi military, I’m not sure though.

It will become clear when Sepah gives more details about the drone attack after missiles.


it’s pretty clear that Irans strike was effective and credible given that no other nation came out saying otherwise. If Iran had botched the strike then Israel, US would be shitting all over Irans capabilities left and right.

There silence and subsequent muted response speaking volumes to the actual outcomes of the operation.


The only response the US gave was that it was reckless!


The US calling these strikes reckless is like Michael Bay declaring that the new Star Wars movies are all special FX and lack any real stories.

Concrete Mike

LOL great metaphor


but I haven’t heard anything about permission for UAVs from Iraqi government

so, iran is desperate state

Gary Sellars

Oh, go away idiot… return to sucking on your Putin doll.


Oh yes it is. Protecting 80 millions and an ancient land is no small feat.

Solomon? Do you beat “it” for Putin?


iran is as desperate like usa. agressive, attacking another countries. + ugly ayatollahs, islamic dictatorship. destroy it, too!


Persia??? thi is blasphemy! a pagan name for an saint islamic country :DDD


No Solomon, Persian is the language, but you knew that. Why do you change your username all the time? Do you owe money to some drug lord? Don’t give me some BS like the last time!


farsi is a language, which is far not persian :P


Far from what? You’re begging for a good beating, but I’m not into BDSM. Go find someone else.

This and other comments will self-destruct in 48 hours

Well said.

Indeed, I think that is the point of the Iranian action.

And a very telling point.

No wonder part of the new American Israeli-inspired rage over Iran involves demanding Iranian missile technology.

I think they have surprised many people.

This is not the result of ballistic missile impact . Stop talking bullshit. Just kinetic energy of dummy missile without any warhead would cause more significant damage to the buildings. I estimate this is an impact of some 5-10kgTNT warhead , probably carried by unguided missile fired from light UCAV. This is not high tech. Everybody can put hands on similar technology, even “terrorist” groups. Components can be bought in every hobby shop.


The only person here talking bullshit here is you Zo. You have no evidence to the contrary and are constantly down playing Irans capabilities like troll. I guess we got another troll on SouthFront…. one of the many…

“I estimate this is an impact of some 5-10kgTNT warhead , probably carried by unguided missile fired from light UCAV”. To hit a building like this you need a guided warhead, wtf are even taking about? These are not some random hits, they are pre-determined targets and until there is information from other sources refuting Irans claims, what Iran says stands.

“Just kinetic energy of dummy missile without any warhead would cause more significant damage to the buildings.” Wrong on so many accounts. If the warhead was made of tungsten or heavy metals, given the speed its coming down at, it can very well decimate the target through blunt force impact alone. This is PHYSICS in action.

Again, the design of Irans BMs are now modular. They have varied payloads, not just huge bombs all the time. If Iran wanted to level the buildings they could have but they decided to go with smaller scale bombs to minimize civilian casualties. Main purpose of this recent showing was to demonstrates Irans long reach. over 500km with accuracy like that is scary for any nation going up against Iran.

Zo Fu

Hah. This is the guy doing that “damage”. Israel and Saudi are not scared by these hobby toys.


Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Have you ever been deployed, have you ever seen and felt war, the blasts, the heat, the power of KE weapons?

If you know anything about the CEP/Payload ratio, you would know that the more precise a weapon is, the less boom it needs; if you can decide what window your weapon uses, you dont need anything more than the power of a few handgrenades (Not the gay handgrenades the US uses, but those we use/used in the Royal Danish Army.

Its obvious that you are so used to seeing entrie compunds and cityblocks blow up to kill a single or a few dudes/dudettes, that you are unable to comprehend that in the end, a single wellplaced handgrenade can do the job.

Hobby toys you call them, funny, Israel have been using toys for years and years now against Lebanon and Syria and Saudi´s is using toys agains the Yemen freedom fighters, so you contradict yourself there.

Zo Fu

Repeating like broken gramophone. Ballistic missile with supersonic speed and weight of several tons would wipe out whole block of buildings even if warhead didn’t detonated and on pictures is only minor damage to one particular target. You people don’t have clue what are you talking about. Pointless discussion. Don’t forget put likes on your bullshits.

Zo Fu


Zo Fu

Nonsense. Iran claimed attack of ballistic missiles and it is bullshit. I want to see proof. Those pictures are results of 10kg TNT detonation or so. Or let me it explain once more, for very stupid people. I’ll scale yield of detonation from 0 to 10.000 which represent very small and crude ballistic missile like V2 or ScudB.

Drone (or what Iran presented us as a proof of ballistic missile detonation) 1 Cruise missile (like US Tomahawk) 1000 Ballistic missile (like V2 or ScudB) 10.000

And now let me explain technological difficulties to guide those weapons with 1m accuracy on target.on the same scale 0 – 10.000

Drone 1 Tomahawk 1000 Ballistic missile 10.000

Very similar, huh ? I know, ordinary people are stupid as hell but what Iran is doing is just one piece of bat shit crazy propaganda aimed on totally uneducated people.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

So you have never experienced war? I have experienced war, i have wiped off the blood of my friends weapons, i have felt the explosions, i have heard my countrymen yell for help after being hit by an IED, i have been at more funerals that anyone should, i have seen a unbiased results of explosion, what have you done?

Have you seen a video on youtube or read an article on wikipedia and therefore you are 100% more knowledgeable than me about explosions and detonations and the effect? Have you completed Battlefield on day one and therefore you must be a military genius?

Every single drone, missile, plane, shell etc is just the delivery platform, the size of the platform does not 100% reflect the boom it deliveres, the bigger the platform does not mean the bigger the boom. Therefore the math you just did just shows how little you really know about weaponplatforms.

The photo you posted is, if i remember correct, from WW2 after a german rocket(could be a V1 or a V2, most likely a V1), witch is focused on massive and total destruction no matter the civilian losses, it is in no way a surgical strike or precision weapon, the Germans was happy if just they hit London, V1 and V2 could not hit anything with any kind of accuracy, not even an airfield, therefore the bigger boom.

So the more precise your platform is = the smaller the warhead = smaller missile = smaller TEL = easier to hide

John Whitehot

“And now let me explain technological difficulties to guide those weapons with 1m accuracy on target.on the same scale 0 – 10.000”

where is the explanation? what I’m seeing is random numbers.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You misread my post, perhaps you should read it again. I never once claimed the photo evidence was definitely from ballistic missile strikes. I proposed it may have been either drone damage or perhaps even an MRV warhead, which could mean as many as 15 separate warheads, or even more with cluster munitions, as many as 50 separate warheads. My post you’re responding to is all about the accuracy of the missile strikes and not about the damage they did. I’m a heterosexual man, I don’t talk bullshit, I may make mistakes from time to time, but I can assure you I never bullshit anyone, not even the LGBTQI trolls who continually write rude messages like yours.


Willing Conscience (The Truths

I think you should reread my post, It was the accuracy of the missiles that impressed me, not the damage shown in the photos. I said in my post that the damage shown was most likely caused by the small bombs the drones carried, or possibly a MRV missile. MRV could hold as many as 15 separate high yield warheads, or in a cluster setup as many as 50 small warheads. 750kg divided by 15 is 50kg warhead, 750kg divided by 50 is 15kg warhead. I don’t think there would have been many 750kg warheads in any of the missiles, the targets didn’t warrant that sort of destruction, only light buildings, vehicles, and personnel. The missiles used were a combo of Qiam and Zulfiqar, the latter would have been equipped with MRV’s and only the Qiam’s would’ve had the 750kg warheads. The Qiam’s probably took out any reinforced buildings or bunkers, and the Zulfiqar’s all the light stuff. There may have only been 1 Qiam missile with a 750kg warhead and all the rest were Zulfiqars with MRV’s, we don’t know yet, you’re jumping to conclusions without any corroborating evidence to back up your claims. You can call me a liar but you’re wrong about that as well, I don’t lie, maybe I get it wrong sometimes, but I never lie. In this case I think I’m 100% right. And why be so rude, can’t you discuss things without being so rude.

You are impressed by accuracy of an unguided missile or gliding bomb fired from slow flying drone on distance 100 meters or so ? And what is impressing you ? Remote control , GPS navigation, TV camera, propeller, petrol engine, wings made from plastic ? Go to the hobby shop and buy it for couple thousands of dollars and you have the same technology out of the box.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Missile is as a rule guided, rockets are as a rule not, so saying unguided missile makes absolutely no point.

“Glide bombs” as you call them is meant to be launched from several kilometers away, not so close you could hit it with an airgun, the purpose of gliding to the target is that the launchplatform can deploy the weapon from far out avoiding getting into the defensive sphere of the target area.

“And what is impressing you ? Remote control , GPS navigation, TV camera, propeller, wings made from plastic ?”

That is very close to every single drone/UAV in the world for you there, developed and build by the FUKUS, chine, russia, india, pakistan etc etc

John Whitehot

and what impresses you?

poor the idiots that think that the price tag is what define impressive or “high” technology.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The US and Israel had no warning of this attack, their early warning radars didn’t pick up the missiles low signatures until it was too late, I’m impressed. The new radar systems the US installed in Al-Hasakah governate were supposed to stop this happening, they didn’t, I’m doubly impressed. The Missiles struck close to their intended targets [official US statement], 5-10meters, I’m impressed. The missiles didn’t accidently hit the US forces stationed only 5km away from Isis, I’m doubly impressed. Look at the US/Israeli response to this latest attack if you really want to know just how good or bad these missiles are. Have they been saying how useless and inaccurate they are, how easy to they are to detect and dispatch. No they’re not. To anyone following this argument I’ll ask you just one question, if you were the US commander in charge of protecting your own forces in that area, would you have allowed 6 Iranian missile to approach your forces under any circumstance. Even if you were aware that your own forces weren’t the intended targets, but also knowing that the real intended targets were only 5km from your own forces, just a stones throw away. But of course you wouldn’t be aware that your forces weren’t the intended targets, the Iranians didn’t announce the strike. And you’ve also been told that Iranian missiles are very inaccurate and unpredictable, would you if you were the US commander allow the Iranian missiles to endanger your forces. The US has never ever allowed that to happen not even once, and I’ll bet never ever will, and no, this wasn’t the first time they did allow it to happen, this is the first time they’ve been unable to stop it happening, that’s what impresses me the most, but not you. What would impress you?

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

As a Iraq Vet, serving alongside the US and UK (among other) forces, i can with 100% guarantee say that no western forces would ever allow those missiles to reach their target if they could stop them, a danger to your forces directly or not.

So yes, im leaning more to that they did not know the missiles where there and/or was´n able to stop them.

Unless…. Another deeply idiotic civilian/politic order came that they was not allowed to stop them and pretent they did´n see them.

A soldiers worst enemy is politicians.

John Whitehot

“Just kinetic energy of dummy missile without any warhead would cause more significant damage to the buildings.”

someone explain this individual that most warheads in ballistic missile detach from the missile body before hitting the target.

the iranian just proved they have accurate weapons that don’t need tons of explosives.

“This is not high tech”

LoL. you solomonites will never get it right.

John Whitehot

“an accurate missile that can strike before it’s detected is something the US and Israel fear more than anything.”

Exactly spot on, and the reason of 90% of the comments on this page.

Joe Dickson

They could have done that with a mortar. It certainly isn’t the work of ballistic missiles that would have leveled the entire block.

Zo Fu

Mortar is one option and light attack drone with some 20kg unguided missile fired from short distance is second option.


Reports from various Iranian sources say that the BMs used have modular warheads. Meaning that they can increase or decrease the destructive payload of them.

also two things to mention. Iran didn’t want to level the entire neighborhood, just specific targets and secondly by the small amount of pictures shown this is only one site, Iran attacked around 2 or more sites.

Jim Prendergast

Iran can re-decorate Saudi backed terrorist camps in Syria easily. Very good.

John Whitehot

strange that sf never used the word “alleged” when isreal or the us are the ones performing strikes.

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