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Iran’s IRGC Launch Ballistic Missiles At Naval Targets During Large-Scale Drill (Video, Photos)

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On the final stage of Payambar-e Azam 15 [the Great Prophet 15] large-scale drill, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) launched a barrage of ballistic missile at naval targets.

A number of Emad, Sejjill and Ghadr medium-range ballistic missiles were launched by the IRGC Aerospace Force on January 16 morning at hypothetical enemy warships 1,800 km away in the northern part of the Indian ocean.

Emad and Ghadr, both derivative of the older Shahab-3 missile, have a range of around 2,000 km. Sejjill missile range varies from 2,000 to 2,500 km depending on the version.

Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri said the display of power was a “meaningful choice,” warning the enemies of Iran that any threats will draw a harsh response.

“Choosing a bunch of long-range missiles against naval targets illustrates that if the enemies of the Islamic Republic have ill intentions against our national interests, maritime trade routes, and territory, they will come under missile strike and will be destroyed,” the Tasnim News Agency quoted Baqeri as saying.

During the first stage of the Payambar-e Azam 15 drill, the IRGC Aerospace Force targeted a hypothetical enemy base protected by air-defense systems with missiles and drones.

Earlier this week, the Iranian Navy held a live-fire drill in the northern part of the Indian ocean. Several types of Iranian-made cruise missiles and torpedoes were tested. A US nuclear submarine was caught spying on the drill.

According to Maj. Gen. Baqeri, Iranian forces will hold more intensive exercises and drills in the upcoming five days to demonstrate its readiness.

Iran is rightfully worried of a last-minute military adventure by US President Donald Trump, who is set to leave office in a few days. Tensions in the Persian Gulf reached the unpreceded level during Trump’s presidency.


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Emad Irani

1.800 km Anti-Ship… RIP US Navy


Stop with your ballistic missiles threat, it doesn’t impress us here. Saddam thought he was brave too, when he shot Scuds here, he was lucky russia warned him to stop before we vaporized his country. Iran is no exception, any missile coming here and Tehran will regret it dearly. This is not a threat, this is what will happen.

Emad Irani

scuds hahahhaa nothing compared to mach 18 missiles dude


You can shoot mach 20 for all I care, shoot it over here and you wil lfeel our response. So don’t bark too much, all of your ballistic missiles are good for show off, nothing more.

Emad Irani

we don’t make big missiles for Israel anymore, our smallest are enough for you. Beside that last time I destroyed you during a missile discussion because you are a fool who don’t know the difference between endo atmospheric and exo atmospheric anti air systems, so shut the fuck up Hasbara idiot


I don’t think you understand, I don’t give a shit about what missiles you have or which ones you can shoot over here. I don’t mess with missiles, I am part of the ground forces and what I do best is hunt down your shia proxy scums. Now, dare to shoot it over here and we will wipe out your country. Understand?

Emad Irani

I don’t see any ground force in Lebanon or Syria, only some planes hitting empty buildings. Are you the ground force with diapers? Or the ones who rape Israeli women soldiers? hahah anyway you should carry about missiles with low yield warhead ;)


Ask your Hamas friends, they felt me good during August 2014. Regarding your Hezbo rats, where is Nasrallah? why didn’t he respond? God knows I waited for them at the border and they did jack shit. I love big talkers like you, not so brave when we come for you.


Did you ever wait for the Germans?

Emad Irani

you waited at the border? Northern ISraeli borders who are cleared for 5 months, replaced by some robots and a few female soldiers patrolling there? Israel faked an injured soldier rushing to hospital in order to stop Hezbollah from responding hahahaha and this photo was taken by Hezbollah to show your braveness Hasbara idiot
comment image


The top brass made their mistakes, i don’t deny it. I thought it was ridicolous to use robots or fake injuries, we don’t need this crap. We wanted to enter Lebanon, if Hezbollah really wanted to kill IDF soldiers they could do it. But they didn’t, and it’s not because they didn’t want to.

Emad Irani

killing a few drug addicted Israeli soldiers is not the solution. Hezbollah will strike deep in Israel itself. Is has 100.000 missiles which can target every point in Israel. We know your films and cartoons and your fake injured soldiers, robots and female soldiers, all this will not help you anymore


Please do, let’s see what remains of Lebanon after that.

Free man

You’re wasting your time with this guy. Iran is run by cowards, they won’t respond to the Israeli bombings. On the other hand, Netanyahu won’t order an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.
So a war between the two is not expected in the near future.

Jim Allen

Apparently you missed the former head of Israeli Intelligence Services, Yakov Kedmi’s remarks on the topic of the results of a US military conventional war against Iran.
His comments began with: “US cannot defeat Iran in”……
(Vesti 60 minutes a couple years ago)
You may find the video enlightening.


Page 770 – The Complete Diaries of Theodor Herzl:

The Kaiser is said to have told the Sultan: Everywhere the Jews are a nuisance which we should like to get rid of.


It’s because you wiped half of Beirut in order not to receive a very limited response a la ‘tit-for-tat’, showing therefore your lack of humanity and willingness to do the darkest of things

Jim Allen

6kt tactical nuke. The second time IDF attacked Lebanon with nuclear weapons. The first was in 2006, when IDF received a humiliating strategic defeat from the legitimate Lebanese militia Hezbollah. Now twice the size it was in 2006, better armed, trained, and supplied, also battle hardened fighting beside SAA in defense of Syria.
There is no guarantee the arrogant sociopaths, and lunatics won’t attack Iran, or other countries despite their acute awareness they cannot prevail.
They somehow believe themselves superior, despite having been defeated at least 109 times in history.
The pretenders did manage to inflict heavy losses upon unarmed civilian populations. Their US military protection proved insufficient to reach their criminal objectives. Pretenders have a penchant for grossly underestimating the enemy, while grossly overestimating their own capabilities, as well as blundering in the attempts to carry out their ridiculously complex, and absurd plans to advance their Globalist agenda’s to subjugate the world in their NWO, then their world
de-population agenda. Underway since 1992. 196 countries have signed onto this UN sponsored genocide.


Let me guess: you never hunted down the Germans
that you claim killed 6 million of your people but
instead decided to hunt down their money, little
European alien cowards.


They were looking everywhere for a place where to dump you and the
axe fell on Palestine.

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Kennedy) to the Secretary of State
London, August 31, 1938

I talked to him about the Jewish situation. He said he was not very well up on it except that Winterton had told him [apparent omission] do in Berlin about placing Jews in Rhodesia and Kenya, but just how many they cannot tell yet. He believes that as settlement is attempted on the Jews in Austria and Germany, other countries who want to get rid of their Jews will be encouraged to throw them out, hoping that America, England and France will find some way of taking care of them.


Emad Irani

you are feared because you compared Iran with Iraq, and Iranian missiles with Scuds :) and I said Scuds are toys compared to Iranian missiles nothing more. But I know, you have a pain


Then do it, no need to use threats.


The Ashkenazi entity gets the best IS fighter jets and the
best weapons that are not available to the Arabs. They
call it ‘qualitative edge’. If the US made available to
Somalia the best US weapons not available to the rest
of the African countries, Somalia should be expected
to win all wars against all African countries. It would not
be the Somalis winning the wars but the superior weapons,

Emad Irani

your whole argumentation ends always with “then do it”. I hope the best for your ground forces khkhkh


Because I am a man of actions, been so everytime my country needed me. I still have almost 2 more years to give before I retire from service, don’t disappoint me Emad.

Emad Irani

hahaha so a fossil ground force. You see the US where they are now? Same will happen to u dear Zio


Does being hated by your Christian European neighbors
means that you get free Arab land?


The entity has been sliding rapidly in military power despite
the infusion of billions in US dollars and the best US military
weapons. Today, the entity is in 5th place behind …

1. Egypt in 1st place and 60 percent stronger than the entity.

2. Turkey in 2nd place and 50 percent stronger than the entity.

3. Iran in 3rd place and 40 percent stronger than the entity.

4. Saudi in 4th place and slightly stronger than the entity.

5. The entity is in 5th place and was in 3rd place only a year ago.



I don’t think so IZ, and you know why. Stop with the empty one-liners please, it’s too easy, and means exactly nothing with regards to reality and makes look like a fool, which I don’t believe you are.

The ballistic deterrent works and has been working ever since 2007-2008 and major milestones achieved by Iran in the missile field, and recognized. I will be the first to say that Israel could have inflicted massive damage to Iran had it made the decision to launch a 80-planes strong attack on Iran before that time, it’s airspace was full of holes and most its air-defense network was antiquated, plus its missiles were still mostly Scud-derivatives that were notoriously imprecise, that’s why they were called “city busters” : you target a building in the center, your missile ends up at the other edge of town. That was Saddam, and his handful of poorly-modified Scud called the Al-Amoud, if I recall correctly.

Iran is another beast altogether with a full-blown, mature, extensive and longstanding industrial and R&D program produced assets that are leaps and bonds ahead of anything the Iraqis could ever hope for, and some of their best recent assets such as the Zulfiqar that you see hitting all of their target with pinpoint accuracy are comparable to their Russian/Chinese/Western counterparts. They don’t even *belong* in the same discussion.

The IDF desperately wanted to take down the nuclear program by kinetic force on Natanz, Bushehr and Arak for 20 years straight, but nothing such has ever, or will ever materialize, and that’s for two reasons :

1 – Iranian advances and major consolidation of its IADS + integration with its modernized fighter squadrons over the years that makes the possibility of Israeli pilots getting killed or captured over Iran a complete certainty, and not just probable statistics.

2 – Those very “useless” ballistic missiles that can shatter Israeli infrastructure in a matter of minutes like no other country has ever managed to do, in the whole of its existence.

Bottom line is : No matter what happens to Iran when you call uncle Sam to the rescue, the prospective damage you guys would sustain both to their defenses and retaliation options before they intervene is enough to stop any cabinet away from an actual strike.

Israel will never strike Iran short of having the US move in first, period. And if it ever walks the talk of such folly, it will cry for generations.

A move which even the likes of Donald couldn’t sell to the Pentagon in the end. Even Pompous Mike finally grew some wisdom in the face of hard data furnished to him by his aides and backed down from that obsession.

Kenny Jones ™

Iran has the THAAD killer missile, they can target whatever they want, and who knows how many advanced missiles they have in their allied countries, expanding the missile range to the depths of Europe and Africa


Yes that anti-radar variant of the Zulfiqar is called the “Hormuz”, boasts a HARM-like homing guidance and it was tested publicly a couple years back. Its latest iterations has yet to be unveiled but considering the show of force I’m guessing we’ll hear about it very soon.


I didn’t threaten to attack Iran now gryzor, it was this dumb Emad that thinks he can shoot ballistic missiles over here and nothing would happen. I add this link to all of you, I hope your Iranian mates take it seriously (I know you do gryzor) and let’s hope we won’t get to that point.


Ok, indeed I guess anyone at this point drawing first blood will get rewarded with immense suffering that will reverberate for decades in respective homes.

As for outright dropping nukes, you know my position on that… you don’t want to be alive in Israel the day after that happens, and I’m not talking only about Iran..

This is exactly why I continue to believe and hope for nothing to happen. A frozen conflict is infinitely better than opening Pandora’s box between very powerful countries.


Agreed, sadly you and Garga are the only 2 normal iranian here I can talk with reason. Take care my friend.


Believe me IZ, there are million more like this in and outside of Iran loving their country beyond the scope of politics and hate the other “camp” ill-wishing against them as a whole. I’m a prime example : I cannot take the theocracy and live outside of it. But I will stand for Iran if the country gets attacked fro outside. We will solve our problems ourselves if it comes to that, nobody else has the right to interfere in our history, let alone if takes Iranian lives in the process. I guess this is true of Israel as well. I hate extremists equally wherever they originate from. Extreme-right Zionists, Islamists both Sunni and Shia, and Neo-Evangelists. The world would be better off without that kind of crowd specially in power.

Kenny Jones ™

Fact is you can’t stand against Iran without the US, and also a fact is the US military can’t help you because it’s needed at home, there are more US troops currently in DC than in your state

Great Khan

Hahaha,,,,,,,hamster,,,,boltu boy

Jim Allen

Yes, pretender response: A gentle breeze with a hint of roast Khazar spreading across the region.
Oh, I almost forgot, your powerful, and not scared pretender military forces are going to demonstrate the latest strategic weapons developed to defeat pretender enemies with advanced verbal threat technology, and sabre rattling. Capable of delivering pinpoint bullying up to 8.3 million km ranges. No analog exists.


Washington, October 10, 1973

Nixon: There is a serious situation in the Middle East. It has developed into something tougher than the Israelis anticipated.

Kissinger: The Israelis were caught with their pants down—unmobilized.

Nixon: The Israeli tank losses have been extremely heavy. We won’t violate the confidence by giving you figures, but they are far heavier than anticipated.

Kissinger: If the Arabs start to win, all the Arabs will jump in. Israel has suffered the equivalent of 100,000 killed.

Nixon: We will not let Israel go down the tube.


Note: without the US helping them, the International Jews would have
been back in Poland cooking gefilte fish.

Ashok Varma

But you are a gay teenager so you are only impressed by cute gandu boys on Grinder .


No I am not Ashok, Have you fucked your goat today?


Israel’s Rape Epidemic

2006 — President Moshe Katsav, is currently under criminal investigation on charges of rape.

2006 — Israeli Troops Face Probe on Rape Charge

2010 — Israeli ‘guru’ charged with rape

2011 — Former Israel president Moshe Katsav begins jail term for rape


2015 — Indictments served in Air Force rape case

2016 — Israeli General Faces Double Rape Charge

2016 — IDF chief Rabbi: Jewish law permitws rape of gentile during war

2016 — IDF General Indicted for Rape and Indecent Acts

2016 — Ex-Israeli Commander Must Confess and Apologize Over Rape Charges, or Plea Deal May Be Revoked

2016 — Tel Aviv Nightclub Owner Charged With Rape and Other Sex Offenses

2016 — In Israel Too, SlutWalks Expose the Culture of Rape

2016 — Former Israeli President Moshe Katsav released early after five years in jail for rape


2016 — Israeli general charged in rape of female subordinates offered plea deal

2016 — Police seek rape charges for local council leader

2016 — Rabbi David Harrison Indicted on Dozens of Rape Counts

2016 — Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Arrested for Raping Nieces “Hundreds of Times”

2017 — Don’t tell us how to dress – tell men not to rape

2017 — Jerusalem Ad Agency Owner Indicted for Raping Six Employees

2017 — Israel Police Won’t Hold Suspects in Gang Rape

2017 — In Israel, one out of every seven women in Israel is raped during her life and one out of every six is a victim of incest

2017 — Convicted Israeli Sex Offender Charged With Violent Rape While Under State Supervision

2017 — IDF soldier charged with raping, assaulting female comrade

2017 — Safed rabbi convicted of rape for ‘sex therapy’

2017 — Israel’s Rape Epidemic

Great Khan

Hahaha,,,,,,Jew boy …boltu

Great Khan

Hahaha,,,,little Jew….boltu boy ,,,Pushkshipoopoo in diaper,,,Great Khan enjoy Hahaha


“Saddam thought he was brave too, when he shot Scuds here, he was lucky Russia warned him to stop before we vaporized his country”
Did you ever stop to think that Israel is in a weaker position today, because it supported the second Gulf conflict, and now you have the Shia crescent to contend with? :/


comment image?w=400


comment image?w=300


Kenny Jones ™

What Iran needs to do next is heavily populate Cuba and Venezuela with these missiles, they need to cover all inches of the world

Emad Irani

mostly drones or short range missiles (ADS or CM)

Emad Irani

tactical MRBM never. Especially with Sejil 2 still a mystery after 10 years. Count on drones or ADS or CM


Well I’ve been banned from the Christian News Network and from the Economic Collapse blog for speaking the truth. Apparently Facebook and Twitter are not the only ones who are hypocrites when it comes their belief in ‘free speech”.

Everything I have said on those sites and here, unless obviously opinion, is true.

Will Southfront ban me too? Let’s see.

The U.S. Constitution effectively bans God from legislation with the 1st Amendment. But it has absolutely no restrictions on godless legislation. That is why the country is falling apart now. The Republicans and Democrats are just two sides of the same coin and both are special interest groups that have hijacked the electoral system for power and money.

The Constitution is a deceptive lie. US democracy does not mean freedom but it does give freedom to godless people. Also in the Declaration of Independence it states that people are not created equal which is a lie according to God, history and reality. But because of this declaration people are being forced to accept every degeneracy as equal.

I could go on with more deceptions of the Constitution but I don’t want to write a book. The U.S. is not a Christian nation and never has been and is evil through and through. A country that is based on lies and eliminates God’s moral foundation is destined to degenerate.

We are seeing the fruit of what was planted by the founders of this country.


20,000 troops at the capitol for Joe Biden’s VIRTUAL inauguration. WHY?

True Christians in the U.S are about to see tough times. You can tell the posers because they fly the American flag(Idol) in their yards and behind their pulpits.

Servet Köseoğlu

Both countries have second-strike capability and will never-ever attack to each other directly.


One country is legit and the other one are Europeans
who like to think they are Israelite squatting on stolen

Free man

I agree, Iran is run by cowards. They won’t respond to the Israeli bombings and the killing of the scientist. Netanyahu won’t order the bombing of the Iranian nuclear facilities. And the Americans won’t attack Iran for Netanyahu.
So no war between the two is expected any time soon.

Furkan Sahin

Servet I am officially voting for Mustafa Sarigul next election
Care Sarigul the best

Ashok Varma

Very impressive by any standard. India was informed by Iran as the target was in the north Indian Ocean and INS pickets saw the destructive power and accuracy of Iranian missiles. Well done.

Great Khan

Iran brother STRONK!

cechas vodobenikov

Israel will not attack Iran
in a true war Iran would inflict far more damage
when bankrupt US empire disintegrates in the next few years they will no longer subsidize Israel 3.8 billion$ annually; now they use US money to bomb sand dunes in Syria and claim victory


that’s the official sum but if you include what various jewish groups transmit on a regular basis, you’re probably talking say another 10 billion bucks for the war effortsof the jews in palestine.

if I send one penny in support of ISIS I am guilty of breaching the law and prison awaits me but when a jew in the disunited states of A sends xx$$ to the jews in palestine it’s fine and dandy even though any penny going in to the jews in palestine directly or indirectly are supporting the war crimes the jews in palestine are guilty of every day – murder of women and children and the theft of land on a scale not seen since old adolf. forbid money transfers to the jews and you will see a quickly disintegrating illegal statehood.

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