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Iran’s IRGC Eliminated Subversive Group One Day After Saying Natanz Incident Was Sabotage

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Iran's IRGC Eliminated Subversive Group One Day After Saying Natanz Incident Was Sabotage

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On August 24th, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) eliminated a secret subversive group.

The Iranian state media refer to it as a ‘team of terrorists.’

“Last night, a counter-revolutionary terrorist group affiliated to the global arrogance that intended to penetrate deep into our country’s territory was caught in the intelligence net spread by Hamzeh Seyed al-Shohada Base fighters in the general area of Maku,” a statement released by IRGC’s Hamzeh Seyed al-Shohada Base said.

The IRGC’s forces engaged the group in the general area of Maku and destroyed it.

The team reportedly had 3 members, and all of them were killed.

The IRGC added that significant quantities of weapons, military equipment, ammunition and communication equipment were also confiscated during the operation.

This operation came just one day after Behrouz Kamalvandi, spokesman for Iran’s Atomic Energy Organisation said that a fire at Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility in July was the result of sabotage.

“The explosion at Natanz nuclear facility was a result of sabotage operations,” said Behrouz Kamalvandi. “Security authorities will reveal in due time the reason behind the blast.”

Iranian officials said that the fire on July 2nd at the plant south of Tehran had caused significant damage which could slow the development of advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges.

In July, an article by Iran’s state news agency IRNA addressed the possibility of sabotage by enemies such as Israel and the United States. Neither of them was directly accused, back then, and with this report as well.

IAEA chief Rafael Grossi said on August 22nd that he would make his first trip to Tehran in that role on Monday in order to pressure Iran to grant inspectors access to two suspected former atomic sites.

The IAEA suspects activities possibly related to developing nuclear weapons were carried out in the early 2000s at these sites. Iran insists its nuclear programme has no military dimensions.

Grossi said that the objective of the trip was “that my meetings in Tehran will lead to concrete progress in addressing the outstanding questions that the agency has related to safeguards in Iran and, in particular, to resolve the issue of access.”

“Iran has not opposed access to its nuclear facilities, but the IAEA’s questions and allegations should be based on serious evidence and documents,” Kamalvandi said.

Just days after these revelations, a subversive group was eliminated, which could have presumably carried out the attack.


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Zionism = EVIL

The CIA and Zionist attack on Natanz was a total failure but in real terms

Lux et Veritas

Indonesia delivers the final humiliation to US at the UNSC by closing the arms embargo file

UNSC dismisses US demand to impose ‘snapback’ sanctions on Iran

UNSC president Indonesia says ‘not in position to take further action’ on US bid to trigger return of all UN sanctions.

Zionism = EVIL

This is the third Americunt abject humiliation in front of the whole world in less than a week. Indonesia which has close ties with Iran, finally closed the circus down and the even the mention of an illegal arms embargo is now mute.


Iran needs to tell the IAEA to go fuck themselves. The UN was set up by Ziocorporate terrorist globalists and it and its bodies like IAEA or OPCW work deceitfully for the metaphorical Greater ISISrael, massmurderous global wanton neocolonialism, as they proved when they were still brand new by joining the US terrorists killing Koreans in 1950.

If P5 members Russia and China are not ready to let go of “partnership and business” with the Zioterrorists, then Iran must just tell the UN to fuck off and keep looking after itself as it has been doing in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.


Pity those animals were killed,they could have had some good intel,then they could have been hung.

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, some were captured alive and have been singing. The MOIS just yesterday rounded up a cell in Mashad that had come in from Azerbaijan. The Zionist stupid desperate cunts are now using Cyprus passports, however Iranian knew all about it and even the numbers of the passports.

Ashok Varma

An American reporter from CNN was seen openly prompting the rent a crowd demonstrators. They did same in Ukraine. The Belarus authorities need to at least expel these western agent provocateurs.


Any link to the CNN moron?


I still don’t understand why they still allow those NGOs in the Country,Yanukovich made a big mistake in Ukraine by allowing insane McCain and Newland to fly into kiev like they owned it,then turn up with the Nazis on Maidan,if it was me they wouldn’t have got out of the airport terminal and he should have declared marshal law,his stupidity almost cost him his life,there was a gun attack on what the nazis thought was his motorcade,when dealing with Nazis you have to fight to win,when you put them down make sure they stay down.

Zionism = EVIL

The worst thing the Slavic countries did was to allow Americunt and EU lapdogs media and assorted terrorists in. MSM is a direct soft power tool of US failed state and Zionist cancer. The British MI6 also uses the British Councils as tools of destabilization,the Americunt US “information centers” are no longer safe as most have been burnt down or attacked globally, so now they operate via the NGO and spy infested “media” like VOA, FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS. They all report directly to Americunt intelligence services and are funded by them.


We’ll do everything you ask…as soon as Israel does. Otherwise, FO.

Ashok Varma

Iran has played its cards very wisely as expected and the US is now more isolated and desperate than ever. Short of a suicidal war, the US and Zionists have no tools left.

Zionism = EVIL

Iranian counter intelligence is on a roll, Tehran TV just showed a large haul of Americunt and NATO weapons captured;

Iranian forces seize US-made weapons being smuggled across western border

According to the captured smugglers and terrorists, the CIA had paid for these weapons with drugs money from Afghanistan.


I don’t know why our border patrol doesn’t snipe them. For real smugglers (real Kool-bar), the ones whose livelihood depends on it, they gave them an ID and asked them to use certain paths through mountains. Border patrol leaves them alone but just inspects their cargo for weapons and explosives. In other words, smuggling for them is legal as long as they use predefined paths and show their cargo. They are %100 off customs duty (after all, they are smugglers) and nobody bothers them.

Some of them refuse this and say our time will be wasted! The time of a smuggler who puts crates on his back and walks through mountains for equivalent of $10. These are the ones who smuggle arms and dangerous items inside and our border patrol shouts them “WARNING” and “STOP” twice before doing anything. We lose a lot of our young for these stupid humanitarian behaviour. Shoot the mofo right in the head from afar if he is smuggling in the dead of night outside the designated path and leave his carcass for the next one to see. To hell with his family, the cargo he brings in destroys many many other families.

It should be either “koolbar” ID and correct path or certain death. No other country on earth is this much lenient and understanding with their smugglers.

Zionism = EVIL

The eastern borders with lawless Afghanistan and terrorist Pakistan need to be sealed off like Morocco has successfully done in Western Sahara. The Sistan border is very porous and the Americunts control the Paki ISI that arms these terrorists. The CIA is running the biggest heroin operation in Afghanistan to fund this terrorism. The IRGC really needs more surveillance drones, electric sensors and helicopter patrols. I was hoping the newly upgraded airbase in Birjand would get surveillance aircraft, maybe now.


I agree, but what we need is to make a deal with these fking drug runners to teach those ungrateful Europeans a hard lesson. Why should we pay with our blood so the drugs don’t end up there? Why our youth should burn in the fire of narcotics while they even don’t pay their share of funds, material and intel which they promised to provide?

We need to have a deal with drug runners: You are free to pass through our country without selling an ounce of what you carry. If you sell even a gram, we burn you and your families. Don’t distribute in Iran and go in peace. Let Europeans deal with it after 4 decades to see how it tastes when you lose your young men for other peoples’ safety.

Let’s see how those Euro bastards like it?

Zionism = EVIL

Yes, beat the CIA and Eurotrash at their own game. Iran should run an airline to transport CIA drugs to Europe and US shithole :)

Emad Irani

we should send all of those drug runners and bands directly to Europe and close the Eastern border for anyone. After that supplying Taliban with anti tank weapons like Toophan or Dehlavie. And some anti air systems known as MANPADs (Misagh 2 or 3 for example…)


We do this and Euro-humanright-dealers will start to shriek.. But they are shrieking for 40 years, without any substantial reason or any reason at all. They accuse us of all the things they do it themselves anyway, I’d love to give them an excuse to howl on top of their lungs. A bunch of psychopath criminals killed people and set fire to their property, they were caught and when they are to be punished, suddenly they become “political prisoners” and “activists”. A bunch of cowards behead a young conscript near Marivan (a Sunni Kord just like them, his guilt was being a soldier, a collaborator, a “Djosh” in their language) and western media turn them into “Kordish right activist”. Mofo even had published a couple dozens of pictures in terror camps in Iraqi Kordestan near Qandil mountains while carrying arms and training.

If it was my decision, I wouldn’t let ONE smuggler live to ruin another life. I’d monitor the borders and rained hell on them from above. But no, we have to warn them twice before we move a muscle. Yet again we lost a young man, a conscript in border patrol on our eastern borders today.

Stupid fks make the area they live in un-safe, then whine there’s no job and nobody invests there. From Baluchestan province to Kordestan province it’s the same story. When you kidnap a man who came there and built a factory to create jobs, how do you expect that others to come? And when you refuse to send your children to schools and learn the official language, how do you expect them to find jobs anywhere? Of course they’ll become useless troublemakers just like their parents.

China is dealing with this problem the right way and you see the $hit show western “human-rights lovers” created, comparing them with the Nazi gas camps (which never existed anyway).

This first prize for the most idiotic behaviour goes to pan-Kords, while pan-Arabs and Baluchs come second very closely. Sometimes when I’m too angry I think Saddam knew how to deal with those fckrs. If you act like your are the same and equal to them, next they want to ride you.

I’m sorry I’m too depressed and angry today for all the crap we have to take and pretend it’s normal

Emad Irani

we have IRGC and Intel commanders from all over the provinces of Iran. We have “kurdish” “arabic” or “azeri” commanders in their provinces who know how to deal with local troublemakers. No need to put an entire country into a fight against those idiots. Saddam government and military force structure was just shit: bunch of sunni baathist decided for the whole country… that is why he failed, that is why Assad was nearly going to fail like Saddam but Hezbollah and Quds Forces prevented it by mixing the structure but also having good connections to everyone like in Iraq today (deep state still exists in favor of Iran :) )

Our priority should be mixing the whole country for the first like a kord should should do his military service somewhere in Baloochestan, a Balooch in Azarbaijan, a Fars in Kordestan etc… and many other things.

Then equip border patrols with heavy weapon systems and constantly flying drones above the border regions…


Our priority should be mixing the whole country for the first like a kord should should do his military service somewhere in Baloochestan, a Balooch in Azarbaijan, a Fars in Kordestan etc… and many other things.

Don’t you remember it was exactly like this up till a few years ago? It was a system Rezashah introduced (or others made for him) to mix the population. If it didn’t work for 70 years, there’s something wrong in it. Those Kord terrorists used to gang up and behead lone kids from Kerman, Mirjaveh, Tehran. Now they do the same, for Sunni Kords from their own city or province. I think they understand nothing better than hot lead. (Local IRGC commanders are fantastic at their jobs, they managed to absorb locals, didn’t they?)


Was it the same under Ahmadinejad rule? Sorry to hear it’s like this now. You iranians have been a light of hope for humanity in my eyes. From Uruguay, much love


Thank you Joaquin, your words were heartwarming. Yes, it’s been like that for as long as I can remember. Used to be each time with a different excuse, nowadays they have no shred of shame anymore and just recycle the last one.


It’s a pleasure for me to be able to retribute even in the smallest of ways :) I hope there’s a change for this situation soon! Fingerscrossed

Zionism = EVIL

Gracias por tus amables palabras. Irán se opone al imperialismo estadounidense y al cáncer sionista, por lo que han estado tratando de socavarlo, pero fracasando miserablemente.


Por favor, para mí es un placer poder retribuir un poco como dije en mi otro comentario a la gente que me ha aportado tanta esperanza con su lucha! Ya que lamentablemente en América Latina es muy difícil encontrar resistencia organizada, me he dedicado mucho a seguir los avances Medio Oriente y el Eje de la Resistencia y la verdad que ha sido un camino de mucho aprendizaje. Mi próximo paso y ojalá se pueda dar es visitar Medio Oriente para conocer más y ver todo con mis propios ojos.

PD: no sabía que hablabas español!

Sylvain Jeuland

Send all the worst people here in France. We need to make the helping system collapse by importing many of those.

cechas vodobenikov

opium production has increased in Afghanistan by 2500% since the US invasion—both Iran and Russia have issued formal complaints to the UN —this 1 amerikan hybrid war tactic

Lux et Veritas

The British and Americans have funded imperialist colonial wars by drug trafficking dating back to the Opium occupation of China. Recent examples are the South American Contras funded by CIA’s Colombian cocaine franchise, and now Eliot Abrams is managing the Afghan heroin smuggling portfolio.

Davide Herzog

Duderte would help .


That’s pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing this info

Potato Man

FarsNews: “Anti-Revolutionary Terrorist Team Disbanded by IRGC in Northwestern Iran” https://en.farsnews.ir/newstext.aspx?nn=13990603000885

“Smuggled US-Made Weapons Discovered in Western Iran” https://en.farsnews.ir/newstext.aspx?nn=13990603000206

Антон С

They wrote “33 rifles”, but there are 33 pistols on the photo.


It’s because the translator is not literate enough. Both words (handgun and rifle) in everyday Persian is “Tofang”. The same case with Destroyer and Frigate, both “Naav-shekan” in Persian which creates hilariously embarrassing translations.

Zionism = EVIL

In proper translation it should have been firearms.

Антон С

As I thought – the sense is lost in translation. Though it’s not professional for MSM.

cechas vodobenikov

more amerikan imperialism—the desperate empire has zero morality

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