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Iran’s IRGC Detained Foreign Vessel ‘Smuggling Fuel’ In Persian Gulf (Videos)

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Iran's IRGC Detained Foreign Vessel 'Smuggling Fuel' In Persian Gulf (Videos)


Naval forces of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) have seized a foreign vessel smuggling fuel in the Persian Gulf, the country’s state-run Press TV reported.

“According to the IRGC, the tanker was smuggling one million liters of Iranian fuel near the Strait of Hormuz. It was detained south of the Iranian Larak Island on July 14.

IRGC naval forces, which were patrolling the waters on an anti-smuggling mission, acted against the vessel in a “surprise” operation upon ascertaining the nature of its cargo and securing the required legal approval from Iranian authorities.

The ship had loaded the fuel from Iranian dhows and was about to hand it over to other foreign vessels in farther waters. The vessel, which had 12 foreign crewmembers aboard at the time of the seizure, is capable of carrying two million liters of fuel.

The statement hailed the naval forces’ “perceptiveness” in frustrating the smuggling effort, adding that the crime had invoked due legal proceedings.

“The [Iranian] naval units in this area will continue to conduct security operations and missions aimed at confronting organized fuel smuggling efforts … decisively and keenly around the clock,” it added.

The forces “do not hesitate for a moment to preserve the Iranian nation’s interests and assets,” it noted.

The statement also rejected reports by some Western media outlets trying to accuse the IRGC of seizing another vessel in recent days,” Press TV reported.

UPDATED: According to the videos released by Press TV the detained vessel was the UAE tanker, sailing under a Panama flag, which “disappeared” in the Persian Gulf earlier this month.

MT Riah detained by the IRGC:

The situation is developing.

Iran's IRGC Detained Foreign Vessel 'Smuggling Fuel' In Persian Gulf (Videos)

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Xoli Xoli

Iran must officially closed down Hormus strait.Plan sea mines and direct missiles at the sea transit.

Lazy Gamer

Id like to think that this is still posturing or leverage but it feels like every fight button is being pushed by all parties. lol There goes that extra gallon of fuel. One morning it will either be an earthquake or a sneak attack…


Most likely the same ship that Iran lent assistance that apparently broke down and was towed to an Iranian port.

Toronto Tonto

SOOOO that’s todays excuse EH , sounds like the Russians when they shot down MH17 lots of BS .

John Wallace

Have you ever read Tonto tonto’s comments and wondered who the F ties his shoelaces for him.


They’re randomly generated on a 1980s era mainframe in a basement in Tbilisi

Toronto Tonto

Your a genius .


*You’re* you should get that auto-translate fixed, eh…


Why you guys waste time with tonto retard , he or she just a jew troll disguising as Canadian

John Wallace

Can’t have him feeling he is left out in this new all inclusive world so we have to make it look like he is succeeding at his job otherwise he will be replaced by a monkey that can type.

Toronto Tonto

You ever heard of Velcro dufus and yes I read his posts dumbazz.


Bingo! …. I called it months ago. Velcro shoes and bike helmet, lives in his moms basement. Graduated from grade 4 at 16 with a specialization in bus schedules. Hopes to find works as an astronaut or a fire engine but will settle for a career in politics.

John Wallace

You read “his” ??? posts. Have you lost track of who you are today.. So who clicks the velcro into place for you.

Concrete Mike

I was going to say velcro were invented for types like him

He beat me to it…fucker

Rhodium 10

Tonto means in Spanish silly…

John Wallace

So that is what his mother named him at birth then.

AM Hants


No doubt one of this crowd.


John Wallace

The only reason they would allow him to go with them is so they can douse him in petrol give him a lighter and tell him too click it just as he is about to land as they catapult him into the Police line.

AM Hants

2 May 2014 – Odessa Trade Union Massacre. Will never forget the horror of watching it unfold. One of the reasons I am so vocal, with regards the Ukraine Nazis.

John Wallace

Yes I watched that too and couldn’t believe the hate that it took to do that with complicit approval from Police to allow it to happen. I had visited friends in Kharkov a few years before and they took me to Crimea which is why I had an interest in seeing what was going on in Ukraine. To see people on fire jumping to get away from the flames and then beaten to death as they landed is not a sight easily forgotten.

AM Hants

Will, never, ever, forget that. Or Obama and Merkel, the same day, out in the Rose Garden of the White House, blaming Russia for everything. Together with my own Government and their support for the Nazis in Ukraine. Can no longer vote, owing to any party, and their support of genocide and ethnic cleansing, wherever the pillaging of natural resources is concerned. Woke my eyes up, to the evil within politics. RIP to all who lost their lives owing to the greed of politicians, whatever nation.

Toronto Tonto

Yesterday it was , answering a distress call .

AM Hants

Why did Kolomoisky, the oligarch who controlled Ukraine aviation, back in 2014, admit to taking down the wrong plane? Who were they expecting, to fly through Ukrainian airspace, following a very successful BRICS summit? Wasn’t Modi just behind the MH17? President Putin, does not fly through Ukraine airspace, owing to safety reasons, but, the inbred lunatics, who organised the ‘false flag’ had not thought of that, now had they?

Why did the pilot, whose military jet, returned to his base, minus his air to air missiles, state he took the wrong plane down? Remember, he committed suicide months later.

Whose plane were they expecting, around that time of the day?


Bruno Giordano

What’s this Kolomoisky argument? Did he “admit” anything? What is the actual meaning of the word “admit”? What did he really say and what is the meaning of that?

Who was flying a thousand kilometers north of the airway where MH17 was downed and never entered Ukrainian airspace?

Did this “pilot whose military jet returned to his base” really state that he “took down the wrong plane”? Who told that? Has this pilot ever admitted that he had said that? Could it be that he committed suicide because he got sick of the false accusations?

What could be the reason that Russia has been – and still is – so active spreading baseless and impossible theories?

AM Hants

Groundhog day, once again.

Let’s start with Kolomoisky, the oligarch, who controlled Ukraine aviation back in 2014. Not forgetting the Leader of the Jewish European Community in Ukraine, also funded the Azov ‘Nazi’ battalion. The irony, a man of Jewish Faith, funding the Nazi battalion. The oligarch, who was ‘persona non-grata’ in the US, until he gave the Vice President’s son a job in Burisma Holdings, together with a job for the Secretary of State’s step-son and financial mentor. All of a sudden, he finds he can enter the US as a friend of Washington DC. Funny that and why did the Vice President of the US, get involved with the Ukraine Prosecutor, who wished to highlight concerns with Kolomoisky?

Kolomoysky: Sorry about the MH17 – but it is a trifle – ENG SUBS… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqBiu45onyY

With regards the pilot returning, with his ‘air to air’ missiles missing. and then committing suicide months later, let us look at what one of the ground crew had to say, on his return. Remember, the BBC deleted the witness statement video, where they mentioned military jets, shadowing the MH17 and not forgetting Strelkov, which an Australian TV documentary on MH17, presented his conversation, stating that Ukraine took down the MH17 and the brave farmers and miners of Donetsk took down the Ukrainian military jets. Funny, they showed up as being taken down the day before 17 July 2014. Coincidence or what?

Breaking: ‘Silenced’? Ukrainian Military Pilot Accused of Attack on Boeing MH17 Found Dead


Breaking: MH17 May Have Been Downed By Ukrainian Jet, According to BBC Documentary…




“THERE IS NO RELIABLE INFORMATION SUPPORTING THAT IT WAS A BUK MISSILE FIRED BY ANYONE,” HE ADDED…’ https://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/04/25/breaking-mh17-may-have-been-downed-by-ukrainian-jet-according-to-bbc-documentary/

Why didn’t anybody bother interviewing the air traffic controller, who was responsible for the MH17 and allowed her to go on holiday, the following day. She never returned to Ukraine, now did she?

Why no forensic analysis on the shrapnel fragments from the entry and exit holes? Which would provide conclusive evidence, as to exactly what missile/missiles took down the MH17? Whether it be ‘surface to air’, ‘air to air’ or a mixture of both.

Why wouldn’t NATO allow any radar intelligence from their ‘Breeze’ exercise in the Black Sea, which ended on 14 July 2014? They even had an Aegis destroyer as part of the exercise, focusing on air communications. Why did so many pilots complain about interference with air communication, thanks to the NATO exercise? Not forgetting Boeing and having to admit using ‘fly by wire’ technology, which caused the Ethipean disaster, just recently. Wasn’t the MH17 a Boeing 777, which could be controlled by ‘Fly by Wire’ technology?

Funny, how 6 months after Kuala Lumpur had found Italy guilty of war crimes (November 2013), two Malaysian flights end in tragedy and both of them Boeing 777s. Whatever did happen to the MH370?


Breaking: Documents Prove Kiev Downed MH17… https://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/05/25/breaking-documents-prove-kiev-downed-mh17/

Bruno Giordano

You talk a lot – propaganda style – but Kolomoisky still has not admitted anything regarding MH17. Nor has the poor fighter jet pilot. All he got were false accusations. More importantly, any fighter jet theory is blatant nonsense. A fighter jet can not take a Boeing 777 down the way it happened here. Radar data does not show any fighter jet in the vicinity of MH17. The in-flight destruction, debris over 50 square kilometers, the typical damage and much more prove that the plane was downed by a powerful surface to air missile. It’s the only possibility.

AM Hants

ROFL laughing. Kolomoisky apologised for taking down the wrong plane, in his own words. If you bothered watching the videos.

Believe what you want. Despite the fact, MH17 is nought to do with the article. I just use you and your mates, to post links, for others to ask the same questions, should they be interested. Sadly, you no doubt get your bonus, every time I respond to your insane comments.

Bruno Giordano

Did he “admit” that he (or his men) took down “the wrong plane”? Did he say “sorry” to apologise, or to express sympathy? The interesting thing is that this is so consistent with the very first Russian news reports on July 17th in which it was stated that the militia had taken down an AN-26. It appeared to be a Boeing 777. “The wrong plane”!

AM Hants

Kolomoysky: Sorry about the MH17 – but it is a trifle – ENG SUBS

IK ‘…It was an incident. Nobody had any intent to take it down.’

‘I am sure it was the work of your people’

IK ‘ laughing, with an evil smirk on his face ‘Gave a shot, accidently. Wanted to shoot down the one plane, hit another. It is totally normal, not that bad… However it is a trifle…’ Laughing, whilst discussing the deaths of around 250 innocent plane passengers and crew.

Glad he found it funny.

Bruno Giordano

298 people.

Whatever he said and whatever his tone of voice, or his attitude, nowhere, not at any moment, did he admit that it was done by him/his man.

AM Hants


Yet, your lot quote the ‘three merged tapes’ which were posted on You Tube, the night before the MH17 was taken out, and swear it is an admission of guilt by Strelkov?

Now remind me, is the article about the MH17 or Iran detaining a tanker?

5D Media Disinformation Agent Script

Deny Derail Discredit Discourse Disagree

Bruno Giordano

Regarding those recordings, they are conversations on the 17th. There is no proof that they were “posted the night before”. Going off-topic, amhants, is your hobby. You responded extensively on a one sentence comment by “Toronto Tonto”, comparing with MH17. He did not mention Kolomoisky, nor the fighter jet pilot. You admitted that you happily go off-topic. In your words, “I just use you and your mates, to post links, for others to ask the same questions, should they be interested.” Now THAT smells like 5D Media Disinformation Agent Script, hants.

AM Hants

Darling, I have a good memory and remember it well. The video was posted the night before the event and it was proven to be three recordings merged together. Nowhere, has it been recorded or shown any of the brave miners and farmers from Eastern Ukraine laughing at the loss of so many passengers. However, why did Kolomoisky find it amusing? Why wasn’t the air traffic controller interviewed, before she left the country, the following day?

Bruno Giordano

Sure, more off-topic topics. Now moving to an air traffic controller. 5D, hants, the smell tells me I am dealing with a 5D Media Disinformation Agent. But keep trying.

AM Hants

BS darling. Who is focusing on MH17, when the article is about Iran?

Riddle me this, as you decided to bring MH17 into the conversation, what happened to the air traffic controller, responsible for the flight? Did she or did she not leave Ukraine the following day, without being interviewed? Never to return.

Bruno Giordano

Toronto Tonto: “SOOOO that’s todays excuse EH , sounds like the Russians when they shot down MH17 lots of BS”.

AM Hants: Why did Kolomoisky, the oligarch who controlled Ukraine aviation, back in 2014, admit… [etc] “

So, AM Hants, you even lie about what you start yourself…

AM Hants

Totonto Tonto – and I wonder how many names he goes under, first mentioned MH17 on the comments section of this article. I replied and then you joined in. I wonder how many aliases you go under?

How can I lie about starting the MH17 discussion, on this article, when as you have shown, it was Toronto Tonto who decided to mention MH17?

Anybody that knows me, on these sites, also know, I never keep my fingers off the keyboard, whenever MH17 is mentioned. Hence replying to the ‘Joel Harding/Integrity Initiative/77th Brigade’ troll.

What is your excuse?

Bruno Giordano

My excuse? That I react when I see ignorance, misinformation, disinformation and/or lies; directly or indirectly, wrapped in questions. Your “excuse” is obvious. It is that you want to apply your “5 D’s” at any cost; you don’t care if what you tell are impossibilities or even lies. Like you admitted without shame “I just use you and your mates, to post links, for others to ask the same questions, should they be interested.” You behave like what you call yourself, a “5D Media Disinformation Agent”. Thanks.

AM Hants

Is that why you only have 14 upvotes? Owing to so many believing your words of spin?

“I just use you and your mates, to post links, for others to ask the same questions, should they be interested.”

Now riddle me this, how does that expose me as a 5D Media Disinformation Agent? Posting links, that I believe others might find interesting, or can view them, in order to make up their own independent minds. I am not telling people what to think or believe, unlike some.

Plus, it is true. I use you and your ‘Integrity Initiative/Joel Harding/77th Brigade’ goons, to use links that might be of interest to others. Otherwise I would not bother wasting my time, replying to the likes of you and your mates. At the end of the day, why complain, when you get a bonus at the end of the month, courtesy of the likes of me.

Remind me, what was ‘Integrity Initiative’, set up to do?

Was it not Russian Media Disinformation? Just like the trolls of Joel Harding and 77th Brigade are paid to do.

Nobody pays me and you will notice, I have been commenting on MH17 since 18 July 2014, after looking into the story and making my own, fully independent mind up.

Bruno Giordano

Your “own fully independent mind” happens to be fully dependent on the Kremlin’s disinforming nonsense stories. “Russian Media disinformation” if you prefer that term. Since “18 July 2014” you have helped them a lot to obfuscate their horrible stupidity.


AM Hants

Not at all darling, just do not buy into the ‘integrity Initiative’ or 6 Corporations running the media scripts. Looked far and wide, including EU papers, UN papers, and various friendship agreements. Plus, NATO, was very forthcoming with their exercises in the Black Sea. Together with viewing all varieties of media articles, both, supportive of Ukraine, which left so many questions unanswered. Including the DSB reports. Articles that asked questions, that the DSB and JIT completely ignored. Not forgetting the Almaz-Antey and the European Courts case, with regards unfair sanctions, in relation to MH17. There is so much stuff around, that actually asks questions, that the DSB and JIT teams refuse to acknowledge. Plus, who had the most to gain? Certainly not Russia.

Bruno Giordano

I could not have illustrated it better. Thanks.

AM Hants

By the way, President Putin might have been avoiding Ukrainian airspace, owing to safety concerns, but, were the idiots who set up the false flag aware? Not the brightest bulbs in the box, now are they?

Prime Minister Modi, was just behind the MH17. President Putin, changed course, once outside Polish airspace. Both the President of Russia and the Prime Minister of India, were flying home, following a very successful BRICS summit.


David Parker

The US deep state proxy Poroshenko ordered MH17 and some 300 men, women, and children aboard to be murdered as a false flag operation against Russia. It was supposed to look like a Russian atrocity, galvanize world opinion against Russia, and prevent construction of the Nord Stream II gas pipeline which bypasses Ukraine. The war in Syria is all about gas and who will sell gas to Europe. Syria is the most economical route for gas pipelines to Europe.


UAE; don’t they have Eric Prince and his Blackwater mercenaries as “Defense Forces”. Wonder if he’s trying to raise a little cash.

AM Hants

Good point. How much did he make out of the US tax payer and with no accountability to go with it?

Haliburton – Dick Chenie, who so needed Erik Prince and his Blackwater Mercenaries, for a sweet little earner, courtesy of the US tax payer. He even wrote the legislation to make it work.

Genie Energy – Dick Chenie, Rupert Murdoch, Jacob Rothschild, Larry Summer. Operating in Golan Heights, with no permission from the Syrian Government.

Why is Larry Summer and Erik Prince, amongst others, mentioned, concerning the paperwork around Jeffrey Epstein’s little Island?

John Wallace

None has benefited more than KBR, once known as Kellogg Brown and Root. The controversial former subsidiary of Halliburton, which was once run by Dick Cheney, vice-president to George W. Bush, was awarded at least $39.5bn in federal contracts related to the Iraq war over the past decade. KBR had prepared and served more than 1bn meals and produced more than 25bn gallons of drinkable water and 265 tons of ice.Not sure if he supplied the toilet paper as well but that is a really good little money spinner. There were more private contractors than military personnel in Iraq all needing to be feed , clothed and bums wiped .

AM Hants

I am reading ‘Blackwater’ the mercenaries and funnily enough KBR features heavily. Together with Dick Chenie, finding a niche within Haliburton and changing legislation, together with stripping the Forces, so they would be reliant on the Private Military Industry, that he wished to unleash on the tax payers of the US. Once he got his boys up and running, he then became CEO of Haliburton and of course KBR, together with ESS, who are accountable to nobody, least of all the tax payers of the nation, that fund them.

John Wallace

That’s it and no one wondered why they were wanting too attack Iraq after 9/11 before Afghanistan.. Nothing pre planned of course..

AM Hants

The book is seriously worth reading, but, you most probably know everything and more that it covers. It goes back to Chenie, as Defence Secretary to Bush and how he abused his position to get his Private Military Industry friends up and running. Together with how much they would pay a mercenary and how much they would pocket, from each and every mercenary. Then the private military industry, end up lobbying the politicians, to keep the gravy train running down the tracks at full speed. Not just the Defence mercenaries/industry, but, the same goes with intelligence and all the Government Departments, that should be prioritised and protected against private corporations taking control.

John Wallace

Blackwater USA, is now known as Academi. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

Pave Way IV

The homicidal-psychopaths-for-hire business (in the US) is almost fully owned by Constellis now, including ACADEMI, Triple Canopy, Olive Group, Edinburgh International, Strategic Social, AMK9, Centerra, TDI and OMNIPLEX. I’m sure they have a few other aliases. Prince is not involved any more – he took his shekels and left.

Prince ran away from his U.S. merc business, tax ‘troubles’ and crimes-against-humanity charges years ago by moving to the UAE. He was always special pals with MbZ and helped form their non-Muslim foreign legion to control any uppity UAE peasants. That’s why he used Columbian mercs instead of Arab ones – Columbians have no problem killing muslims. Arabs couldn’t be counted on to pull the trigger to protect MbZ and/or take over the Iranian-held islands in the Straits of Hormuz for the UAE. Yeah, MbZ is still obsessed with that one. Only reason I remember these islands, and surprised that they didn’t use the opportunity to start the war with Iran.


Prince’s ‘new’ business is Chinese (CITIC) owned Frontier Services Group, aka Xianfeng Service Group – a premier provider of Chinese concentration camp construction and guards. Technically, a ‘security, logistics, infrastructure and security’ company. See how well that fits into Prince’s previous line of business?


Trump will pay damages to Iran on breaching the JCPOA contract that signed in Vienna on July 14, 2015.

Now there is nothing left in this agreement and Iran have full right to produce nuclear warheads and nuclear missiles how many Iran needs for national security.

Rohani breached national security by signing agreement with Obama and others but its good that finally Iran got own defence back. Iran should kick out Rohani from power as soon as possible and bring young talent.

Free man

Here comes another unnecessary war.

AM Hants

Now who wants Iranian oil, but, without paying for it?

Why did the UK take the Iranian tanker, operating in Spanish waters?

Pave Way IV

The Royal Navy had direct orders from CENTCOM, whom themseves were directed to do so by their Commander in Chief, Netanyahu (when they weren’t otherwise busy gargling on his schlong).

The MSM assumes some tenuous thread between “US sanctions violations”, the UN and the Royal Navy pirates justifying the seizure. The rest of us are left just scratching our heads in wonderment.

Harry Smith

Do you really think USA would risk their personnel if there are some useful idiots who still believe they rule the world?

AM Hants

They have had no problems in the past as USS Liberty comes to mind.

Harry Smith

At the times of USS Liberty, the British ruling elites were not idiots. In fact, in that times was kinda deficit of idiots, not like now days. And what we have now?

Despite having an intricate plan, elite British Royal Marines failed to liberate an Estonian island after it was captured by the enemy during wargames in the Baltic Sea. The invasion was repelled by locals.

https://www.rt.com/uk/464489-royal-navy-uk-drill/ 100% surrealism.

AM Hants

Enjoyed the link. Cheers.

Pave Way IV

Check for smuggled carbon fiber – they could be covertly manufacturing skateboards or old Honda Civic replacement hoods! Either sinister vehicle has the potential to deliver a nuclear warhead.


Fuel smuggling is a serious problem here as the fuel price in Iran is very cheap which makes it attractive for smugglers. Here’s a list to compare fuel prices in countries around Iran. A liter of petrol 95 costs 10k IRR, roughly equal to 7 cents. The prices are not exact but close enough: Iran: 10K IRR = $0.07

UAE: 2.4Dh = $0.58 Pakistan: 110 Rs = $0.7 Turkey: 6.6 YL = $1.2 KSA: 2.1 SR = $0.57 Qatar: 1.8 QR = $0.48 Oman: 0.21 OR = $0.56

Martin Lepianka

This is crazy, some of us are one step out of poverty in US. Constantly struggling against the fascist US who only multiples are problems and complicates. While they torment this poor nation. The US government does nothing but sit around and bully , threaten, and watch us. Now they want to confiscate this poor nation. What a crime, if I ever seen one

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