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Iran’s IRGC Attacks ‘Terrorists’ In Iraqi Kurdistan With Artillery & Drones

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Iran’s IRGC Attacks ‘Terrorists’ In Iraqi Kurdistan With Artillery & Drones

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On May 11, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) shelled positions held by “terrorist groups” in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

The IRGC artillery strikes targeted Barbzin heights as well as the outskirts of the towns of Barbzin and Choman in the province of Erbil, according to Kurdish news sources. The sources also reported drone strikes on the outskirts of the town of Galala.

In a statement on its website, the IRGC said that its ground forces dismantled an Erbil-based “terrorist team” inside Iran a day earlier and five members of the team were arrested in Baneh near Iran’s western border with Iraq.

The IRGC said that the confessions of the “terrorist team” revealed plans to engage in “sabotage” operations in Iran. Based on this, the ground forces moved to target the “terrorists” bases in northern Iraq.

The target of the IRGC artillery and drone strikes were likely Kurdish Iranian opposition groups, who launched cross-border attacks against Iranian government forces in the past.

In mid-March, the IRGC launched a dozen ballistic missiles at Erbil city, the capital of the Kurdistan Region. The guards said that the target was an Israeli intelligence center. The missile strike was reportedly a response to a drone attack on an IRGC air base that was launched from the Kurdistan Region.

Iran has demonstrated time after time that it will not tolerate any threat from the Kurdistan Region. Despite this, the government of the autonomous region keeps its door open for Tehran’s foes.


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“Despite this, the government of the autonomous region keeps its door open for Tehran’s foes.” Makes you laugh, doesn’t it. AuToNoMoUs ReGiOn that host Zion, yanquis, and terrorists, yes it is an AuToNoMoUs ReGiOn.

Chris Gr

One funny thing is that these groups like PKK, PJAK or MEK fought agaist Israel in the past. The other funny thing is that Iran works closely with Turkey on this subject.


Erbil is just a pushover. And Iran has zero coordination with turkey or for that matter Iraq on the kurdish terrorism issue. Proof being these on and off military strikes carried out by both Iran and turkey, independently of each other, on PJAK and PKK respectively. Fuck all coordination. Iran or Turkey seal their borders, these kurds will starve to death within weeks. Totally dependent and helpless.

Last edited 7 days ago by Ahson
Chris Gr

What things are you writing? The only case that Turkey and Iran were in opposite sides was in the Kurdish civil war in 1993-1995 when Turkey supported KDP while Iran supported PUK. However, Iran has supported KDP during the war against Saddam Hussein while Turkey (the secularist one) also was sceptical of Saddam. When Erdogan went into power he turned Turkey into an Islamic democracy and its model was based on the Iranian model. Especially, after 2016 and the failed coup, Iran and Turkey are major allies in all places, except maybe in Syria, however, even there, Turkey and Iran may cooperate in the future to kick Russia and US out.


Brah, quickly reading up wiki and then making sweeping statements is not goin cut it here. Turkey is in NATO and 100% dependent upon the US for its survival. Iran has neutralized turkey in the SyRaq. Stop using ‘may ‘ or ‘perhaps’…….Iran sits on the opposite side to turkey on the SyRaq. I don’t even think Iran considers turkey a threat. Turkey is bankrupt! just like Al-Baqistan is too. The US has bankrupted both…….lol. Iran didn’t even have to lift a finger. Now India runs Al-Baqistan…….lol. The way things are going, soon Iran will run Turkey. Theys half a trillion in debt with a huge trade deficit. All Imams Putin and Khamenei have to do is to cut the subsidized oil n gas and the turks will collapse all on their own.

Last edited 3 days ago by Ahson

Regardless what you post, every sane person should down vote you

Chris Gr

Basement dwellers are downvoting me. Basement dwellers are the useful idiots. Useful idiots meaning that they are thinking that with their actions are fighting the system while in fact they are reinforcing the worst part of the system.

Dildo Zion

Oye vey, one of the missiles penetrated my shit hole 🇮🇱💩🇮🇱💩🇮🇱💩🇮🇱💩🇮🇱💩🇮🇱💩🇮🇱💩🇮🇱💩


Is there a particular reason for quotation marks around “terrorist groups” and calling them likely opposition group? OK, how about naming just one country that tolerates armed opposition (irrelevant of who funds them, domestic or foreign) and treats them like a real opposition and I’ll shut up.

Anybody I talk to -and many of them aren’t particularly an Islamic Republic lovers- approve of these operations. Need it more clear? From the people who truly believe in the IR to the ones in the middle all the way to a considerable part that curse all the people in the government from the very top to the local insignificant pen-pushers and wish them gone, all agree on this one particular matter. Almost all feel sorry that the same is not done against MeK. Most of the victims of these ar$#oles are Iranian Sunni Kords, locals of the border towns and villages in our western provinces. Our border guards, police, army and IRGC units in those provinces don’t come from other parts of the country.

Sometimes it makes me angry because of the degree of toleration our government shows to criminals, from thugs, thieves and smugglers to %100 foreign funded terrorists. The police won’t shoot the attacker armed with cutlass in the leg and tries to convince the people who broke traffic or other laws and refuse to hand their license/registration to cooperate with smooth talking. We rarely have armed robberies and non-terror gun fights and even in those rare events the attacker is caught alive and unharmed or at most, is shot in the leg if he manages to shoot somebody first, If the police don’t change their way it’ll going to cost us dearly.

I really wish for these people to go and experience the American police kindness! It is now becoming a trend to resist the police or attack them because of this leniency.


It’s da same in sistan va baluchestan bro…….same same over there……moder jende kharab-kar/ nashe jaat try coming in secretly and they get killed because the border guards got land surveillance radars over open plains with trip sensors in mountain valleys installed everywhere. Now if baluchi/ Afghani try crawling in secretly…….they get discovered. Then they get ambushed and die, if they don’t surrender.

Last edited 7 days ago by Ahson
Chris Gr

This is how the game is played. Iran supports radical militias in other hostile countries and hostile countries support radical militias in Iran.

Cuckmander Hebrew

Shitskin gayreek, this is not a video game, you ignorant faggot. Is your whole nation low-IQ, shitskinned AND delusional?

Chris Gr

My IQ is 150, on the other hand, yours is between 20-30.

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