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Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani Refused To Read Letter Sent By CIA Director

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Iran's General Qasem Soleimani Refused To Read Letter Sent By CIA Director

On December 2, US Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo revealed that he has sent a letter to General Qassem Soleimani, a commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’s Quds Force to warn him that the US will hold Iran responsible for any attacks on its troops in Iraq, according to Reuters.

“What we were communicating to him in that letter was that we will hold he and Iran accountable for any attacks on American interests in Iraq by forces that are under their control… We wanted to make sure he and the leadership in Iran understood that in a way that was crystal clear,” Pompeo said during a Reagan National Defense Forum in Southern California.

However, according to Pompeo, Gen. Soleimani refused to receive or open his letter, in a move that shows high tensions between the US and Iran in Iraq and Syria.

On November 30, Mohammad Mohammadi Golpayegani, head of the Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei announced that Soleimani refused to receive a letter that was sent by the CIA director thought a mediator. Back then, many news outlets doubted Golpayegani’s statement and described it as a propaganda.

“I will not take your letter nor read it and I have nothing to say to these people,” Golpayegani quoted Gen. Soleimani as saying, according to the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV.

Al-Mayadeen revealed that Pompeo’s message was sent to Gen. Soleimani when he was leading the battle against ISIS in the Syrian city of al-Bukamal on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The message timing reflects the US fear of the advance of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies along the Syrian-Iraqi border. The liberation of al-Bukamal poses a great threat to the US and Israeli interests in the region, according to many experts, because it allows Iran to open a land route from Tehran to Beirut.

Tala Silo former spokesman of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) revealed during an interview with the Turkish Anadolu Agency that the US pushed the SDF to launch Deir Ezzor attack in order to capture the Syrian-Iraqi border before the SAA and its allies reache it. However, the US plan “failed” according to Silo.

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Simon Gould

Who do these people think thay are? The general treated them with the contempt they deserve.


That’s how you have to treat USA. If every leader was like him, we will be free. But, most leaders are pussies.

Daniel Castro

No, Iran gets to act like that because they have russia giving them cover.

Stop being delusional. USA has thousands of nukes and no conscience to stop them, if not for Russia they would already have nuked and bombed the entire world into submission, and they are so crazy they are even flirting with ww3 thinking they coul get away with it, russians now they are dealing with unstable delusional psycopaths, that’s why they are very cautious.


Iran doesn’t give a fuck about the terrorist organisation called CIA. CIA shot down a commercial plane fulkl of iranians for nothing. Iranians know how evil Americans are.

Deo Cass

Iran has no one to protect it but God and itself. Having said that one must clearly inderstand that Iran for the Shia Muslims is like Rome for the Roman Catholics. The result of an attack on Theran by the US will be the same as an attack on Rome. All the Shia population on the region will rise up and sweep all of US occupied Arab territory, from Saudi Arabia al the way to Palestine itself. Shia do not fear death, rather they consider martyrdom as the highest deed of honour mimicing that of their revered symbol Imman Ali.

Daniel Castro

God acts by mysterious ways.


Iran managed to survive without its current sort of alliance with Russia for decades though. Even when the Americans were pumping billions into Saddam’s Iraq to fight Iran during the Iran-Iraq war.

Also countries that have nukes and randomly start lobbing them around are tend to be without friends real soon. It also tends to make all the other nuclear powers very nervous. That’s why nukes are defensive weapons, not offensive weapons.


are you Kim, Jung un?

Daniel Castro

To all you who think USA wouldn’t nuke every country which don’t submit to theirdemands were no for the existence of nuclear armed opposition, you are delusional.

It’s not loike Iran had agreements with russians to defend them, the sole exestence of USSR and ater Russia is enough to mitigate western aggression.

Think about it, if USA can nuke Iran to take control over it, why couldn’t Russia nuke Israel, or KSA, or whatever, should one start nuking other countries to expand their empires, soon several neutral countries would be nuked and then it would rapdly escalate into ww3.

I’m sorry, world balance of power is largely determined by nuclear weapons, more than economy, religion, media or anything else, and that’s why all nucler powers make such a fuss about new countries trying to develop the bomb.


“Russians know they are dealing with unstable delusional psychopaths, that’s why they are very cautious.”

Agreed. It may also explain their insistence on using the term “partners” in describing said psychopaths. Though every now and then, VVP has to ask, “Have you all gone insane over there?”


They used the term “partners” in reference to CEPOYS.


What are CEPOYS?


it is not cepoy it is SEPOY…SEPOY, an Indian soldier serving under British or other European orders.

John Brown

Its the racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire that controls the USA government and its military not the American people. and yes they have no conscience to stop them, if not for Russia they would already have nuked and bombed the entire world into submission, and they are so crazy they are even flirting with ww3 thinking they could get away with it, russians now they are dealing with unstable delusional psycopaths, that’s why they are very cautious.

Daniel Castro

On practice USA is the country responsible for most of aggression around the world, so if don’t want to be thrown in the same basket as your zionist masters you should stop acting as their servants, until then your fate is attached to them.

I wish you good luck.


Even when Russia went along with the Sanctions they still treated the USA this way!

Remember when they kicked the USA out of their country? they refused be like Saudi Arabia! they’d rather endure sanctions than suck up to the USA!

They could have had it all if they just accepted the USA as their masters, they’d be just like Saudi Arabia!

But they didn’t! Russian couldn’t help when the Fall of the Soviet Union came around! Besides they have been bitter enemies with the Russians for hundreds of years!

How do u think they ended up with American F-4 phantoms?

But the people wouldn’t have it, they kicked out the Shau and are now very respected! they create most of their own military hardware whilst enduring sanctions!

I don’t think Iran cares if Russia helps or not! Obviously it helps, helps a lot but be sure they won’t be allowing Russia to be their master either (just like they won’t allow the USA) this is why Iran allowed limited use of its airbases to the Russians!

Come on dude u got to respect that! They would kneel and kiss the ring, they’ve endured being called enemy number one with sanctions! They are the only nation calling out the Israeli’s for what they are “terrorists”nd are fighting and turning the tied in this war!
u have to respect that!
The ground forces are what gets the job done and Hezbollah (Iranian proxies) are doing just that!

Iran s and will always treat America and Israeli’s with complete distain! How much proof do u need?

Daniel Castro

Just accept, if were not for the soviets and later Russia and China, USA would have nuked every single independent country in this world into submission, they would nuke them or just carpet bomb them, just like they did with Yugoslavia.

There is no way conventional armed forces can resist a fully armed nuclear power.

All this time you say Iran resistd USA and Israel Soviet Union, or Russia and China were right there keeping the balance of nuclear power through MAD,

Iran didn’t need agreements with them to get protection, one nuclear power will never act without scrutiny from others, it’s a tacit assumption.

This is just logic and it is self-explanatory, I shouldn’t need to tell you that.


russia was not an ally of Iran 40 years a go! Nor was China! FACT!

So what the US did was place Saddam in charge of Iraq and funded a 10 year war between Iraq and Iran!

The US doesn’t need to drop nukes, they just sanction and fund their next door neighbour and make them into an enemy(even if they are both majority shiia)

the doctrine is called “the balance of power by neutralising ur enemies by creating another enemy of equal power to fight!

similar with India and Pakistan!

neither of these countries need to worry about the USA or Russia bombing them because they will be the First Nations to bomb each other!


Sanctions and war!

Therefore I disagree with u!

Everyone knows about the Iran vs Iraq war!
Its only now that the USA switched from the Cold War to the “war on terror” did that give Iran the chance to arm up and make good on some opportunities! Those opportunities being a Shiia lead Iraq and a Lebanee shiia proxy (Hezbollah) which helps to guarantee the safety of Iran because America will not risk Israel just to destroy Iran!

Hezbollah is the guarantee Iran is not nuked because it does not take nukes to destroy Israel! Just howitzers, missiles and many soldiers with TOW’s and perhaps manpads!

the last time Israel tried to take out Lebanon, they lost at a 30 to 1 ratio!
Hezbollah won!

Daniel Castro

You’re wrong

If not for the strategic balance of nuclear power USA wouldn’t need to resort to all these tactics, and neither Russia!

Why would theu go into the trouble of funding and arming saddam against Iran if they could just nuke the hell out of Iran like they did with Japan?

The same way, Russia could just nuke Afganistan, and they would start to nuke everyone into submission until they would start nuking themselves.

It’s exactly the strategic balance of nuclear power that forces thses superpowers into war by proxy.

If there were not Soviet Uninon Iran would be nuked 40 years ago, they didn’t need to be allies.

If you fail to understand that there is nothing more a can say to you as you show poor analytic capacities.


U are so niave!

Really u are!

Havent u heard the phrase “war is money”

The militray industrial complex get into these wars in order to gain hegemon of geopolitical goals (oil, gas, trade routes and markets).

Then there is the war machine! Trillions are made from the industry!

The entire reason NATO exists is because of the PRETEND threat Russia posed!

After the fall of the soviet union there was no enemy left but a TERRORIST created by the usa themselves!

They make movies out of this, that is hiw well known it is!

Yet u come in here demanding to be taken seriously with the notion that without russia or china the usa woukd have nuked all its enemies!

Absolutely ridiculous!

Conventional wars make money too!

Why didnt the usa start nuking people in 1991?

There were bread lines in russia amd sanctions just came off china!

Perfect time!

War is money u fool!

U dont go nuking the world amd ur enemies!

Why even bother waiting for a 9/11 event to invade the middle east conventionally? Just push a button and ure done!

U make zero sense!

Go ahead and ask someone else
On this site if they agree with u! If u find someone who does, ill give u 1 gram of respect!

Therr are some idiots on here, but nobody is dumb enough to go along with ur stupid theory!

Daniel Castro

Well, just look at my original post, it has 12 likes.

Like I said, you have poor analytic capacities, there is nothing I can do to help you, you need another brain.



ok so tell me, why hasn’t the USA nuked countries starting from 1990!
There was no soviet empire! In fact Russia had an internal war going on and need to loan money from the IMF and even had bread lines! In 1990 china was Nobody! They only had peasant farmers! they were like North Korea!

It was the most perfect time ever to do it! But u know what happened after the Cold War??
The war on Terror!
a new war for the MIC!
And endless war!
More tanks, more humbles, more anti and weapons, more oil!

Why not just nuke Iraq?
Why not just Nuke Iran?
Why not just nuke Saudi Arabia?

Extract oil (which is safe underground) and have all your oil workers wear radiation suits! (but only certain areas would be effected by radiation so maybe there is no need for these suits)

Why not just take all the Middle East oil?
You would have complete control of the world!

You know why they didnt do it?
Because your an idiot!

because the real power in the world is still the people!
American White House would fall! Thats why!

America doesn’t need all the oil anyway! they only need it to be traded in US dollars!

People who have the oil need the Markets to sell too!

They are grated these markets IF they sell the oil in US dollars!

This why why Iran is an enemy and why Saudi Arabia is an ally1

This is how it works and u are too dumb to understand it!
This Syrian war is about Getting a European energy market by:
1. blocking Russian gas to Europe via Ukraine
2. transiting gas from Qatar through syria to Europe for the same price or maybe cheaper than Russian gas
3. Allowing this transit route only if it is traded in US dollars!

Thats how this shit works!

Not by Nuking he world!

You know u are dumb! I know u know this now because after u read my comment, u realised u were wrong and that my reply made total sense!

Youre welcome!

Daniel Castro

“ok so tell me, why hasn’t the USA nuked countries starting from 1990!”

Russian rockets where still flying and the nukes would still blow up, moreover, the unrest made armed forces to be on the highest possible level of comabt readiness.

That is the answer for your 1st question, as it destroy every single pice of argument which comes after this I haven’t even bothered reading the rest. Don’t waste your time, there is noone reading this thread anymore.


Exactly right.


F*ck off yankee losers

Paranam Kid

It is not even the CIA’s responsibility to send messages to other countries, that is the remit of the State Dept.

In any case, Iran should hold the AngloZionist Empire accountable for any attacks on Iranian interests in Iraq.


On the other hand, with Tillerson out and Pompeo taking over the CIA and State department are basically the same right now.

Paranam Kid

If Pompeo moves to State he will not be in charge of the CIA anymore. Tom Cotton has been mentioned as his successor there. Mind you, TC is just as conservative as MP.

chris chuba

Cotton, an officer in the U.S. army, a Congressman, and now possibly Director of the CIA. We don’t seem to have much diversity in the U.S. govt nowadays.

Paranam Kid

And that is exactly the aim of Trump & his team: militarise the set-up where it matters. Ironically, if there is 1 person who is undisciplined in every way it is Trump.


” we will hold he and Iran accountable for any attacks on American interests in Iraq by forces that are under their control…”

This is more proof if we need it of the Israeli control of the CIA. ‘Collective’ punishments are an Israeli ‘catch all’ . It is a military version of ‘hate crime’ that is used to suppress debate. This is Talmudic Marxism that us currently practiced by the Libtards of the world.

eric zweistein

CIA director Pompeo:
“I love writing letters. Especially to the wrong people in the command line. I am CIA troll, after all.”

Hide Behind

War planning, financing and even Military Command Centers have ” Delegate Control” over US actions, Dept. Of State and DOD decide action plans jointly, and in States case such as Hillary in Libya, have own Specific Spequipmeaaeration Groups, that while US made up of US Intelligence and Formal military equipment and human assets, the military just supplies assets and may not even know purpose of, how, why, or where or those assets are used.
The military Command structure is far different than pre Regan Bush Prthe33ential reign, one reason you see so many ignorant as hell old fart retired still stuck in WWII mindsets of flag waving no brainer war hawks.
War in US is truly “FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE”, conditioning by media, educational establishments, and lack of civilian knowledge of who is running the programs.
Wars are instigated outside of both houses of Congress oversight, the houses just admitted they did not know actual number of active and National Guard forces there are, let alone #s of Security Contractors whose job is support of financial interest contractors who operate out of State and DOD.
That VIA which is supposed to be an intelligence only service can “Directly Threaten” another Sovereign Nations Military leader by Use of Military force, that alpine should point out how the changes in US politics are in place.
Scarey as all hell realy.



Solomon Krupacek

he does not know latin alphabet? :)


hahha good on him i would do the same.

Mattias Dahlström

I would definitely check the letter for polonium and other toxins …


I thought Rex Tillerson was in charge of U.S. foreign policy and now I learn that it’s the head of the C.I.A. Boy, am I behind the power curve.


The letter has either a trace radio active element with a long half life that could be traced or a biological component that causes an incurable disease. Hopefully it is true he didn’t open it.

Why would anyone use a letter nowadays to communicate?

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