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Iran’s Fars News Knocked Off Web By US Treasury Order


Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Iran’s well-known state media outlet Fars News Agency says US sanctions have knocked it off the internet. As of Friday and into early Saturday the en.farsnews.com domain remained inaccessible while the outlet says it quickly alternately established English content on https://en.farsnews.ir/, which remains live.

Iran says the US Treasury Department shut down international access to its English news site due to new regulations related to US sanctions.

It’s not the first time state-linked Iranian media outlets have had access to Western audiences blocked, with PressTV complaining in recent months about being blocked on YouTube and other popular social media sites; however it’s less common for their domains to be blocked.

Fars outlet issued a Farsi language tweet Friday which reads according to a translation:

“From an hour ago, audience access to the Fars News Agency site has encountered a problem due to being placed on America’s sanctions list, and the technical part of [this] News Agency is working to create access for the audience on the farsnews.ir domain.”

It further said administrators of its state-controlled site were notified Friday that it was being shut down after the US Treasury Department ordered the drastic action it due to sanctions violations.

Fars has since erected a separate domain for its now blocked English language site.

Iran's Fars News Knocked Off Web By US Treasury Order

As Iran’s PressTV describes further:

The news agency said that it had received an email from the server company, which explicitly said that the blockage is due to an order by the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and its inclusion in the list of Specially Designated Nationals (SDN).

The agency attached to its post a screenshot of its website with the message “www.farsnews.com’s server IP address could not be found.”

In the wake of the Jan.8 Iranian ballistic missile attack on Ayn al-Asad airbase in Iraq, Iranian media outlets were slammed by western analysts for “spreading disinformation” — which initially included claims of multiple American troop deaths and a totally obliterated base.

But in reality both sides could be blamed for sowing war propaganda and disinformation, given the US side initially said “no casualties” — later revised to 11 traumatic brain injuries, and days ago dramatically updated to 34 total head injuries.



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  • Peter Jennings

    So it’s a form of free speech for the US and nonone else. That doesn’t sound like a new world order i would like to live in. The Treasury Office is behaving like youtube and doesn’t want ignorant american’s accessing alternative information. They want you to remain dumb and desperate.

    Information exchange should be a fundamental right of everyone and decisions of who should participate should not be in the hands of political hacks, advertisers, or gov’t spooks.
    The USadmin seems to follow a policy of isolation. More years of sanctions, now including most countries of the world, the war mongering, the slander of nations, the theft of resources, the murder of millions, will bring this isolation ever closer. The US is burning those bridges which haven’t already collapsed.

    • Assad must stay

      There is no hope for US, it is a dying empire with no morals or culture to speak of anymore with majority of its citizens either homeless, in jail, or struggling to get by

      • Jake321

        You must be a Bernie supporter.

        • Ronald

          Tulsi Gabbard
          End Our Unholy Alliance with Saudi Arabia – YouTube

          • Tommy Jensen

            London created the Saudi Kingdom. London instructed Saudi to spread Salafist schools all over the world to fight communism. King Salman has told this in public.

            So Tulsi Gabbard must make up with The British Empire before she can scapegoat Saudi and Trump.
            But I guess this is not popular in the Democratic party neither at TPTB.

          • Ronald

            Personally I’d like to see Tulsi kick Charles and Trump in the cojones.
            You are correct, MI6 and the CIA are One.

            Still on a less emotional level, I do give credit to Charles who has recently said he would like to visit Iran.

            Yes I’ve seen King Salman say just that, and it was partially true originally, exporting it from Saudi to Pakistan to Afghanistan.

            Then became a world wide endeavor to have Wahabbism supersede within all Sunni nations, because the Wahhabi ‘kings’ believe that BS.

            If this second stage was intended or not doesn’t matter,
            what matters is that it be stopped, hopefully turned into Sufism.

            The US/UK use of Salafist ideology is self defeating and I believe that people in all the 5Eyes are beginning to # 1 become aware of it, and # 2 realize it is knifing yourself in the back.

    • Zarathustra

      “The Treasury Office is behaving like youtube and doesn’t want ignorant american’s accessing alternative information. They want you to remain dumb and desperate.”

      This affects more than just Americans. However I can assure you that Americans aren’t as ignorant as the stereotype often presented, the level of material comfort that is rising throughout the world also makes people more complacent as less willing to confront corruption and immorality.

      In modernity, almost everyone is Americanized in some form or another.



      • Peter Jennings

        Thanks for the reply Zarathrustra.
        I wasn’t suggesting that all american’s are ignorant, just the many. Today it’s all the same in western world. That said, the many never make much difference anyway, as it’s usually the few who know their onions and how to organise who do all the work. The many eventually become followers but never quite attain thinking for themselves. They merely swap one track for another.

        I follow many critical thinking american’s who have youtube and websites. They give me some hope that america, and the western world, can be saved from its rotten management.

  • Assad must stay

    I was wondering why it wouldn’t load anymore, motherfuckers can shut down as many sites as it wants, it won’t stop the truth

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Iranian media just needs to increase TV and radio broadcasts in Arabic and the Americunt and Jew fuckers will have coronary. It is too late to shut the truth.

      • Jake321

        But never too late to stop your lies, Adolf.

        • Peter Jennings

          Sieg heil Jake. We know yourself and your playmates are the real nazis. You just don’t have the balls to admit it.

          You snipe yet get nowhere. Your trainers must be quite frustrated and disappointed at your lack of impact.

          • Ronald

            Just a nasty troll trying to ‘heat” our emotions and take us off topic.
            The ‘Vineyard of the Saker.ir’, is this not the very reason he moved his server to Iceland. Maybe FarsNews should do likewise.

        • Arch Bungle

          You first hasbara troll. Everytime you get exposed on this site as the hasbara liar you are, you throw more shit at the wall hoping something will stick. You’ve been caught lying dozens of times, don’t you get tired of getting owned?

      • Peter Jennings

        If this becomes a habit of the US, an alternative will be developed. No matter how impossible and daunting it may seem, the need for an alternative makes it ever more possible. Simply rule in the future is do not get mixed up with US platforms.

        I’m sure that between Russia, China, Iran, India, and a few other ME nations, something could be worked out. They all have enough satellites and technical knowhow between them.

    • Jake321

      Maybe not but it does help stop your lies.

      • Arch Bungle

        Which lies exactly? I bet you won’t name them. Because if you were specific you’d have to face logic and facts, that would expose you yet again as a liar and a troll.

  • Luke Hemmming

    I found out the other day that the Treasurey dept is subordinate to a more secretive and superior entity that avoids Congressional scrutiny. The Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) is a government owned department and was created in 1934. It’s primary role is to make sure the US currency stays stable and to be the dominant global trading currency. But upon quite in-depth research one can find it is used for more ulterior motives and operates nefarious schemes outside it’s public face and official declaration. Used as a slush fund for the CIA and it’s black ops, foreign intervention schemes (regime change and foreign currency manipulation) as well as controlling not only the Treasurey dept, the Fed and Wall Street it is also a funding entity for military interventions and war. It was the architect for the IMF, World Bank and it is a entity that issues foreign Aid loans to countries with conditional clauses. There is a series of 5 videos that explains the history of it and more current events that is has been involved in.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Read the article on dying empires on Plato’s Guns. The Jew scum are literally sucking the life blood out of the dumbass western morons.

    • Peter Jennings

      That freedom loving gov’t, around the same time. also swindled american’s out of their gold and silver holdings and made out like bandits in the process. This freedom loving gov’t then forbade american’s to own gold?
      The FED and the IMF, et al, are the conduits by which america’s/europe’s parasites gather and feed.

    • Arch Bungle

      In other words it’s a privately owned entity exercising authority over State resources without the consent of the people … American democracy is a sham.

    • Hide Behind

      Good work! Keep digging!
      The real politic of US is far different from what we as children were taught by educators , parents, relatives and by our political leadership.
      It’s system is camouflaged by the trappings of Democratic Institutions, but in actuality is hidden in plain sight.
      As an example in last 3 months of 2019, the office, actuall an annex of, you mention injected into US and Euro Stocks, bonds , commodities etc. around 300 billions a week, around 1.2 trillions, and to fund it another annex bought couple trillion in Outstanding debt of US bonds and securitys, all without any Conggressional oversight or direct funding bills.
      We have an entity that buys our own national debt to insure some stability for Petro dollars world dominance.
      Check on howmUS treasury classified many a nations oil as being an A
      American Overseas Assets.
      Also how US military bases are owned by our treasury no matter where located.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Jew scum getting paranoid.

  • Luke Hemmming

    FARS English news site is one of my bookmarks. My Iranian friends and I often discuss articles from this site.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Tasnim and Press TV are pretty good along with Mehr.

    • FlorianGeyer

      The US of course is just the latest empire that has seeked to silence all debate and to control its subjects from the Pulpit.

      On a positive note, the US censorship is proof of a large and growing number of people world wide who no longer believe the US and Western propaganda.

      In effect, the US fears what we debate here and in all other open forums.

      • Jake321

        Yep, along with the growing number of your friends who believe you when you insist chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

        • Arch Bungle

          Do you have an argument or are you just flinging faeces at the wall like a rabid ape?

      • Ronald

        Is this not the reason the ‘Vineyard of the Saker’ is based in Iceland.
        For some reason, the US can’t shut him down from there.

        • FlorianGeyer

          That is a logical scenario.

      • Peter Jennings

        That disbelief has been reflected in TV viewing figures, which have been declining steadily for many years. US neocons obviously want to cut down on the choices of available information. It seems american freedom is also subject to political tricks and reverse psychology.

        • FlorianGeyer

          I may well be getting oversensitive to Western Propaganda. I find it hard to find any UK programmes that do not push some sort of ‘du jour’ propaganda, and even in re-narrated documentaries made decades ago.

          Even the new BBC drama programmes, that in the past were excellent, are pushing all the ‘all inclusive’ agendas.

          The Adverts also are infected with the insidious propaganda.

    • Jake321

      As you continue your circle jerk.

      • Arch Bungle

        Ad Hominem is a logical fallacy. Do have an actual factual argument to make or are you just flinging faeces at the wall like a rabid ape?

  • Arch Bungle

    So let me get this straight: The US government criticises Iran for internet censorship, then they Internet censor Iran … ? Sounds like pure hypocrisy to me …

  • goingbrokes

    US democracy today:
    No freedom of speech
    No freedom of trade
    No freedom of press
    No independent foreign policy (for allied countries)
    No freedom of internet
    And no one is secure from economic sanctions
    Gotta love it! NOT

  • Jake321

    But what is not in dispute is that the US got the top Islamist Iranian general and a half dozen of his top military buddies real cheap. And that the Key Stone Cops Iranian military shot down that airliner killing most all fellow Iranians. And Iranians trampled 50 other Iranians to death in honor of the remaining parts of their dearly departed general. To put this in perspective.

    • Arch Bungle

      Logical fallacy. You’re making a Straw Man argument. The death of Soleimani is not the topic here. Outside of that you have no point and your argument is senseless. You’re simply repeating news.

  • Pave Way IV

    “…The news agency said that it had received an email from the server company, which explicitly said that the blockage is due to an order by the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and its inclusion in the list of Specially Designated Nationals (SDN)…”

    That’s (((OFAC))) for you goyim.

    The interrogations and threats are the result of orders apparently delivered by Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Sigal P. Mandelker, a militantly pro-Israel lawyer with longstanding ties to right-wing political networks.

    Mandelker was reportedly involved in brokering the infamous Florida deal that allowed the wealthy child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein to avoid federal charges.

    Since Mandelker’s appointment as Under Secretary of Treasury in 2017, she has been described on pro-Israel news sites as a “former Israeli” and “Israeli-born.”

    Asked by The Grayzone if Mandelker currently holds Israeli citizenship, and if so, whether she was given a special exemption that allowed her to obtain a security clearance, the US Department of Treasury did not reply.

    We did this to ourselves. There is no f’king American left to save.

  • Azriel Herskowitz

    Fars is known to be a producer of Iranian propaganda and fake news. Glad to hear the US take action against that disinformation website.

    • Now Tel Aviv can tell us what the Iranians are saying without us being confused by hearing something different from the actual Iranians. ‘The Ayatollah calls Americans clowns’ vs ‘the Ayatollah calls Donald Trump a clown’.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Iran news outlets are only issuing boring truth, hanging out all dirty clothes in free air, which can be very confusing and hurting Western people who have free speech in all their media.

    Western commercial companies should be allowed to “colour” their advertisement, Pentagon must have access to issue misinformation to our enemies, and people should be allowed to lie about anything they want to hide about their personal lives and ideology, sex and religion, because its their freedom!

    This is true free speech and true truth, and therefore it is also a fact!

  • RichardD

    I posted screenshots of not just Fars, but Press TV and all of the other Iranian news sites in the US being blocked after the recent exchange between the US and Iran.

    The only “Iranian news” site that’s up here in the US is the propaganda one in Europe funded by the US government.